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FEATURE: Why Kindness is Good For You
We've always admired those who are kind. Now we're discovering that
kindness will not only make you happier, it might help you live longer

So many things that make life rough around the edges – an indiscriminate
dent in your car, a door slammed in your face – are due to lack of
consideration. Imagine, for a minute, a world where everyone is just
a little kinder. When you're trying to merge in traffic, someone
lets you in. At the supermarket, you allow a person in a hurry to
go ahead of you in the checkout queue. You get back to your car and
find someone has put money in the parking meter.

A new theory called ''survival of the nicest'' says that because of
kindness, the human race prospered as a species. Professor Sam Bowles
from the Santa Fe Institute in the US analysed ancient societies and
found that kindness was a key component of the survival of communities.
''Groups with many ­altruists tend to survive,'' he says.
''Altruists cooperate and contribute to the wellbeing of fellow
group members.''

In other words, we have an in-built capacity to help others,
especially those close to us, to ensure the survival of our community.

Give and Receive
Research shows kindness can also make us happier. Professor
Sonja Lyubomirsky from the University of California asked participants
in a study to perform random acts of kindness over ten weeks. She found
happiness increased over the study period, although there was a catch:
people who performed a wide variety of kind acts – holding the door
open for a stranger, doing a flatmate's dishes – reported much higher
levels of happiness,... more...


- Why Kindness Matters
- 41 Secrets Your Doctor Would Never Share
- Rethink What You Drink

and more

Interview with President Obama
In a conversation with a top United States religious leader, the new US president talks about good and evil - and a better world

Love Gone Wrong
Delve into the strange, and often painful, world of love

Aunty's Love Advice
Disastrous relationships: How to recognise you're in one, and how to get out

I Want to Quit Smoking
Reader's Digest investigates the various methods for giving cigarettes the flick

Coming Soon: On a fast track for a heart attack?
Signs of heart disease are showing up in Asians at even younger ages - why?

The Power of One
The 2004 tsunami changed Jet Li forever. Now he wants to change the world

Smartest and Simplest Weight-Loss Tips Ever
Strategies for you to lose weight and start the New Year!

Youk Chhang's Journey to Justice
One man's fight to ensure the voice of justice is finally heard in Cambodia

Rocking the Mike
From Japan to Finland, karaoke fans are belting out their favourite tunes

Iron Man
How I beat a disease that almost killed me

Savage Attack
A father helped save his little boy from a trio of vicious dogs,
putting his own life in danger. And when two samaritans rushed to
his rescue, the dogs turned on them all

DIY Medical Detective
Tracking down your family's medical history could be the smartest thing you ever do. We show you why...

Giving the Gift of Peace
Palliative care helps families - and their dying loved ones - cope

Manny Means Business
Champion boxer Manny Pacquiao has always had a business plan: Fight my way out of poverty

My Family's No-Buy Experiment
We ended up richer, but not in the way we expected

The Air Up There
Once a novelty, now a mainstay, women astronauts reveal what 50 years of exploration has taught NASA and the world

Do You Hear What I Hear?
Grab a candy cane and sing our updated carols

Scents and Sensitivity
Some smells can trigger bad reactions, but the festive season without rich aromas would be poor indeed

Solving Asia's Water Crisis
Water, without it life does not exist. That's why blue has become The New Green

Hi-tech Water Park
Singapore relies on technology to move from water scarcity to securit

Purpose-built City
Masdar will feature new ways to live with less water

Counting the Drops
Teaching people that water is precious is helping Australia face up to its water woes

The Water Police
Ek Sonn Chan's drive to change the system
in Phnom Penh means citizens can now drink straight from the tap

The New Oil?
Only if we continue to abuse it says expert

Making Water Safe
New filtration technology stops water going down the drain

What's the Fuss About Trans Fat?
With growing global alarm over the effects of these ingredients,
Reader's Digest explains what you need to know

Telling it Her Way
Award-winning author Ho Minfong's timeless tale, Sing to the Dawn,
will now be shared with a new generation through an animated film
Mind Over Money
'In tough times, psyching yourself up to save is even more important.
Here's how:

Make Time to Save Time
Try these ideas for cutting the time you spend on life's unavoidable
chores ・leaving you more space for the things that really matter

Light Savings
Turn off the lights if you don't need them. Not only will you save money,
cutting down on energy output means you're saving the earth's resources
and doing your bit for a greener world

Your granny always said cod liver oil was good for you, but little
did she know the reasons why...


