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Apr 24, 2017 Vol 189 No 15

The Beginning of the End in Mosul

Sheryl Sandberg’s New Mission: To Help People Through Grief and Adversity
After facing her own sudden loss, the tech titan wants to change how we talk about pain

Inside the Grassroots Movement to Groom a New Generation of Democratic Candidates
Inside the grassroots movement to groom a new generation of Democratic candidates

The Trump-Putin Reset Is Dead-but Don’t Rule Out an Amicable Settlement

Gen. Colin Powell On His New Effort to Help Kids Succeed
’We want them to learn not only reading and math but fairness, caring, self-respect, family commitment and civic duty.’

The Wild Cards of the French Election

Viktor Orban Is Turning Hungary Into Europe’s Black Sheep

Patton Oswalt: I Love You, Don Rickles
’Don Rickles was above and beyond the incorrectness of yesterday as well as today’s hand-wringing about it’

Abortion Provider Dr. Willie Parker Talks About His Deep Christian Faith
And how it informs him as an abortion provider

Hacking Myself Is the Most Surprisingly Humiliating Decision I’ve Ever Made

A First Major Tournament (Finally) for Sergio Garc僘

Should Overbooking Flights Be Illegal?
After selling more tickets than it had seats, the airline had a man dragged off a flight

A Utopian Idea Whose Time May Finally Have Arrived

Executive Clawbacks

Window-Shopping Milan
The Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan (April 4--9) is, in name at least, an annual furniture fair. But it’s also a showcase for materials and ideas that designers want to make mainstream. These six pieces may augur tony trends to come.

What Does United’s Flub Mean for Us?

Margaret Atwood and Elisabeth Moss on the Urgency of The Handmaid’s Tale
The author and star of the new Hulu adaptation also discuss feminism, repression and social media

Guerrilla Illuminates Turbulent Black Power Movement in 1970s Britain

Review: James Gray’s Resplendent Lost City of Z Speaks to the Explorer in All of Us
Pictures with the grand sweep and dreamy energy of ’The Lost City of Z’ don’t come along every year-they barely come along at all.

Ivy League Graduates and Other Monsters

David Grann’s Killers of the Flower Moon Is Unsurprisingly Extraordinary
A cinematic book about the murders of the Osage tribe and the formation of the FBI

Tesla’s Electric Shock

The Givers Review: The Pitfalls of Giving It All Away
Philanthropy today grants the wealthy political power over the poor

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For the Record

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Apr 17, 2017 Vol 189 No 14

Inside the Uranium Underworld: Dark Secrets, Dirty Bombs

No Way Home
A Syrian family seeking asylum gets an answer

Street Cred
Sesame Street has launched an ambitious plan to expand its global reach at the same time as it battles to keep kids watching

Coal’s Last Kick
As clean energy rises, West Virginia looks past Trump’s embrace of coal to what comes next

The ‘Doomsday’ Vault Where the World’s Seeds Are Kept Safe

Egypt’s al-Sisi Finds a Kindred Spirit In President Trump

Science Says Your Pet Is Good for Your Mental Health

The Incredible Shrinking Power of the President’s Threats

Cops May Get Freer Hand Under Trump
Attorney General Jeff Sessions (below) hinted that he may pull back on consent decrees, police-reform agreements enforced by the courts and pursued by President Obama. Here’s how three cities are responding.

Britain’s ‘Rock’ In Spain Gets Caught In a Hard Place

Can Trump and Xi Avoid War and Strike a North Korea Deal?
’In the 16 cases over the past 500 years when a rising nation threatened to displace a ruling one, war occurred 12 times’

The Legal Rights of Nature
An Indian court recognized Himalayan glaciers as ”legal persons” on March 31 in an effort to curb environmental destruction. Here, other instances when Mother Nature gained legal standing.

Unmasking and Leaks: Trump’s Russia Retort

Gilbert Baker, Who Designed the Rainbow LGBTQ Pride Flag
’He was moved by the idea that it is not only a natural phenomenon but one you have to be in the right place at the right time to see’

The World May Little Note, but Kansas City Still Remembers

Problem Colleagues and How to Deal
Lessons from two psychiatrists

A New Addition to the Glass Jungle
Plans for 666 Fifth Avenue in New York City made headlines when this rendering was released at the end of March--not only for the design, but also because presidential adviser Jared Kushner’s family’s real estate firm is the developer.

Canada Welcomes Tech Companies That Are Spooked by Trump

R&B’s New Wave Is All About Creative Destruction
From the minimalism of Syd to the progressive lyricism of Kendrick Lamar, here’s a tour of the shape of music to come

New Music Containing Multitudes
From the minimalism of Syd to the progressive lyricism of Kendrick Lamar, here are some of our favorites

How Khalid Makes Music

Pierce Brosnan Shows How the West Was Won in The Son

Chris Evans Wraps a Great Performance in Gifted

Anne Hathaway Battles Real and Metaphorical Monsters in Colossal

Why the President Needs a Chief of Staff
’Until he figures it out, it’s going to be a continuing clown show’

Fast & Furious: The Completist’s Guide

The epic franchise features more than big engines and bigger muscles. Millions of devotees delight in the series’ complex, interconnected universe. The Fate of the Furious comes out on April 14.

Letterman: A TV Traditionalist With a Weird Streak

What You Said About …

This Just In

For the Record

Apr 10, 2017彪ol 189 No 13

What Will it Take to Rebuild America?

Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens a Breakup With the E.U.

It’s Time to Modernize the Skies
Replacing technology dating from the 1940s saves fuel, money--and your time

A Simple Solution for Clean Power
A simple solution that could transform clean power

Why America’s Power Grid Is Susceptible to Cyberattacks
The threat of cyberattack calls for a manual backup

How to Unclog America’s Gridlocked Waterways
Fixing outmoded locks and dams to unclog the water highway

The Digital Divide: A Quarter of the Nation Is Without Broadband
One-quarter of the nation does not have broadband. It’s time to finally close the digital divide

Flint Crisis Proved Danger of Taking Clean Water for Granted
Flint showed the danger of taking an essential for granted

American Infrastructure: Big Ideas From Visionary Thinkers

Building a Nation
America has been creating the architecture of national life since before it was a nation.

A Critical New York City Train Artery is in Desperate Need of Overhaul
A critical train artery depends on century-old tubes

Can We Make Chicago’s Trains Run on Time?
Detangling Chicago’s rail mess would be a win for both commuters and companies

Climate Defenses Will Help Keep Coastal Cities Afloat
Climate-change defenses will help keep coastal cities afloat

It’s Time to Fix America’s Aging Bridges
Bridges are showing their age--and their hazards

How to Really Fix America’s Infrastructure Problem

The 50 Best Podcasts Right Now

Unseen Apollo, The Experience of Going to the Moon

How My Vacuum Cleaner Helped Me Stop Worrying
Automated gadgets have some existential purpose - at least in my house

Rep. John Lewis on Failed Health Care Bill, Civil Rights and Hope for the Future
’I think history is saying to us today, Which side are we on?’

Trump Takes Aim at Obama’s Climate Legacy

What Not to Wear Flying
Two girls were barred from a United flight on March 26 for wearing leggings because they were guests of employees, who have a dress code. Other garments have been deemed inappropriate.

GOP Rolls Back Online Privacy Rules

Britain Keeps Calm and Carries on After Parliament Attack

Why D.C.’s Missing Children Became a Political Rallying Cry

9 Gadgets to Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Art In the Age of Trump

Review: Five Came Back

A Radiant Jessica Chastain Helps The Zookeeper’s Wife Shine

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Shows the Dark Side of Growing Up

New Books Explore How a Faith Changed the World
And the effects of Evangelicals and Protestants

Smart Cities, Smarter Citizens

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Modi’s Turbulent Priest Signals Change In Approach


This Just In
Apr 3, 2017 Vol 189 No 12

Can President Trump Handle the Truth?

When a President Can’t Be Taken at His Word
’Trust is a transaction between leaders and those they lead’

Kiev and the Kremlin Face Narrowing Options In Ukraine

The Home of the Future
Luckily for a nation of undersavers, a trailer park turns out to be a superb place to grow old in

Hacking Myself Is the Most Surprisingly Humiliating Decision I’ve Ever Made

What the Bible Says About Sex, Passion and True Love
Bruce Feiler talks God’s gender, married priests and Adam and Eve’s passionate romance

Woody Harrelson Turns a Scowl Upside Down In Wilson

A Rise In Rhino Poaching?

A Czech Republic zoo has started sawing off the horns from its herd of rare rhinoceroses in an effort to thwart rhino poachers, who have made headlines for several high-profile incidents.

Why the U.S. Is Cracking Down on Gadgets In Airplane Cabins

In Defense of ‘Bad’ Wine

Derek Walcott
Titan of poetry

Martin Schulz, Germany’s Bernie Sanders

A ‘Fractious’ Feminist Decries the Ruthless Thought Police Stifling Free Speech on Campus

In Life, the Blob from Mars Is Small and Very Scary

Review: In ‘The Twelve Lives’ of Samuel Hawley,’ Hercules Wields a Shotgun

Chuck Berry
Rock ’n’ roll icon

Bad Boys (and Girls) Return to Fox In Shots Fired

Jimmy Breslin
American voice

Sheriffs May Join President Trump’s Deportation Force

Russia and the Trump Campaign

How Female Athletes Can Help Advance the Fight for Fair Pay
From national hockey and soccer players, to Billie Jean King

A New Race to the Moon

Antiheroines Are Resplendent In Harlots

Tiny Dancers Abound In Song to Song

The Surprising History of Cherry Blossoms

Quick Talk With Julie Andrews
The actor is bringing her many talents to a new Netflix program for children, Julie’s Greenroom. With a cast of Jim Henson puppets and a roster of celebrity guests, it aims to teach kids the virtues of the arts.

100 Super Healthy and Filling Foods

Ibtihaj Muhammad: I Fear President Trump’s ‘Campaign of Terror’ Against American Ideals

A Lego-Like Tape

This Just In


For the Record

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Mar 27, 2017 Vol 189 No 11

Beyond ‘He’ or ‘She’: The Changing Meaning of Gender and Sexuality

Behind the TIME Cover Story: Beyond ‘He’ or ‘She’
How a new generation is changing the meaning of gender and sexuality

WikiLeaks: The Real Cost of ‘Forced Transparency’

The Power of Le Pen
Win or lose, France’s populist has already shaken up her country

No Baby Should Be Born With HIV. What Will It Take to Save Them All?

