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Aug 28, 2017 Vol 190 No 8

Will the Nation Succeed After Charlottesville Where Donald Trump Failed?

Trump’s Penchant for Chaos Brings Less World Order

Nepal Criminalizes Period Huts

The Dual-Citizenship Crisis Rocking Politics Down Under

Undocumented Immigrants May Get Less Time to Make Their Case

Guam, the U.S. Territory in the Line of North Korea’s ‘Enveloping Fire’

The U.S. Can Win a Trade War With China. That Doesn’t Mean It Should Try
That doesn’t mean it should try

World’s Longest Suspension Footbridge

Bigots Get a Boost from the Bully Pulpit After Charlottesville

American Hate, a History

John Grisham: ‘Silence Is Not An Option’

Ilhan Omar: Unity Will Take Generations

From Selma to Charlottesville, the Ghosts of Our Past

Lakeith Stanfield, Contemporary Chameleon

What White America Must Do Next

Striking It Logan Lucky

The Fall Book That Will Take Your Mind Off Politics
…If not ease it

A Jersey Girl Dreams Big

A New Look at the Next Generation
According to a new book, they’re safe, they text and they’re terrified

Free Cone Day and History’s Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors
Here’s a brief history of ice cream and soda fountains to read as you wait in line for your scoop

Streaming Now: Two Sets of Subversive Heroes

A Solution to Our Clean Energy Problem May Lie Right Beneath Our Feet
Scientists in Iceland are pursuing the future of geothermal energy

What Do I Do Now? A Midlife Career Change May Be Just the Challenge You Need
When was the last time you asked yourself what you’re good at?

Jen Hatmaker Talks Faith, Family and the Church’s Battles
A conversation with the self-described ”low-grade Christian famous” pastor and author

An American’s Tale of Policy and Progress
Suzy Hansen’s ”Notes on a Foreign Country” beautifully takes on America and privilege

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Aug 21, 2017 Vol 190 No 7

Why General John Kelly Is Trump’s Last Hope

Cancer’s Newest Miracle Cure
It combines the power of genetics and the immune system, and it’s saving lives

A War of Fiery Words, for Now, Between North Korea and the U.S.

Elvis In the Heart of America
What the rise, fall and rebirth of an icon tells us about who we were--and who we are now, 40 years after his death

China’s Greening of the Vast Kubuqi Desert is a Model for Land Restoration Projects Everywhere
Public-private partnership, involving local communities, sustainable industries. The Kubuqi desert project ticks the boxes

Should Mercenaries Take Over In Afghanistan?

Dealt a Weak Hand, Rex Tillerson Is Still In the Game at State

What’s In a (Brand) Name?

Glen Campbell
Country with a hidden edge

Usain Bolt
A singular sprinter

The True Meaning of the Great American Eclipse
It’s a gift to our divided nation

A Small-Scale Power Solution Could Pay Big Dividends Across the U.S.

Birdbrain Is a Misnomer: New Studies Show Birds’ Remarkable Cognitive Skills

Aubrey Plaza’s Status Update

Whose Streets? Is a Ragged, Bracing Protest Document

John Cho

Pattinson Packs a Punch In Good Time

A Family Story With a Son on the Spectrum

Musical Theater and Misanthropy

Everyday People, Extraordinary Books

Anytime but Now: The Perils of Fighting Last Year’s Wars and Pining for Yesterday’s Heroes
’It’s as if we’re all being held hostage by the 2016 election’

8 Questions with Jeff Flake, Republican Senator from Arizona

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Aug 7, 2017 Vol 190 No 6

New Hope for Depression

Trump’s Attacks Sow Chaos In Washington

What’s Behind Shinzo Abe’s Plummeting Popularity

Qatar Settles In for a Long Standoff

Meet the Youthful Face of Resistance to Thailand’s Junta
First, Hong Kong teenager Joshua Wong stood up to China. Now his friend is doing the same in Thailand

Liberal Democracy Is Eroding Right In Europe’s Backyard

Weird Things from the Blue

Jordan Spieth
The British Open

The First ‘Mission-Driven’ Companies
Today, corporations use social justice as branding. The idea came from their antithesis

Climate Change Used to Be a Bipartisan Issue. Here’s What Changed
Things were different in the 1980s

It’s Okay to Be a Coward About Cancer
John McCain may be brave. I wasn’t

Notre Dame Cathedral Is Crumbling. Who Will Help Save It?

