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Asia’s Top Chefs
Meet some rising stars in the Asian culinary field: Yoshimi Tanigawa, Duangporn Songvisava, Tran Thanh Duc and Alvin Leung

Bon Appeetit Asia
Five popular French chefs have made their way to our shores


Chicken Cordon Bleu


How to Be Your Own Doctor
Ten easy ways for you to ensure that you keep your health in check

Anatomy of a Hit and Run
The Canadian Mounties solve a deadly hit-and-run CSI-style

Are You Normal or Nuts?
Our third instalment of this popular feature ponders such problems as: a reader who hates for his feet to touch the ground, and another who likes to refer to himself in the third person

The Good Food Fight
The US army is trying to win the war on bad military chow

Chapter in My Life
The Living Library is a novel social programme that's helping people transform their lives

Water Warriors
One man does the near impossible ・start a water polo team in arid Afghanistan

Mitch Albom
The bestselling author talks about what drives his work and the lessons he's received on his journey

How to Find Anything
A guide to finding things you may need, from the practical (the ideal diet) to the quirky (a needle in a haystack...quite literally)

The Donkey Will See You Now
A new therapy is attracting a growing number of fans, even though the therapist is bound to be an ass

The Making of a Tragedy
We speak with people whose lives were affected by the deadly Jakarta hotel bombings last year


Special Deliveries
Mavis Orton offers pregnant mothers, who can't afford to go to the hospital, the only healthcare they'll get


Planet of the Apes
There's no business like monkey business


Wonder Web - good brain training exercises

Exercise: The Dry Facts

Double-dip at your own risk


Fishing in Miagao


A Blessing in Disguise
Alone in a strange country, a young student gets the hob he needs with some timely help and advice


The Chief Banana
On the attack against junk food snacks, Chris Mittelstaedt made fresh fruit his business

What would you do if you found someone's wallet?


Rainforest World Music Festival

Kitchen Knives 101

Get Wired - The Green Way
Science Tips the Scales - New Ways to Lose Weight!
Endangered Stripes
Will the Year of the
Tiger doom or save the
great cat?

Know One, Teach One
Jimmy Pham is driven by the knowledge that, but for a simple twist of fate,
his life could also have been filled

A winter getaway to Bhutan is not for the faint-hearted or the unfit. But for
those willing to risk the occasional discomfort,

Yu Sasamoto of Microsoft
wonders out loud whether
computers and mobile
phones have turned us
into better or worse
Singapore - Who Do You Trust?
Find out who Singaporeans trust in our first ever Asian Reader's Digest Trust Poll

Philippines - Who Do You Trust?
Find out who Filipinos trust in our first ever Asian Reader's Digest Trust Poll

Malaysia - Who Do You Trust?
What do squash champion Nicol David, shuttler Lee Chong Wei, cartoonist Lat and
shoemaker Jimmy Choo have in common?
Love Knows No Borders
International marriages are becoming commonplace in the age of globalisation.
We speak to three couples whose love has crossed geographical borders and the boundaries of citizenship.

Journey to the South Pole
The Challenge: Trek 1127 kilometres to the end of the earth. Alone. In record time.
And live to tell the tale.

Endangered Stripes
Will the Year of the Tiger doom or save the great cat?

I Am Woman
Sarimah Ibrahim, host of ''The Biggest Loser Asia'' on the psychology of health and fitness, and celebrating women power

Downsize Me
Want to look like Dave Nuku and Kristy Curtis – trainers for the blue and red team, respectively, on “The Biggest Loser Asia”?
Then follow these eight health tips

Asian of the Year
A slum dweller himself, he straddles many worlds, determined to ensure a fair deal for the poor
My Wish for the New Year
Celebrities and children around the region share their hopes and desires for 2010

How to Hide Anything
Ten ingenious ways to conceal everything – from your personal info on the internet to a few extra kilos on your hips

Deliver Them From Evil
After a childhood of unimaginable cruelty and degradation, this remarkable woman rescues children from the same horrific

An Asian Festive Menu
After a childhood of unimaginable cruelty and degradation, this remarkable woman rescues children from the same horrific

Perfect Portions
If you'd like to see the kilos drop off, start by watching the amount of food you put on your plate
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Blood Matters
A baby's cord blood is an important medical resource, but do parents know enough about cord blood banking to
make an informed choice?

Thirty-three years ago, my own cord blood was discarded without much consideration. Similarly for thousands
of babies born at that time, cord blood was just a delivery room's regular medical waste.