7 Questions With Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO of the New America Foundation
’Try living in a country where they stop talking and start shooting’

Turkey’s Controversial Referendum

Beauty and the Beast Is Wonderfully Out of Step With the Times

What to Do If You Can’t File Your Taxes on Time

U.S. Security Hinges on Getting Foggy Bottom Back In the Game

Why Republicans Are Embracing Climate Change

Why President Trump Is Struggling to Staff His Government

Unpresidential Palaces
Brazil’s President Michel Temer told local media on March 11 that bad energy drove him out of the Alvorada Palace. Here, other leaders who have shunned their official homes.

For the Record

How to Work With Generation Z

This Just In

How the Health Care Debate Reveals the GOP’s Divisions

Show Me a Superhero
Netflix’s latest Marvel hero, Iron Fist, joins a host of champions defending humanity on television. Whether you like your superheroes wisecracking or brooding, egotistical or humble, classic or avant-garde, this chart will help you find the right one.

The Bee Drone

Why a Rate Hike Is an Indicator of a Healthy Economy

Rewriting the Rules of Womanhood in The Rules Do Not Apply

Quick Talk With Ewan McGregor
The Scottish actor and director, 45, stars in the sequel to the 1996 black comedy Trainspotting, the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast and the third season of FX’s critically acclaimed series Fargo.

T2‘s Beloved Hooligans Get Older, but Not Wiser

A State Election In India Reinforces Narendra Modi’s Grip on Power

Book Review: Hari Kunzru’s ‘White Tears’ Is Beautiful and Strange
’A drugged-out, spoiled-rotten treatise on race, class and poverty of the soul’

Indie Rock May Be Dislocated, but It’s Far from Dead

What You Said About …

What Man, and Climate Change, Has Wrought

A 9/11 Musical With Heart and Nostalgia

Will the BAT Be the Tax That Changes Everything?

The Political History of St. Patrick’s Day Green


Facts VS. Alternative Facts

Disney’s Renaissance Revival
Belle isn’t the only icon getting the live-action treatment. Several staples of the studio’s so-called renaissance years in the 1990s, and a few older classics like Dumbo, will be reinterpreted over the next few years.
Mar 20, 2017 Vol 189 No 10

The Future of the European Union

Inside Donald Trump’s War Against the State
Who wins and loses in his attack on the U.S. government

China’s LGBT Citizens Are Coming Out as an Economic Force

Moscow Cozies Up to the Right
The warming of old cold warriors

Saudi Arabia Must Empower Women If it Truly Wants to Move Forward
The country’s women number less than a quarter of the workforce

Battling for Blood Jade
Myanmar’s jade mines may yield great wealth--but they leave a long trail of death. An exclusive report

Dear Evan Hansen, Thanks for Finding Us. We’ve Been Waiting for a Musical Like You

The Club Drug Ketamine May Treat Depression-but the Risks Could Be Big

What You Said About …

Review: Kong: Skull Island Is Grand, Nutty and Visually Splendid

The Original Point of Daylight Saving Time

For the Record

Quick Talk With Lisa Kudrow

The Perils of an Early Spring

Review: Kristen Stewart Sets Personal Shopper Ablaze

The World’s Costliest Typos
On March 2, Amazon blamed a rogue typo for a five-hour outage on some web services, which cost U.S. companies an estimated $150 million. Here are some other pricey keyboard blunders.

Stand-Up Finds a Home on Netflix

Trump Country Worries About Replacing Obamacare

How to Become a Morning Person

Ed Sheeran, Globe Hit Machine, Strikes Again


Proposal Keeps Two Key Benefits for Moms

The CIA’s Hackers Find Their Secrets Posted Online

Love in the Time of Refugees in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West
Two fall in love as civil war looms

New Travel Ban Helps U.S.-Iraq Relations but Still Stings Elsewhere

The Essential Power of the Hive Mind

This Just In

Tensions With Russia Rise In the Baltics

Billboards That Don’t Block the View

Pop Chart
Mar 13, 2017 Vol 189 No 9

Next Generation Leaders

Snapchat Faces the Public
The company that upended social media heads to wall Street

9 Questions with Federica Mogherini
The European Union’s security chief and most senior diplomat discusses Russia, Trump tweets and life after Brexit

By the Time Famine is Declared, it’s Already Too Late-and Another Generation is Wounded

In Defense of an Open, Fair and Free Press

2017 Might Not Be Europe’s ‘Year of the Populist’ After All

The Mysterious Death and Life of Kim Jong Nam

Searching for Life on the Newly Discovered Earthlike Planets

Review: Wolverine Reaches the Last Chapter in Grim, Overbearing Logan

Snap’s Audacious Wall Street Play

For the Record

George W. Bush Discusses His New Book of Oil Paintings
’I’m just a sensitive artist these days... [but] education of the arts is really important’

They Came to Slay
In Logan, Wolverine’s ward Laura unleashes her fury and her claws on bad guys five times her size. The film is violent in the extreme (I lost count somewhere around her 30th kill), but it’s by no means the first to feature a killer kid.

A GOP Revolt Threatens President Trump’s Agenda

The Right to Speech Vs. the Right to Censor

Nintendo Switches Up Mobile Gaming With a Novel Console

Apple’s New Digs

An Ancient Power Awakens, and Evolves, In New Zelda

Salome Karwah
Ebola fighter

The Evolution of Sleep

Hate Incidents Sow Fear Across U.S.

Pop Chart

This Just In

Review: Feud Is a Bonfire of Vain Biddies
While the characters in FX’s new miniseries dream of a future where women in showbiz will have power, full equality today still seems far away.