How to Ease Europe’s Fears About the New U.S.-Russia Relationship
Before important allies drift away

The Art of the Hostage Deal
Inside President Trump’s efforts to free Americans held captive abroad

How Charlize Theron Invents a New Kind of Badass in the Stylish Atomic Blonde

Review: Full of Feral Grace, Atomic Blonde Kicks You Where It Hurts
It hurts to see Charlize Theron take a punch. But oh, how good it feels to see her throw one!

Darkness Under the Sun on USA’s Gripping Drama The Sinner

Dude Nostalgia Done Right

Tyler, the Creator Opens Up

The Hidden (and Not-So-Hidden) Racism In Kids’ Lit
Should parents abstain from reading offensive classics to their children?

My Autism Allows Me to See the World in a Different Way
An email conversation with author Naoki Higashida about living with little ability to speak

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Jul 31, 2017 Vol 190 No 5

Ambitious and Harrowing, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk Is a Masterpiece

Christopher Nolan: Dunkirk Is My Most Experimental Film Since Memento
Director Christopher Nolan discusses his new film Dunkirk, which is already being hailed as one of the most important war movies ever made

Inside the Secret Plan to Stop Vladimir Putin’s U.S. Election Plot
The White House was prepared to call out the military to guard the vote from a Russian hack

Liu Xiaobo, China’s Most Prominent Political Prisoner, Dies at 61
He was jailed in 2009 for calling for multiparty democracy

The GOP Faces a New Crossroads

Why the Death of Malls Is About More Than Shopping
As America’s malls close down, more than stores are vanishing along with them

Turkey’s ‘Iron Lady’ Meral Aksener Is Getting Ready to Challenge Erdogan
Meral Aksener rose to prominence as a critic of the Turkish President. Now, she is preparing to take him on at the ballot box

Acid Attacks Have Become a Gruesome Criminal Trend in the U.K.
On Thursday night, five people across London were attacked within the space of 90 minutes

The Low-Caste Farmer’s Son Taking High Office In India

Winnie the Pooh and Homer Too

Can Tunisia Remain a Beacon of Democracy for the Arab World?

Why There Is Crying In Baseball, and Tennis, and Golf, and Soccer …

The Risky Business of Angel Investing

Steve Ballmer: 5 Facts About the U.S. Government That Blew My Mind
And could help improve the conversations we have about how the country should be

Remembering America’s ‘Angel of Death Row’

Why Cauliflower Is the New ‘It’ Vegetable
The versatility of cauliflower has boosted its popularity

Review: Girls Trip Is the Funniest, Raunchiest Movie of the Summer
A flawless comedy that doesn’t make the mistakes of the women-behaving-badly genre

Landline Is a Message From the Lost World of the 1990s

Valerian’s Half-Crazed Space Race

Amazon Tries to Complete F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Unfinished Novel

Bateman’s Stab at High Drama

Spider-Man, Ranked
The latest one is a thrill--and a hit. But how does it stack up against the rest?

Her Food, Her Self

8 Questions With Al Gore

For the Record


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Jul 24, 2017 Vol 190 No 4

How Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Have Cranked Up the Heat on His Family

A Portrait of the Prime Minister As a Young Man
The Republic of Ireland has never had a leader like Leo Varadkar

The United Patients of America
As Republicans scramble to replace Obamacare, families with sick or disabled members are emerging as a powerful opposition force

Iraq Controls Mosul Once Again. But Who Controls Iraq?

How Thelma & Louise Changed Hollywood

Do Humans Even Deserve War for the Planet of the Apes?