A Trashy Beginning
Mark Lee's breakout role was absolutely ''rubbish''

From Class Monitor To Class Act
Harith Iskander never thought of himself as particularly funny; but his friends had other ideas

Old School
Michael V has made a career out of not acting his age

Three Funny Men
Mark Lee, Michael V and Harith Iskander tell us how they became comedians

Why Men and Women Laugh
The secret to tickling his or her funny bone

Superbugs Attack
In the struggle between humans and disease, the bacteria are fighting harder than ever. Can we still win?

What a Hospital Learned From F1
Doctors' jaws dropped as they watched the pit-stop crew change a Formula 1 car's tyres, clean its air intakes and fill it with fuel ・in seven seconds flat. "Why can't we do it like this?"

Coming soon: 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You
Think caffeine and loud music are bad for you? Well, think again

The True Olympic Spirit
These competitors teach us what the Games are really about

My Greatest Olympic Prize
During a time of extreme racial tensions, two men forge a lasting friendship

A Dubious Equality
Decades ago, women were 20 percent less likely than men to die of heart disease.
Today, unfortunately, they've evened the score

The Plastic Brain
New research shows that our least-understood organ has a remarkable ability
to retrain and even regenerate itself

Strings Attached
Overcoming the curse of Chinese regulators and copycats taught three
Thai entrepreneurs the secret of going global with their designs

Lighten Up
Jill Dupleix tells us how to eat better, lose weight and bring one's
husband down to size

The Rice Shortage
How the drought in Australia is triggering the world's rice shortage,
and what's driving up the price of rice

Trapped on a Volcano
When Mount Ruapehu erupted, two friends found themselves, literally,
knee-deep in trouble

Quincy Jones
After 60 years in the business, this prolific musician is set to
take on his biggest challenge yet - the Beijing Olympics

4 Ways of Looking At a Garden
From living art to a place of worship, we show you different
ways of viewing a garden

A Miracle for Milagros
Only one other child had survived this rare disorder. Could this
"little mermaid" be next?

Monopoly Memories
One fan takes a trip down memory and Park Lane

The Lost Princess
Years of searching for her biological father yields a surprising
result for Sarah Culberson when she finds out she's a princess

Global Warming Quiz
It's time to put your green knowledge to the test

Bonus Read: Journey Through the Blue Nile Gorge
Wilderness guide and writer Bruce Kirby takes a trip down
one of the world's most exotic rivers

Sleep to be Sexy, Slim and Smart
Be smart, feel sexy and become slimmer with a good night's sleep

The Dad Effect
Who knew that fathers were biologically equipped to nurture children?

Beijing's Makeover
Architects have created a dazzling display of modernistic buildings
for the country's Olympics. Take a whirlwind tour with writer Gary Sledge

Spreading the Message
Nobel Prize winner Rajendra Kumar Pachauri talks about his work
on global warming

Funny Girl
Tina Fey talks about her smart-aleck family, her favourite Stooge,
and the fine line between mean and mellow

Immigrant Art
Migration has long been a fact of life in the Philippines, so common
that it has given birth to the Overseas Foreign Artist

Web War One
Who is behind the unprecedented cyber attack on Estonia...
and who's next?

A Heart for Laura
Four hours to go and the little girl's heart transplant was missing
only one thing: the heart

In Harm's Way
When a polar bear threatened her children, a tiny mum took it on

With His Own Two Hands
From illegal immigrant picking tomatoes to brain surgeon, one
man has overcome the odds

Exercise Myths Debunked
These eight myths are possibly holding you back at the gym

War and Peace
A WWII pilot meets a Japanese man he once dropped bombs on

Four Ways of Looking at a Bicycle
From art to transport, a bike can be many things to many people

Bonus Read: Man Down
Battling a raging house fire sent Donny Herbert into a
ten-year coma. Then he woke up

How to Raise an A+ Student
Three very different families reveal their secrets to success

What Makes a Hero
Nature, nurture ・or both?