Bill Paxton
Actor of the everyman

The Surprising History of Women’s Tattoos

The World’s Unlikeliest Star Athletes
Venezuela’s Adrian Solano (below) became a media sensation as the ”world’s worst skier” after competing at the Nordic World Ski Championships on Feb. 22 despite having never skied on snow or even seen it before. Here, some other sporting amateurs known for their heroic losses.

The Most Important Difference Between an Elite Athlete and a Middle-Aged Writer

Duterte’s Fiercest Critic Finds Herself In Jail


Celebrity Squabbles for the Ages
Feb 27, 2017彪ol 189 No 7 & 8

Inside Donald Trump’s White House Chaos

Sorry, Brits: Abe and Trump Have the Real 全pecial Relationship・
The Former Neo-nazi Helping Returning ISIS Fighters Let Go of Hate

The Emotional Divide of Trump’s Presidency
Trump’s presidency has cheered some and brought crippling stress to others

As Moscow Advances, U.S. Allies Look Warily to Trump for Clarity
As Moscow advances, U.S. allies look warily to Trump for clarity

At Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump Blends Pleasure, Profit and Politics
At Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump blends pleasure, profit and politics

The Future of Zoos: Challenges Force Zoos to Change in Big Ways
New discoveries about the emotional lives of animals are raising difficult questions about keeping wild things in captivity

To Rule the NBA, James Harden Needed to Embrace Letting Go
To rule the NBA, James Harden needed to embrace letting go

The Sleep Cure: The Fountain of Youth May Be Closer Than You Ever Thought
The fountain of youth may be closer than you ever thought

How Silicon Valley Is Trying to Hack Its Way Into a Longer Life
How Silicon Valley is trying to hack its way to a much (much, much) longer life

The Extreme Ways Man Has Tried to Cheat Death
Eating monkey brains, drinking blood and 22 other ways man has tried to cheat death

Why Do People Want to Live So Long, Anyway?

How Can I Afford to Live to 100?
(Because getting there is more likely than you think)

Where Will All the Old Folks Live?

What 3 Things Can I Do to Extend the Length of My Life?

Do the Child-Free Live Longer?

Is There Anything That Can Help My Dog Live Longer Too?

Do Cranky People Really Die Younger Than Pollyannas?

How Studying Data Helped Me Get Over My Divorce
Sometimes, the best remedy is a spreadsheet

Heigl’s Star Quality Comes Through In the Courtroom

Noah Hawley’s Uncanny Vision Is the Future of Television
When writers rule, TV gets wonderfully weird

A Young Comic’s Hope-filled Crash in Crashing

Little Big Town Melds Tried-and-True With Utterly New

Jordan Peele Scares Us Silly In Get Out

Chills, Pills and Spills in A Cure for Wellness

Review: I Am Not Your Negro

Oscar Nominee My Life As a Zucchini Is a Stop-Motion Marvel

I Don’t Feel at Home Aims for the Heart

A Definitive Guide to Random Oscar Facts
Eighty-nine years of trivia to get you ready for the Feb. 26 show on ABC

Planet Earth As Spectacle-and Cautionary Tale

The Uncanny Catharsis of Saturday Night Live

When the Most Human Human Isn’t Actually Human

George Saunders, on His Debut Novel, Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump
The author discusses his debut novel, ”Lincoln in the Bardo”, the current president, elites, compromise and sci-fi


A Pizza-Making Robot

The Dark Origins of Dog Breeding

Somalia on the Verge of Famine As U.N. Pleads for Help

Where National Breakups Are In the Cards
The Faroe Islands will hold a referendum in April 2018 on a new constitution, potentially paving the way for a vote on independence from Denmark. It’s not the only region considering going it alone.

When More Is Too Much
Five times you should be careful not to overdo it

This Just In

8 Travel Ideas for the Winter-Weary
It’s not too late to combat the seasonal sads with a spring vacation. Here are newly interesting destinations to consider depending on how--and with whom--you like to travel.

Is It Ethical to Have Sex With a Robot?
TV these days is preoccupied with the near-future dilemmas of human-android coitus (see: Westworld, Black Mirror, Humans). Two experts weigh in.

Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Seems Designed to Spread Fear

How to Create More from What You Already Have

Smart Homes・Top Job: Safety

What You Said About ・
For the Record

The E.U.’s Chief Executive on Trump, Populism and Russia
As president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker is both head of the European Union’s executive branch and its public face. He talks to TIME about the challenges ahead at a time of rising populism and euroskepticism.
Feb 20, 2017 Vol 189 No 6

How Scorsese Made a Film That Went Against Hollywood’s Rules

There Are Echoes of China in Today’s America
Until recently, the distance between the political systems of the two countries seemed to be widening but now it appears to be shrinking

Inside Chuck Schumer’s Plan to Take on President Trump
Inside Chuck Schumer’s plan to take on President Trump

Merkel May Be Struggling, but Don’t Count Her Out

A Syrian Family Waits to Learn Their Fate
A Syrian family makes one more risky journey, this time to learn their fate

The Politics of Fashion Under the Trump Administration
How white pantsuits, pink pussy hats and Nordstrom stock reveal an American divide

9 Questions with Roger Stone

John Wick: Chapter 2: Keanu Reeves’ Hitman Returns with Bone-crunching, Glorious Violence
The new installment of the pulp-tastic killer-for-hire franchise asks ’Are human beings worth saving?’ and delivers the perfect pulp answer: Sometimes, no.