No Good Options on North Korea

Italy Lashes Out As Flow of Migrants Surges

A Ghost Story Chills-and Makes You Wonder

A ‘Teleportation’ to Outer Space

The GOP Quest to Find Voter Fraud Draws Backlash

Review: Joshua Cohen’s Moving Kings
The story of a modern-day King David

When Parents and Doctors Disagree on What Futile Means

The Biggest Absence at This Year’s G-20? Moral Authority

’We Have to Support These People.’ Malala Yousafzai Visits Iraq to Meet Girls Who Lived Under ISIS
The Pakistani-born activist met with girls in a camp for displaced people outside Mosul, on the day she turned 20

Quick Talk With Ansel Elgort
In the high-octane thriller Baby Driver, the actor and DJ, 23, plays a music-obsessed getaway driver trying to extricate himself from a life of crime.

The Shape and Sound of a Perfect Meal

It Could Be You … Twice
A California teenager claimed over $600,000 after winning the lottery twice in a single week in April. Rosa Dominguez’s two $5 scratch-off tickets made her $555,555 and $100,000. But the 19-year-old is not the first to have such extraordinary lottery luck.

Find Your Best Burn
Every kind of exercise has its perks. Here are the unique benefits of six common types.

A City Apart: Hong Kong Marks 20 Years of Chinese Rule
Twenty years since the British handed Hong Kong back to China, mentally and emotionally it is a city apart

It’s Time for Our Real-Life Female Leaders to Act Like Selina Meyer

Paris’ Technicolor Basketball Court

The True Cost of Ransomware Hacks

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For the Record

Jul 10, 2017 vol 190 No 2 & 3

How They Make the Greatest Show on Earth

The Justices Agree to Grapple With Travel Bans and Phantoms

The Startling Rise of the Brash Young Man Who Would Be King of Saudi Arabia

Google’s $2.7 Billion Antitrust Fine

America’s Cup for Pope Francis

For his papal visit, a silversmith is working on a special chalice

Going After the ‘Really Bad Dudes’
President Trump talks about deporting hardened criminals. His policy makes all undocumented immigrants vulnerable

Viral Anger Spreads Like a Disease - and It’s Making the Country Sick

Terrorists Have Been All Too Effective by Air and Land. What If They Hit by Sea?

Beyond Repeal and Replace
The Republican plan for Obamacare scares GOP governors

Jay Z: For Father’s Day, I’m Taking On the Exploitative Bail Industry

Why America’s First Daughter Is a Hit In China

Where Did America’s Summer Jobs Go?
Once a rite of passage, fewer teenagers are spending their breaks earning a paycheck

‘It’s Like Having an Incurable Disease’: Inside the Fight Against Revenge Porn

The Universe
Westeros’ web of lies, secrets and betrayal grows ever more tangled. Here’s where things stand at the beginning of Season 7.

Tom Holland Was Born to Be Spider-Man. Playing Peter Parker Was Another Story

Baby Driver Is Fast, Furious and Full of Heart
Its vivid, openhearted energy is a bold step forward for Edgar Wright

Minions, Delightfully Relegated to Their Proper Place

Medieval Laughs for the Modern Day

FX’s Exploration of the Crack Epidemic Falters

Quick Talk With Naomi Watts

Review: Budget Wrestling Lights Up the Screen in Glow

Who Ina Garten Would Invite to a Fantasy Dinner Party

America’s ‘Real’ Independence Day Is Not July 4

Bartending Is Better Than Business School

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This Just In
Jul 3, 2017 Vol 190 No 1

Will Robert Mueller Separate Fact From Fiction?

The Drug Cascade
A boom in prescription painkillers drove the opioid crisis. Now there are pills to solve it

Trump’s Great Faith In the Military Does Not a Strategy Make

Eyes In the Sky
A new age of telescopes dawns

Kumail Nanjiani Is the Romantic Comedian We’ve Been Waiting For

The Continuing Urgency of the Grenfell Tower Inferno
In the days since the fire, Grenfell Tower has been held up as a tragic symbol of the social ills facing Britain

Uber Shows Why Silicon Valley Needs to Rewrite Its Hero-Founder Myth
That’s the lesson in Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s stunning fall

A Confederate Monument Solution, With Context

The Real Story in U.S.-Russia Relations Can Be Seen In the Skies Above Syria

The Beguiled Explores the Dark Side of Female Desire

Hand Me That Wrench: Farmers and Apple Fight Over the Toolbox

What Silicon Valley Can Learn from Travis Kalanick’s Uber Fail

Advertising Is Dead; Long Live Advertising
The new book ”The End of Advertising” details how companies must change