Back then, there was no such thing as cord blood banking and no-one had even heard of haematopoietic stem
cell transplant. Then in 1988, a world of medical possibilities opened up for cord blood when the first
transplant with umbilical cord blood took place for a patient with Fanconi's anaemia. Since then, cord blood
has been increasingly used to treat life-threatening immune system disorders and blood diseases, including
leukaemia, sickle cell disease and thalassemia.

As I'm preparing for the arrival of my first born, a deluge of brochures advertising the merits of cord blood
banking confronts me. Until recently, I've only been aware of private cord blood banking. There are two in
Singapore that prominently push their services, touting the importance of banking your baby's cord blood to
safeguard his health and future well-being. Since cord blood has already been found to be of use to treat more
than 70 diseases, cord blood banking seems to provide a kind of medical insurance.

Then some months back, I got an email from the Singapore Cord Blood Bank (SCBB) on their activities and campaign.
Seeing how I didn't even realise that there's a public cord blood bank in Singapore, I started to look into the
work of SCBB.

Call This Easy?
Breast is best, mothers-to-be are told at antenatal classes. But are they warned about how painful and difficult breastfeeding can be?

When I was pregnant for the first time a “breastfeeding counsellor” came to our antenatal class to tell us that “breast is best”.
Given that a friend had just told me breastfeeding was more agonising than giving birth, I felt compelled to ask: “Will it hurt?”
“Of course not,” laughed the counsellor. “It’s what your boobs are designed for.” She admitted there might be a little “discomfort”
if the baby did not “latch on”. But, she added, “Many women even find it erotic.”

According to the UK’s Department of Health statistics, most new mothers do not agree. Despite concerted efforts at promotion, only one
in five mothers are still breastfeeding at all after six months. The“breastfeeding only” rates are even worse – only 35 percent of
babies are still breastfed from weekone, 21 percent from week six, and at five months, it’s only three percent.

According to Robert Finch of the Department of Health’s Infant Feeding Initiative, “Of those who give up in the first week, only one
percent do so because they have breastfed for as long as they wanted.”

Although over eight in ten mothers said they were aware of the health benefits of breastfeeding, three-quarters of all mothers
had given their baby milk other than breast milk by the age of six weeks, this proportion rising to 92 percent by six months. So why do
we stop? Most of us probably know that breastfeeding is good for babies: studies have shown that a breastfed baby is likely to be
brighter, healthier and...
The World's Funniest Jokes
From Argentina to the United States, and nary a lightbulb gag in the bunch

''Hyperbole!'' you scream. ''Prove it!'' you say. So we will. Earlier this year, we set out to find the funniest joke
in the world by asking our readers to send in their favourites. We whittled it down to just three entries from each
country, then readers voted for the best. The winning joke from the Philippines was chosen to represent our edition
in the global contest. (Go to our website to see the other winners.) Meanwhile, Reader's Digest editions from around
the globe did the same. Some of their jokes will make you guffaw, some will leave you confounded (that's the culture
divide for you), and others will look familiar (that's the internet for you). Now it's up to you. Read the jokes here,
then cast your vote here.

An elderly couple goes to Burger King, where they carefully split a burger and fries. A trucker takes pity on them and
offers to buy the wife her own meal.
''It's all right,'' says the husband. ''We share everything.''
A few minutes later, the trucker notices that the wife hasn't taken a bite. ''I really wouldn't mind buying your wife
her own meal,'' he insists.
''She'll eat,'' the husband assures him. ''We share everything.''
Unconvinced, the trucker implores the wife, ''Why aren't you eating?''
The wife snaps, ''Because I'm waiting for the teeth!''

A polar bear walks into a bar and says, ''Give me a...
Lust, Libido and Midlife Crisis
Helen Signy investigates what happens when midlife crises send men off the rails – and how you can ease the trauma

The Trouble with Celebrity Science
Yes they're hot – but can their health advice burn you?
Gender Medicine
It's a simple truth: Men and women are different. Yet medical research is only just waking up to the fact. Here's what each gender needs to know to get the right care

Teens and Porn
Porn has gone interactive – and your kids are at risk. From 'sexting' to video chats, how to fight back
Raising Kids Who Care
It's easy ・if you lead by example. Six families show you how to get started, stay committed, and make a real difference

Lessons From the Obamas on Raising Children
The US President and the First Lady have eight simple rules for raising their young children

Bounce Back Chronicles
Sometimes life throws you a curveball, hands you a lemon, or knocks you for a loop.
But knowing how to approach failure can be the first step to success.
The latest science and strategies on how to win in the end

23 Ways to Avoid Colds and Flu
Sneak these easy disease-fighting habits into your life and stop sickness
taking its toll

A Sight For Sore Eyes


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