Quick Talk With Sam Richardson

Ryan Adams’ Album Prisoner Tells Story of His Divorce

Review: Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama
A Japanese crime thriller with unexpected heat and a major twist

Kehlani Turns Candor Into Virtue

Will Millennials Start Running for Office?
A new book argues the reason they haven’t yet is that they care too much

For the Record

What CEOs Think of Trump
Although Silicon Valley has criticized many of the new President’s policies, especially the travel ban, the rest of the business world seems cautiously optimistic. Here, a sampling of statements from recent earnings calls.

Al-Qaeda Is Gathering Strength As Yemen Burns

How to Treat Phobias
Viewing subliminal images of spiders can help arachnophobes better control their fears, according to a Feb. 6 paper. Here, other notable studies exploring how people can learn to overcome crippling phobias.

If There’s Pain In Fifty Shades , There’s Pleasure In Its Soundtrack

The Myth of ‘Going Viral’ on the Internet
It’s a lie we tell ourselves

How the Enlightenment Predicted Modern Populism
When people have faith in a new way of life’s future, unkept promises can lead to pain and rebellion

Television Manages to Put a New Twist on the California State of Mind

Pop Chart

A Suitcase That Follows Its Owner

The U.S. and Iran’s New Relationship Status: Enemies, With Benefits

What You Said About …

Queen Elizabeth II, for 65 Years

This Just In

Handling North Korea Is a Team Sport and We Need China


Tom Brady
A record-shattering Super Bowl

Mapping the Girls Effect

Retirees Shoulder a Bigger Share of Student Debt

Lego Batman Finds the Funny In Existential Angst

Trump Questions a Rule Obliging Financial Advisers to Put Clients’ Interests First

Dark Delights
Feb 13, 2017 Vol 189 No 5

Is Steve Bannon the Second Most Powerful Man in the World?

Jefferson’s Warning to the White House

The World’s Failure on Refugees Is Apparent on the Streets of Paris

Trump’s Hard Line on Mexico Gives Left-Wing Populist an Opening

A Billionaire Resistance Targets President Trump from the Right

These Are the President’s Key Players

California Prepares to Resist the President in Uncertain Times
The nation’s most populous state prepares to resist the President in uncertain times

Roger Federer Defied Age, Expectations and Nerves to Win 18th Grand Slam
To win his 18th Grand Slam, Roger Federer defied age, expectations and his own nerves

The Age of Bannon

Comics We Can’t Wait For
Comic books have become ground zero for new kinds of heroes. Here are five to seek out this year.

France’s Battle Royale
The French presidential elections are sizing up to be an unpredictable but consequential battle in which a far-right populist win could herald the collapse of the E.U. The four main candidates are now finalized ahead of a first round of voting on April 23, followed by a May 7 runoff. Here’s who’s in the running.

Our Historical Ambivalence About Immigrants Is a Great American Paradox

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Puts Democrats In a Bind

A Found Novel of Harlem Works As a Time Capsule

Pulitzer Winner Viet Thanh Nguyen on His New Book The Refugees

Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Expanding the Black Panther Universe with The Crew
Coates and poet Yona Harvey talk about reviving the influential Marvel comic

The Science of Making Food Taste Better
Researchers revealed on Jan. 27 that they had isolated the genes responsible for a flavorful tomato, a breakthrough in a movement to use good old-fashioned crossbreeding, rather than genetic modification, to improve how produce tastes. Here, three other foods getting a flavor boost thanks to science.

Trump’s Immigration Order Is Legal-for Now

How a War on Science Could Hurt the U.S.-and Its Citizens

U.S. Policies Informed by Science
Most federal policies incorporate a mix of law, facts and the best judgment of those calling the shots. Some are also required to take into account the latest science. Here are six policies and programs that are rooted in science--and that some experts say could change under President Trump.

Keanu Reeves’ Contract Killer With Feelings Returns

Moonlight Filmmaker Barry Jenkins on the Bittersweet Feeling of Being a First
He directed the most striking and critically revered movie of 2016

Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War’
The former Soviet leader calls on Trump, Putin and the U.N. for change

A Tale of Two Pipelines
Just days after President Trump signed memorandums on Jan. 24, reviving the Keystone XL pipeline and calling for quick approval of the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), the acting Army Secretary ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to issue a final construction permit for it. The move was heavily criticized by anti--Dakota Access activists. Here’s how Keystone XL and DAPL came to occupy the national consciousness.

For the Record

Pop Chart


How Family Ties Keep You Going, In Sickness and In Health

Review: The Space Between Us

Sampha Sisay Is Hip-Hop’s Secret Weapon
The Walt Whitman Workout Plan

A review of the poet’s newly rediscovered ”Manly Health and Training”
Feb 6, 2017 Vol 189 No 4

How China Is Remaking the Global Film Industry

Perhaps the Largest Protest in U.S. History Was Brought to You by Trump
Perhaps the largest protest in U.S. history was brought to you by President Donald Trump

The Ideological Challenge at the Core of Donald Trump’s Radical Presidency

Karen Finley: Donald Trump Owes All of His Wealth to Arts and Culture

Britain’s Theresa May Is All-In on Brexit With Lousy Cards

What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash
Fixed-price clinics offer a glimpse at the post-Obamacare world

My Son Doesn’t Care About the Super Bowl. So I Brought In a Ringer

10 Questions With Trayvon Martin’s Parents
Five years after their son’s death

Review: Paul Auster’s New Novel Is Four Times the Fun
A book about a life lived four ways

These Old-School Action Films are Getting Revived as TV Shows
A raft of classic action films are becoming TV shows. Here’s how they’ve (kind of) changed.