Otto Warmbier
North Korea Prisoner

Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods

Author Mark Kurlansky on the Surprising Histories of Salt, Cod and Milk
As well as oysters, paper ・and the many commodities that quietly affect everyone’s lives

Pop Chart

Helmut Kohl
Reunification Architect

Review: Something Twisted This Way Comes in The Changeling
Victor LaValle’s new novel blends horror and fables to talk about parenthood

Taking on the Animal Kingdom
Olympic superstar Michael Phelps will race against a great white shark in a stunt airing on the Discovery Channel on July 23. It won’t be the first time man has competed against beast.

For the Record

How Antarctica Is Being Invaded
Average temperatures in coastal Antarctica have risen over the past three decades. Scientists say those conditions might bring more invasive species to the South Pole.

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This Just In

A Razor Built for Assisted Shaving

The Real Reason Why Bachelorette Parties Are a Thing

Princess Diana had a part to play
Jun 26, 2017 Vol 189 No 24

Uber Fail: Upheaval at the World’s Most Valuable Startup is a Wake-Up Call For Silicon Valley

Uber’s Travis Kalanick Shows How Growing Up Is Much Harder Than Simply Growing
The company’s rapid rise has not been matched with much-needed maturity

Britain Stumbles Toward Exit Talks With a Reinvigorated Europe

Ways to Rid the World’s Oceans of Plastic Trash

Middle East Rifts Are Widening Amid a Global Power Vacuum

Trump Taps His Personal Lawyer for Russia Probe

The Trouble With The Bachelorette (This Time)

Cars 3 Makes Career Anxiety (Almost) Fun

Quick Talk With Mandy Moore

Three Alt-Country Stars Align With New Albums

Review: Anthony Horowitz’s Magpie Murders Is Catnip for Classic Mystery Lovers
”Why is it that we have such a need for murder mystery, and what is it that attracts us--the crime or the solution?”

Why Donald Trump Was Low-Hanging Fruit for the Public Theater’s Julius Caesar

Can He Be Tamed?
Inside the uphill fight to bring order to Donald Trump’s White House

12 Questions With Patty Jenkins, Director of Wonder Woman

The Inevitability of the iPhone
Apple’s device has more behind it than Steve Jobs’ genius

The Forgotten Origins of Father’s Day

Adam West
TV icon

That Time an Algorithm Whisperer Took Me to the Heart of Darkness

With Arms, Nintendo Wants to Rekindle Excitement for Motion Controls

On TNT’s New Soap, Utopia Among the Manicurists

Electronic Play Dough

The Golden State Warriors As 2017 NBA Champions

What You Said About …

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This Just In
Jun 19, 2017 Vol 189 No 23

The Suite of Power

Donald Trump’s Loyalty Pledge for the FBI Challenges the Nation

South Africa’s Graft Scandal Grows

A New Face for the Republic of Ireland

The Qatar Rift Is the Middle East’s ‘Trump Effect’ in Action
The U.S. President has emboldened Saudi Arabia to forcefully reassert leadership in the region

Roads? Where We’re Going …
... we don’t need roads. A Toyota-backed startup in Japan is working to develop a flying car called Skydrive, which it hopes will carry a driver to light the Olympic torch in the 2020 Tokyo Games. Here, other initiatives to make Back to the Future II a reality.

Christopher Wray
New FBI director

London Strives to Remain a Place the World Will Call Home

How the Internet Is Getting a Little Nicer, One Meme at a Time
The Cheap(er) Private Jet

Putin’s Children: The Generation Born Under Russia’s President
The generation born under Russia’s President is railing at how members of his circle have enriched themselves and their kids

The God Squad: The Next Generation of Catholic Priests
Young, energized and ready to remake the church, the next generation of Catholic priests wants to surprise you

It Comes at Night Shows the Subtle Art of New Horror Films

Sam Elliott

Beatriz at Dinner Means Well but Flags Before the Last Course

A Cowboy Makes a Comeback In The Hero

Why Wonder Woman Broke Through

Life of the Party
Lorde, pop’s fascinating wunderkind, comes of age

Megyn Kelly Needs to Bring More Fox to Her NBC Show
Splitting her persona in two-going light in the morning and hitting heavy at night-makes sense. But it’s evidently not easily done.