The Science of Sleep
To help children get a good night's rest, learn what you can change
- and what you can't

Right Words to Inspire
Seven things you should say to your kids ・and seven things you shouldn't

How to Click and Clean?
If you're on MySpace or Facebook, so is your potential boss.
Time to make some changes?

The Meaning of Green
We decode the well-intentioned if baffling array of eco-jargon and symbols

The Making of Barack Obama
A look at the life and times of the US Presidential hopeful

Running for His Life
He suffers from a debilitating disease that affects his movement,
but when Ryan runs, he feels alive

Grow Up Already
Stop giving in to your inner child

A Reversal of Roles
When her mother becomes ill with Alzheimer's, a daughter find
herself taking on the role of a parent

Hanging Tough
These kids have to endure hours of gruelling training for
their chance at glory

Goodbye Madras
Bombay is now Mumbai and Madras is now Chennai. How are we to
keep track of all these changes?

Out Cold
Nathan's heart had stopped beating for 30 minutes. To revive him,
doctors first have to warm his icy cold body

Metal Guru
Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal is the fifth richest person
in the world

The Power of Forgiveness
He pardoned the people who brutally murdered his family

Medical Breakthroughs 2008
New hope for cancer, diabetes, dementia and more

Searching for Marita
Susana Trimarco of Argentina set out to find her missing daughter. Instead
she discovered a shadowy world of human trafficking and forced prostitution

Jump or Die
The snowboarder trapped on a mountain faced a stark choice
・freeze to death or throw himself into space

Rise of Cyber Bullying
In the internet's always-on playground, schoolyard harassment
can turn deadly

Retrain Your Brain
Twenty memory tricks you'll never forget

Harrison Ford in Focus
The leading man talks about his latest Indiana Jones flick

Gut Feeling
The doctors thought it was appendicitis. My instincts told
me it was something else

Loose Nukes
How hard is it for terrorists to get their hands on nuclear
weapons? The terrifying answer is: Not very

Stolen Identity
She confronted the woman who stole her identity and a
foot chase ensued

Secrets of Insurance Salesmen
What you really need, and what you can do without,
when buying insurance coverage

Some people think birders have their pants pulled up
a little too high

The Truth About Carbon Offsetting
Is this new environmental measure all it is made out to be?

Nick of Time
Extraordinary photos of great escapes

Home Sickness
When you fall in love with an old house, you tend to
overlook big faults

Dead of Night
There was a crazed gunman in their bedroom. Robert Mandziara
had to act to save his wife and kids

First Class Asia
With top notch offerings right here in Asia, why go anywhere else?

Eyes to the Future
Getting thorough vision exams for your children could make
the difference in their development

Fat Inc.
Is the XXL-ing of America a look into our own future?

13 Green Questions Answered
Your everyday decisions really can make a difference

The Way to Happiness
Proven tips to help you get where you want to be

Jungle Girls
Read the FULL transcript of the interview with Terri and
Bindi Irwin

Travel Islam
Celebrate the countries and cultures of the Islamic world

Are These the World's Saviours?
Can the 'village elders', brought together by Richard Branson,
solve the world's problems?

He went to prison for 30 years for a crime he didn't commit.
The worst part? The FBI knew of his innocence

Star of the Slow Lane
A little gasoline can go a really long way

The Promise
After her son died of leukaemia, Kathy Staub kept her promise
to help other patients with the disease

Let There Be Light
When did the process of changing a light-bulb become so complicated

The Day I Died
Richard Hammond wanted to go faster than he'd ever gone before.
He did... then the car crashed

Get a Grip
Don't let technology take over your life. Learn how to switch off

Are You Driving Youself Sick?
How to minimise your stress behind the wheel

Cosmetic Surgery: Cure or Curse?
It's a big and fast-growing business, but as with any other,
it's ''buyer beware''

The CO2 Project
This experiment in a remote Canadian town may provide the answer
to global warming