Review: Gloomy and Glib, Riverdale Lacks Purpose
Riverdale is a signal of where entertainment has drifted: coming up with a dark story to tell is easy

How a Bogeyman Drove Two 12-Year-Olds to Attempt Murder

Heartthrobs and Hellscapes in Jeff Giles’s The Edge of Everything

Tom Brady’s Payback Play

The Perils of Snap Judging a U.S. President

This Just In

Simple Moves Can Lead to a Less Stressed-Out You

Quick Talk With Adam Lambert

Mary Tyler Moore
Television icon

How President Trump Is Trampling Precedent


The Case Against ‘Whole Wheat’ and ‘Whole Grain’ Bread
Five critical things to know about that ”healthy” staple

How Lawsuits Help Democracy

Atlanta’s Patriot Way

A Note to Our Readers

Review: In I Am Michael, James Franco Maps a Painful Betrayal
James Franco and Zachary Quinto play lovers who hit the rocks

Adama Barrow

Will Turkey Vote to Give Erdogan Even More Power?

How the Abortion Debate Rocked Progressivism
Absolutism on the issue could make or break the Democratic Party

Untangling Alzheimer’s: Simple Lifestyle Changes May Prevent Cognitive Decline
When it comes to preventing cognitive decline, simple lifestyle changes are finally being borne out by science

A Laser That Prevents Bike Accidents

Review: A Dog’s Purpose Is More Than the Sum of Its Scandals
The best thing about the controversial film are the two humans who show up near the end
Jan 16, 2017・Vol 189 No 3

Botox: The Drug That’s Treating Everything

Vladimir Putin: The Troublemaker
Putin is now Donald Trump’s problem

Death Reigns On the Streets Of Duterte’s Philippines

Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and Mother-Daughter Dynamics

Russia Has Overcome Repression Before
”I always remember that I did see a seemingly indestructible system collapse before my eyes, and it changed Russian society forever”

10 Questions With Glenn Beck
The conservative broadcaster whose star turn at Fox News made him a household brand for divisiveness explains his apparent change of heart


When Less Plot Is Actually More

The E.U.’s New Digs

Hidden Figures Proves There’s Power In Numbers

On HBO, a Tyrannical New Pope Lusts for Power
It’s a glimpse behind the closed doors of Vatican City

The U.S. Should Form a Closer Military Alliance with Israel

A Monster Calls Offers a Big, Less-Friendly Giant

Your Golden Globes Workout Plan

The Ivory Trade Loses Its Biggest Player

Zoe Saldana Talks Battling Racism and Sexism in Hollywood
”I feel lonely on set. And it’s not just that you’re the only woman...You take a hit in your paycheck as a woman too. I’m so f-cking tired of it.”

What You Said About …

The Growing Fight Against Food Fraud

This Just In

The Politics of Art

Two Stars That Lived-and Shone-Orbiting Each Other

Democrats Look for an Upside In Obamacare’s Repeal

Helping Workers Switch Off

Mario on an iPhone? It Works

George Michael
Pop icon

For the Record

Quick Talk With Sigourney Weaver
The actor, 67, plays an austere British grandmother in A Monster Calls, a fantasy drama (see review, right) about a boy who summons an imaginary monster to help him cope with death.

Are Some Years More Important Than Others?
Dec 26, 2016 Vol 188 No 27 & 28

Inside the Lives of 4 Syrian Refugee Families

Our Journey Begins

The Fastest Man on Wheels

Mike Pence Is No Ordinary Wingman

Wonder Woman Breaks Through
She’s been a suffragist, a soldier and a sex symbol. But it took 75 years to bring the world’s most famous female superhero to the big screen. Why we need Wonder Woman now.

Beware the Tricks and Traps of Donald Trump, News Manipulator In Chief

Predictions About Prediction in 2017, With the Help of Lisa Vanderpump
Data is out, and pure gut instinct is in

The 2017 Quiz on News-to-Be
Test your news sense by predicting the headlines to come in the year ahead

How Bad Air Came Back

A Collection of Tales That Bind
Flying Lessons aims for maximal inclusion

7 Food Trends for 2017
Innovations that are shaking up how we eat and drink

The European Union Can Emerge From 2017 Stronger, If It Survives

The Reboot Playbook Expands
Hollywood is finding (many) more ways to revive familiar stories

Donald Trump’s Top Priority Must Be a Strong China Strategy
Here are the key elements

The World’s New Diplomat In Chief

2017 Milestones
Anniversaries you’ll hear about

Michael Bloomberg: Where Washington Fails to Drive Progress, Cities Will Act
”Problem-solving mayors in both parties are experimenting with innovative policies”

Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen: We Must Prepare Ourselves for the Cyberwars of the Future
’We lack the policies to inform consistent behavior among states’

Why America Is Losing Asia
Donald Trump’s victory may hasten a retreat from the region

The 2017 Album Watch List
The pop royals and hip-hop rookies we can’t wait to hear from next year

Calendar: Culture

For the Record

New Frontiers In Medicine
Look for major progress in these key areas By

Where Catcalling Is Criminalized
Verbal sexual harassment is now a punishable offense in Buenos Aires. The Argentine city legislated against various forms of sexual harassment on Dec. 7, becoming just the latest locale to call out calling out.