No Break for Orange‘s Prisoners

Invasion of the Garden Snatcher and Other Tales of Suburban Apocalypse

8 Questions With David Brown, Former Dallas Police Chief

The Perks of Being Weird In the Workplace
How to use social awkardness and originality to your advantage

The Birth of America’s Flag Obsession

Trump Overseas

Pop Chart

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What You Said About …

Jun 12, 2017 Vol 189 No 22

Afghanistan’s Front Line

Admiral Stavridis: 5 Reasons Trump Should Send More Troops to Afghanistan

Family First: The Trials of Jared Kushner
Now front and center in the Russia probe, Jared Kushner is bound to Trump by more than marriage

Fighting Words: A Battle in Berkeley Over Free Speech
A battle in Berkeley over free speech shows how frenzied politics has become

The Case for Community College
Why it’s more vital--and vulnerable--than ever

10 Questions With Sir Harold Evans

NASA Hopes to Make History With Its Latest Mission-to the Sun

Chile’s President on Her Country’s Fitful Progress and Future Challenges

John Kerry: The Case for Optimism In These Strange Times
We must look for solutions for the long-term

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness Is Worth the 20-Year Wait
Arundhati Roy is back with a second novel-20 years after her first

The Top 10 Thrillers to Read This Summer
New mysteries from Nicci French, Fiona Barton and more

A Quick Talk With David Sedaris, on Reading Secret Diaries
The author discusses his new collection of his own journal entries

5 Radical Activists Who Changed America

Smoldering Ruins
An absorbing true-crime read that doesn’t leave you feeling complicit

Is Force the Solution to Peace in the Middle East?

A Fraught Cannes, Inside Screening Rooms and Out

Jack Antonoff Shines a Light In the Dark

Wonder Woman: A Perfect Paradox for the Generation That Expects to Have It All

The World Won’t Ignore Chechnya’s Purge of Gay Men

Zbigniew Brzezinski
Cold Warrior and presidential adviser

Manuel Antonio Noriega
Panama’s strongman

Gregg Allman
Progenitor of Southern rock

What’s In a Board Game?

How Sharks Became So Scary

The Perils of Pulling Out of Paris
President Trump told aides he plans to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Here are three possible consequences.

Seoul’s Garden In the Sky

Why It’s Still Legal for Underage Girls to Marry in the U.S.

What You Said About …


For the Record

Something to Talk About …

Books that will start conversations this summer, for every context
Jun 5, 2017 Vol 189 No 21

The Weight Loss Trap: Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

Britain Comes Under Attack at a Turning Point

When Home Isn’t Where the Heart Is
Despite generous benefits and a robust effort by Estonia to welcome Syrian refugees, the rural setting and lack of countrymen leave families yearning for alternatives

Trump and His Allies Stumble As Russia Probe Moves Closer to the White House

Bill Gates: Your Summer Reading List Should Include These 5 Books

Bill Gates Discusses His Lifelong Love for Books and Reading
’Reading fuels a sense of curiosity about the world’

8 Questions With Elizabeth Warren

Real-Life Robocops
A robot that can recognize human voices and gestures has officially joined Dubai’s police force to help people report crimes and pay fines. But the United Arab Emirates isn’t the only country embracing crime-fighting machines.

What the World Health Organization’s New Leader Must Tackle

Roger Ailes, Shaper of Partisan Politics
Shaper of partisan politics

The Persistent Passion of Vice President Mike Pence

Wind Power Catches a Mountain Breeze

Review: Baywatch Proves There’s Nothing Wrong With Skin, Sand and Surf

Review: Brad Pitt Takes on the Runaway General in War Machine

Review: The New Twin Peaks is Strange and Not In a Good Way
Surrealism has become less of a narrative tool and more of an end in itself

The Keepers Avoids True Crime’s Ghastliest Pitfalls

Review: House of Cards Returns With a Thud

John F. Kennedy’s America Answered a Call to Leadership No Longer Given Voice

Home Buying Across America
Wondering where your dollar goes the furthest? Here’s what $196,500 (the median value of a U.S. home in 2017) buys in various cities, per data from real estate site Zillow.