The Future's So Bright
Want an all-singing, all-dancing toilet or a robotic cleaner?
Follow the tech trail through Japan's gleaming streets and kooky labs

Knocked About
She is Hollywood's newest star, but Katherine Heigl remembers
when life was much darker than grey

Some Like It Hot and Some Like It Hotter
. . . as our intrepid reporter Robert Kiener discovered

Risky Business
The medical procedure could kill her, but she knew she had
to try for the sake of her child

Burying Carbon Dioxide
This experiment in a remote Canadian town may provide the
answer to global warming

A mother's trip to Bolivia to visit her daughter turns into
a harrowing experience

A Long Lost Love
They met in an orphanage as children and pledged their love

Care and Share
Marriage is all about sharing. Or is it?

Lost at Sea
Although it's been decades since the USS Grunion disappeared,
the submariners' families never stopped searching

Save the Horses
The horses were trapped and could drown at any moment

Home Sweet Zoo
Living in a wildlife park has its unique share of challenges

Split Second Heroes
When the bridge collapsed, these individuals knew they had to
act fast or more lives would be lost

What They Did For Love
Candies and flowers may do the trick for some but here are amazing
stories about people who have gone the extra mile for the ones they love

The Love You Want
Seven secrets to a sexy marriage

The Common Disease Killing Our Children
Pneumococcal disease will strike close to one million children
worldwide ・but there are ways to reduce the toll

How to be a Millionaire
Meet five people who have done it. With their advice, so can you

Quit Your Belly Aching
How to tell if your stomach pain is from that spicy curry, job
stress or something more serious

Born to Ride
McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has shot from near obscurity to global celebrity

The Science of Slicing Pizza
. . . and Other Everyday Problems Solved

How to Pick a perfect Partner
The science and maths behind our most important choice

I Was Homeless
Alone and with no roof over my head, I was starting to despair

Back in the Game
Bionic bones helped them get back on their feet

In the distance, she saw headlights racing straight towards her

Quit Your Belly Aching
How to recognise what the different rumbles in your tummy mean

The Grassroots Guru
Anil Gupta is always on the lookout for ideas and inventions to reward

Road Trip
A technological ignoramus road tests a GPS

Going for Green
China needs to face up to its big environmental challenges

Earth Temples
There's a beauty in these places of worship that celebrates the
most positive activities of man

An Unspeakable Nightmare
After she was brutally assualted, the illiterate Pakistani woman
chose to stand up for herself and her honour

Asian of the Year: The Medicine Maker
Krisana Kraisintu has fought tirelessly to get her generic AIDS
and malaria drugs to the people who need them most

New Ways to Live Longer
The world's average life expectancy is about 67 years. But we may
soon increase that greatly

New Ways to Make a Bundle
These days, there are an amazing number of ways to earn extra money
・we're talking big bucks

The Truth About Global Warming
What are scientists really saying about climate change?

Artful Dodgers
All over the world, taxpayers come up with ever more inventive
ways to keep their earnings firmly in their own pockets.
But tax collectors can be creative, too

Loving Memory
When two abused elephants are reunited after 23 years, their joy
is trumpeted throughout the colony

Asleep at the Wheel
Sleepy drivers may as well be drunk. Learn how to spot them

Sweet Sound of Success
My 羨mazing Race' started early when my mum showed me that
anything is possible if you never give up

Out of the Darkness
Born with a rare form of blindness, Dylan is finding his own way

Journey to the Top of the World
Breaking ice on the trip of a lifetime to the Artic to
see what all the fuss is about

Home Security
Installing an alarm system at home foils the wrong people
- namely me

New Ways to Boost Your Brain Power
It took just seven days for Steve Armstrong to sharpen up
his brain to Mensa level

The Accidental Family
How seven boys from very different backgrounds in New York City became buddies

Monkey Do
When she's not sneaking the peanut butter, this highly trained
capuchin from Monkey College is the best caretaker a guy could have

Why Didn't I Think of That?
Here are 33 great ideas from around the world to make your life
easier, safer or simply better

Book Bonus: Presumed Guilty
The District Attorney lied. Their school denounced them. And the
media had a field day. The untold story behind a shocking rush to judgment


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