How AI Is Getting More Human
Robot assistants are on the rise. Here’s what they can already do

Dr. Cristin Kearns
The former dentist turned investigative researcher is exposing how the sugar industry got us hooked

Diversity Waits on a Green Light
With #OscarsSoWhite in view, Hollywood inches ahead

Ban Ki-Moon Reflects on Donald Trump, Global Citizenship and More
The departing U.N. Secretary-General reflects on Trump, global citizenship and the future of disarmament

The Era of American Global Leadership Is Over. Here’s What Comes Next

Jeff Immelt: Localization Can Help America Win Around the World
”Politicians make the claim that our government has helped multinationals globalize and that businesses that globalize are somehow ’crony capitalists.’ This is hogwash.”

With Aleppo’s Fall, Syria’s Civil War Reaches a Grim Turning Point

Can Trump ‘Scrap’ Green Rules?
Undoing Obama’s environmental legacy won’t be easy

Calendar: Discovery

Refugees Through the Looking Glass in “Exit West”
Mohsin Hamid’s new novel imagines migrant escape via magic portals

A New Class of Hard-Ass Heroes
Two Oscar-winning actors and a resident bad girl light up new series

Calendar: Power

Bette Midler
The entertainer dishes on next year’s Hello, Dolly! revival, reissuing her first album and being a mentor

25th JFK Assassination Secrets Scheduled for 2017 Release

Donald Trump’s Shock Doctrine Will Make China Even Stronger
”If America steps back by choice, by consequence it will also be less welcome”

The 2017 Fear Index
What might just happen (or not) in the year ahead

World Elections: Races to Watch
They will determine 2017’s balance of power

The Climate-Change Diet
A new study suggests Britain’s classic dish of fish and chips might not survive in its current form because of climate change (see right). But warmer temperatures and more-frequent extreme weather events are threatening beloved food staples around the globe.

How Trump Is Restocking the Washington Swamp

John Glenn
National hero

Donald Trump’s Schoolyard Rebel
Donald Trump taps a champion of vouchers for all

Alan Thicke
Iconic TV Dad

What You Said About …


Racing the Clock In the ISIS Era
With a revamped cast, 24: Legacy is after more than nostalgia

Russia’s Election Meddling Hampers Trump Transition

NASA Has a New Way to Fly
How private companies are modernizing the space program

‘Homesick For Another World’ Is Full of Creeps Who Are Not Totally Deplorable
Ottessa Moshfegh’s story collection spotlights loners and losers

TIME 雑誌の内容

1923年創刊、発行部数368万部。世界200カ国、2000万人が読む世界最大の英文週刊ニュース誌「TIME(タイム)」。政治、経済、環境、文化、エンターテイメント、最新医療事情等、様々な分野をグローバルな観点から鋭く切り込む世界のオピニオンリーダー。日本では入手しにくいニュースを、TIME独自の見解・視点で伝えます。また、アジア版では日本の読者向けに、よりなじみの深いニュースを編集しておりますので、日本人にも身近な話題を外側から知る事が出来ます。そしてビジネスやインターネットなど、さまざまなシーンで英語力が重要視される時代。現代英語のお手本とされ、洗練された英語表現を駆使したタイムなら、世界の情報を通して生きた英語表現が身につきます。※こちらのデジタル版は、Time Asia Editionです。

+   TIMEの目次配信サービス




The Japan Times Alpha(ジャパンタイムズアルファ)


目次: 今週号の主要コンテンツ

[Top News]
Putin channels memory of Hitler’s defeat to urge victory in Ukraine

[Easy Reading]
This Brazilian town built a Christ statue. It’s taller than Rio’s Christ the Redeemer.

[National News]
Yoshinoya shuns ‘foreign’ student from event

[World News]
Nepali scales Everest for record 26th time

[Business &Tech]
Square Enix to sell Tomb Raider studio

Japan firms turn to 4-day workweek to offer flexibility

[This Week’s OMG]
Goodwill find turns out to be ancient bust

[Fast Fun Facts]

今週は軍人の妻たちが結成した合唱団から生まれた実話 “Military Wives”をお届けします。

[Center Spread]


[Just J-pop]
日本のポップミュージックについてお届けするコーナー。今週取り上げるのは「ラブリー」「今夜はブギー・バック」などの曲を生み出し、90年代に流行した渋谷系を代表するアーティストとして知られる小沢健二です。近年は、SNSでの発信にも意欲的で、音楽はもちろん、BLM などの社会問題についても意見を述べています。

[Business Spotlight]



[Small Talk About News]

[英語なるほど Q&A]
このコーナーでは、読者の皆様からの英語に関する質問にお答えします。ご応募をお待ちしています! 今週は冠詞について取り上げます。

やさしい英語の正しい使い方について学ぶコーナー。今月は類似的な言葉について取り上げます。今週のテーマは“Small, little”です。

日本の大学に留学中のアメリカ人女性 Lillian。彼女が日本で生活する中で感じる疑問に、英語で答えてあげましょう。今週は「善光寺の御開帳」についてです。

[Crossword Puzzle]

[Life as an Expat]


参考価格: 320円 定期購読(【月額払い】プラン)なら1冊:224円

The Japan Times Alpha -- 英字新聞だから身につく 世界の視点、確かな英語力

  • 2022/05/13

  • 2022/05/06

  • 2022/04/22

  • 2022/04/15

  • 2022/04/08

  • 2022/04/01

週刊英和新聞Asahi Weekly (朝日ウイークリー)