Best TV Shows of 2017 So Far

Best TV Episodes of 2017 So Far

Best Fiction Books of 2017 So Far

Best Paperbacks of 2017 So Far

Best Non-Fiction Books of 2017 So Far

Best Songs of 2017 So Far

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May 29, 2017 Vol 189 No 20

Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America

Trump’s Loyalty Test
How the President’s actions are straining government institutions and the people who work for them

The YouTube Parents Who are Turning Family Moments into Big Bucks
Parents are putting their kids’ lives on YouTube and making a living out of having fun. But this family business has a downside

The Jobs That Weren’t Saved
A mile from the Carrier plant President Trump helped keep open, another factory is moving to Mexico and putting 300 Americans out of work

Why a Global Cyber Crisis Stalled-This Time

Indefatigable Merkel Complicates Europe’s Need to Reform

That Time I Failed Miserably at Charming My Own Son

Why the Census Matters Now More Than Ever
As its director resigned, Congress cut its budget and the President questions facts

The New Conspicuous Consumption
A review of The Sum of Small Things by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

Sweden’s Solar Egg Sauna

8 Questions for Hong Kong Democracy Activist Joshua Wong
Wong is the subject of a new Netflix documentary Joshua: Teenager versus Superpower, scheduled for release on May 26

The Birth of the U.S. Police Force

President Trump Goes Global

Big Plans for China’s New Silk Road

Best Excuses for Sleeping on the Job
Nobody could blame Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe (below, left) for repeatedly drifting off during events, but on May 11 his spokesman said the dictator was in fact merely resting his eyes. Here, other excuses politicians have given for nodding off.

Sentencing Reversal Angers Both Sides

America’s Buzziest Baby Names
The Social Security Administration published its list of 2016’s top baby names. Here, the ones that increased the most compared with 2015.


For the Record

This Just In

What You Said About …
May 22, 2017 Vol 189 No 19

The Wave to Come

The Comey Misfire
Did Donald Trump ax James Comey because he mishandled the Clinton email investigation?
Or did he have the FBI’s probe of his campaign’s possible links to Moscow in mind?

The Danger of Governing on Social Media
Faith in the government is falling, alongside faith in the press

France’s Youngest Leader Since Napoleon Takes the Stage

8 Questions With Gina Miller
She recently launched a strategic voting campaign

How Senator Ben Sasse Became the Anti-Trump

Do Stressed-Out Japanese Really Stage Elaborate Disappearances?
On the Trail of the Johatsu or ‘Evaporated People’
While the johatsu are by definition hard to find, there can be no doubting the unique pressures and alienation felt by Japanese in a society that many would like to disappear from if they could

On Amazon, a Troubled Letter-Writing Campaign from the Heart

New Orleans Confronts Its Confederate History
Early on April 24, police officers cordoned off New Orleans’ Liberty Monument, a granite obelisk commemorating an 1874 uprising of white citizens against the state’s Reconstructionist government. With snipers posted nearby, crews of workers--their faces hidden under cloth and the logos on their trucks covered with cardboard--soon dismantled it and trucked it away.

The Shoddy Science Behind Fidget Spinners

How Smart Is a Dog Really? The Secrets of a Canine Mind
New research is revealing how complex a thing it is

Review: The Lovers Proves that Love After 50 Isn’t Science-Fiction

A Quick Talk With Jeff Garlin About Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie

How Twin Peaks Changed TV Forever

Harry Styles’ Solo Album Is an Unexpected Tour of Rock History

How ‘Golden Visas’ Work

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Perfume Genius

NASA’s New ‘Space Fabric’

The Forgotten Parent Behind Mother’s Day

Homo Naledi Likely Coexisted With Humans

What It Feels Like When All Your Parental Nightmares Are Rolled Into One TV Series

America’s Happiest Incomes
Gallup analyzed over 350,000 interviews with Americans in 2015 and ’16 to determine how income affects people’s daily emotions. These household annual salaries correlated with peak happiness in major metropolitan areas.