目次: 週刊英和新聞 Asahi Weekly (朝日ウイークリー)


This Week
On the Cover

Pro bono

◇今週の注目記事 ================

◇Movies: オードリー・ ヘプバーン

◇World View:  沖縄本土復帰50年

◇Weekly Picks: 漂流ごみで探る 北朝鮮の日常生活

◇English Writing: 英語本の著者に聞く
「超初級から話せる 英語声出しレッスン」(アルク)を出版した英語教材編集者歴20年の西川倫子さんに聞きました。初心者でも話す喜びを感じられるよう、短いフレーズで発話することを促す方法は、有名韓国語講師が考案した「声出しレッスン」メソッドを英語学習者向けに改良したものです。英会話力の向上に必要な「メンタルブロックを取り除くこと」についても話しています。





◆Listen & Write  英語耳を鍛えよう 


◆Phrase It Right 句動詞で話そう 色とりどりの英語表現

◆The Greenville Story やさしい単語で寸劇! 

◆On the Keyboard:  リレーエッセー

KEN’S ENGLISH INSTITUTE 代表の清水建二さんによる語源に関する新シリーズです。英語の地名・人名・ブランド名など、誰もが一度は目にしたことのある固有名詞はどのような経緯で生まれてきたのでしょうか? 本連載では、固有名詞の語源やそれにまつわる逸話を紹介し、楽しみながら単語の歴史をひも解いていきます。また、固有名詞と普段使っている単語との意外な接点を考察することで、語彙(ごい)力増強に役立つようになっています。毎回、冒頭にクイズがあり、正解を考えながら、英語と英語文化の奥深さを味わうことができます。今週号のテーマは「AtlanticとPacific」です。


◆英語で紹介してみよう! 通訳ガイドの発信力レッスン
日本人には身近な伝統行事や習慣、食べ物でも、いざ英語で説明しようとすると言葉に詰まってしまう。そんな経験はありませんか? このコーナーでは日本の食べ物や習慣、制度などについてテーマをひとつ取り上げ、Q&A形式で紹介します。日本語と英語の両方の文章が並んでいるので内容が理解しやすく、日本の事柄を説明する力のスキルアップに役立ちます。筆者は、全国通訳案内士の海生郁子さんと伊東正子さんの2人で交互に担当します。今週号では、海生さんが「母の日」について由来などを解説します。




◆Dialogue with Friends
3月までAWに「Scatterbrain Diary」を連載していたキニマンス塚本ニキさんの新しいコラムです。さまざまな人との「対話(Duologue)」を通して生まれた気づきや感情をつづります。友人・知人、旅先やラジオの仕事で出会った人などに登場してもらい、彼らとの対話の一部を英語と日本語の「Duo」で紹介します。今週号は、仕事中にいつも「愛」について考えているという友人との会話です。

◆Novel: The Haunted fairground 呪われた遊園地

◆英語豆知識 こぼれっぱなし





日本語ナビ付きでどんどん読める。レベル別で実力アップを実感。しかも面白い!初心者でも楽しく読める週刊英和新聞「朝日ウイークリー(Asahi Weekly)」

  • 2022/04/30

  • 2022/04/23

  • 2022/04/16

  • 2022/04/09

  • 2022/04/02

  • 2022/03/26


The Japan Times / The New York Times Weekend Edition


目次: The Japan Times / The New York Times Weekend Edition
2022/05/14 No.43,688
The Japan Times section contents

・Russia trains missiles on Ukraine’s quiet zone
・North Korea reports first COVID-19 death as virus ‘explosively spreads’ ほか

・Taiwan tensions resonate in Okinawa
・Calls for easing COVID-19 mask standards grow ほか

・No quiet retirement for Philippines’ Duterte after handover
・U.S. condemns jailing of four Hong Kong democracy activists ほか

・Butler excels as Heat finish off Sixers - NBA playoffs
・PGA Tour’s stance toward LIV Golf reveals unrest in sport - Golf ほか

[Week in review]
・Putin likens conflict in Ukraine to WWII
・Police in Japan warned against racial profiling when making stops ほか

・Okinawa through the lens

・Dark satire obscures the light of humanity - Books

・New president, new chance for Japan-South Korea ties

参考価格: 350円


  • 2022/05/07

  • 2022/04/30

  • 2022/04/23

  • 2022/04/16

  • 2022/04/09

  • 2022/04/02

参考価格: 987円 定期購読(学割1年プラン)なら1冊:658円

1888年の創刊以来、世界180カ国1050万人に愛されている「NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC」英語版!!

  • 2022/04/09

  • 2019/09/01

  • 2019/08/01

  • 2019/07/01

  • 2019/06/01

  • 2019/05/01

参考価格: 886円 定期購読(【月額払い】プラン)なら1冊:443円

世界各国で発売されているReader’s Digestのアジア版は英文の洋雑誌です。

  • 2022/03/29

  • 2022/02/28

  • 2022/01/29

  • 2021/12/29

  • 2021/11/30

  • 2021/10/30

8 Nature(個人購読専用)



世界No.1総合科学ジャーナル 『Natureで、最先端の科学に出会う!』

  • 2022/05/12

  • 2022/05/05

  • 2022/04/28

  • 2022/04/21

  • 2022/04/14

  • 2022/04/07


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