Where Artists Fall Afoul of Blasphemy Laws
British actor Stephen Fry was investigated for blasphemy in Ireland after referring to God as ”capricious, mean-minded [and] stupid” on television in 2015. The probe was dropped on May 8, but Ireland isn’t the only country where artists have run afoul of laws barring sacrilege.

How Beauty Drives Evolution

This Just In

For the Record

May 15, 2017 Vol 189 No 18

The Negotiator

The World Is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic
On a hyperconnected planet rife with hyperinfectious diseases, experts warn we aren’t ready to keep America--and the world--safe from the next pandemic

How to Keep America Safe

Venezuela Nears a Tipping Point, and a Violent Endgame

What Does Trump See When He Looks Back In History? Mostly He Sees ・Trump

Your Meal Has Six Times More Salt Than You Think

The U.K. Election Isn’t Just About Brexit

The Budget Battle Shows That Trump Needs to Read the Fine Print

Whose Privilege Is Showing? Probably Mine. But Don’t Ask Me to Check Anyone Else

Where Pirates Still Roam the Seas

Alexa Takes the Stand: Listening Devices Raise Privacy Issues

Guardians Vol. 2 Laughs It Up, Self-Indulgently

9 Questions With Elizabeth Strout
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Olive Kitteridge returns with a story collection, Anything Is Possible, about war, personal trauma and class divides

The Surprising Evolution of Cinco de Mayo

Quick Talk With Debra Winger
The three-time Academy Award nominee, 61, who famously withdrew from movies for six years, plays a long married woman in the comedy The Lovers.

On Broadway, It’s D駛・Vu All Over-and Not Just for Groundhog Day

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Changing the Laws That Let Rapists Wed Victims

Dysfunction by the Plateful In The Dinner

Barriers to a Border Wall

The Art of Obit: A Life In 800 Words

Flying Jet Taxis

Jonathan Demme
Iconic filmmaker

The Hidden Stars of Champion Teams
The true hallmark of a top-tier team is a captain who works hard behind the scenes

Review: The Girls Off the Cliff in Paula Hawkins・Into the Water
Suspense, for Hawkins, is almost secondary; part of the thrill of her thrillers is the social commentary

Why Real Scientists Think Aliens Would Never Eat Humans
And 4 other extraterrestrial myths debunked

Review: On The Handmaid’s Tale, TV’s Great New Heroine Is Born
Elisabeth Moss is excellent in this impeccable adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s class novel

This Just In


For the Record

Pop Chart
May 1, 2017 Vol 189 No 16 & 17

The 100 Most Influential People in the World 2017

The 2018 TIME 100
I predict next year’s list

Name Game
Can you match these influencers with their bio details?

Influencing the Influential
In separate short films produced by TIME, several of this year’s honorees open up about the experiences that shaped them the most. Watch at

Points of Origin
Where this year’s TIME 100 were born

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目次: 今週号の主要コンテンツ

[Top News]
Okinawa marks 50 years since reversion from US rule

[Easy Reading]
Peace at last: German students bury classroom skeleton after 70 years
ドイツの高校で女性の人骨を埋葬 70年間標本として使用

[National News]
Ohtani becomes third Japanese player in MLB history with 100 career home runs
大谷翔平、メジャー 100号達成

[World News]
Sweden and Finland seek NATO membership, but Turkey says it will not approve them
スウェーデンとフィンランドの NATO 加盟にトルコが難色

[Science & Health]
Climate change may increase infectious diseases

Earth given 50-50 chance of hitting warming mark by 2026

[This Week’s OMG]
Indian couple longing for grandchild sues son

今週お届けするのは、60年代後半、カリフォルニアサウンドを生んだ伝説の地を描いた “Echo in the Canyon”をお届けします。

[50 years and counting: Okinawa’s march to sovereignty]





[3-minute Reading With Kip]

[Describe This!]



日本の歴史を英語で説明できますか? この連載では毎回異なる歴史トピックを取り上げ、英語での伝え方を学びます。今回のテーマは「鎌倉幕府はどのように誕生した?」です。

今週のテーマは”Attend, take part in”です。

[Crossword Puzzle]

[Life as an Expat]


参考価格: 320円 定期購読(【月額払い】プラン)なら1冊:224円

The Japan Times Alpha -- 英字新聞だから身につく 世界の視点、確かな英語力

  • 2022/05/20

  • 2022/05/13

  • 2022/05/06

  • 2022/04/22

  • 2022/04/15

  • 2022/04/08

週刊英和新聞Asahi Weekly (朝日ウイークリー)


目次: ◇今週の注目記事 ================

◇Travel: ルワンダ 愛しきマウンテンゴリラたち

◇Movies: 帰らない日曜日

◇Special: 携帯音楽プレーヤー「iPod」生産終了

◇Weekly Picks: 米国防総省 UFOの調査続ける 議会公聴会で関係者言明





◆Listen & Write  英語耳を鍛えよう 
朝日ウイークリーのウェブサイトで音声を聞きながらディクテーション問題に取り組めます。大学入学共通テストの英語ではリスニング重視の傾向が鮮明になり、1回で聞き取れる能力が求められています。今週号のテーマは「世界初のブタ心臓移植 男性患者が死亡」です。


◆Phrase It Right 句動詞で話そう 色とりどりの英語表現

◆The Greenville Story やさしい単語で寸劇! 

◆On the Keyboard:  リレーエッセー

KEN’S ENGLISH INSTITUTE 代表の清水建二さんによる語源に関する新シリーズです。英語の地名・人名・ブランド名など、誰もが一度は目にしたことのある固有名詞はどのような経緯で生まれてきたのでしょうか? 本連載では、固有名詞の語源やそれにまつわる逸話を紹介し、楽しみながら単語の歴史をひも解いていきます。また、固有名詞と普段使っている単語との意外な接点を考察することで、語彙(ごい)力増強に役立つようになっています。毎回、冒頭にクイズがあり、正解を考えながら、英語と英語文化の奥深さを味わうことができます。今週号のテーマは「Mesopotamia」です。


◆英語で紹介してみよう! 通訳ガイドの発信力レッスン
日本人には身近な伝統行事や習慣、食べ物でも、いざ英語で説明しようとすると言葉に詰まってしまう。そんな経験はありませんか? このコーナーでは日本の食べ物や習慣、制度などについてテーマをひとつ取り上げ、Q&A形式で紹介します。日本語と英語の両方の文章が並んでいるので内容が理解しやすく、日本の事柄を説明する力のスキルアップに役立ちます。筆者は、全国通訳案内士の海生郁子さんと伊東正子さんの2人で交互に担当します。今週号のテーマは「衣替え」です。



◆Duologue with Friends





日本語ナビ付きでどんどん読める。レベル別で実力アップを実感。しかも面白い!初心者でも楽しく読める週刊英和新聞「朝日ウイークリー(Asahi Weekly)」

  • 2022/05/21

  • 2022/05/14

  • 2022/04/30

  • 2022/04/23

  • 2022/04/16

  • 2022/04/09

参考価格: 350円


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  • 2022/04/23

  • 2022/04/16

参考価格: 987円 定期購読(学割1年プラン)なら1冊:658円

1888年の創刊以来、世界180カ国1050万人に愛されている「NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC」英語版!!

  • 2022/04/09

  • 2019/09/01

  • 2019/08/01

  • 2019/07/01

  • 2019/06/01

  • 2019/05/01

参考価格: 886円 定期購読(【月額払い】プラン)なら1冊:443円

世界各国で発売されているReader’s Digestのアジア版は英文の洋雑誌です。

  • 2022/03/29

  • 2022/02/28

  • 2022/01/29

  • 2021/12/29

  • 2021/11/30

  • 2021/10/30

8 英国The Economist(エコノミスト)

The Economist Newspaper Limited

参考価格: 1,234円 定期購読(学割2年(Online版付)プラン)なら1冊:925円

英国の世界に誇る知性『The Economist』。全体像を把握するには、より確かな視点が必要です。Economistは重要な問題に焦点を絞り、その全容を明らかにします。

  • 2022/05/21

  • 2022/05/14

  • 2022/05/07

  • 2022/04/30

  • 2022/04/23

  • 2022/04/09


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