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Oct 22, 2018 Vol 192 No 16

How BTS Is Taking Over the World

How Trumpism Will Outlast Trump
A new generation of conservatives says economic populism is the future

How the Midterms Will Test Trump’s Hold on the GOP
Donald Trump’s coalition is broader than the Democrats’ caricature

Scientists Just Laid Out Paths to Solve Climate Change. We Aren’t on Track to Do Any of Them
The planet could see a global temperature rise of over 1.5°C as early as 2030

#BringBackOurGirls Crusader Shakes up Nigeria’s Presidential Race

How Nikki Haley Left the Trump Administration on Her Own Terms

‘A Strong Message in a Troubling Time.’ Staff at Denis Mukwege’s Congo Hospital Rejoice at Nobel Prize
“This is the moment we finally get to shine a big light on the abuses of rape in war.”

Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance Comes as Autocrats Are Growing Bolder in their Brutality
There’s increasing publicity to their impunity

Italy Puts Itself on a Collision Course With E.U. Leadership

Space Is Terrifying. Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle Prove It in Their New Movie

Lena Dunham’s Camping Is One Bad Trip

Samin Nosrat Is Taking the Home Cook Around the World

Ellie Kemper Discusses the Perks of Being a Redhead in Her New Book
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star on her new essay collection, befriending animals and the perks of being a redhead
2 | Conversation
4 | For the Record
5 | A new trade deal saves NAFTA
7 | Macedonia by any other name
8 | Why landlocked Bolivia needs access to the Pacific
10 | A Peruvian farmer fights climate change- in a German court
12 | TIME with . . . actor Robert Redford
14 | Indonesia’s deadly tsunami
17 | America’s longest war barely exists on social media
19 | Ian Bremmer: Brazil will survive its election
19 | Quick Talk with Donna Strickland, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics
20 | What America Heard
27 | 50 Genius Companies
42 | Self-Defense
47 | Beautiful Boy puts a real face on addiction
50 | Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner’s latest: The Romanoffs
52 | 6 Questions for historian Ramachandra Guha
Oct 8, 2018 Vol 192 No 14

Can American Men and Women Ever Really Be Equal?

At the U.N. General Assembly, President Trump Widened the Rift With Europe Over Iran

China and the Vatican Reach a Deal in the Battle Over ‘Underground Bishops’

Bob Woodward Takes on Trump, and Is Worried About What He Has Found

‘This Is How Rats Work.’ Why Twitter’s Emphasis on Follower Counts Could Be Backfiring
As CEO Jack Dorsey hints that he’s rethinking the entire platform

Monica Lewinsky Was My Intern. Here’s Why the Women Making Accusations Against Brett Kavanaugh Give Me Hope
Even when the future can seem bleak

Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Fight Exposes Major Problems With the Nation’s Most Powerful Court
The battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is another blow to America’s third branch of government

Inside the Republican Plan to Win Hispanic Voters-And Battleground States
Republican Rick Scott is trying to win a key Senate race by wooing Latinos

Only Tiffany Haddish Could Make Night School Worth Watching

Bradley Cooper Was Afraid to Direct. Then He Found Lady Gaga
Bradley Cooper reimagines an iconic Hollywood story--and transforms Lady Gaga into a movie star

How Robyn Beat Depression to Make the Best Music of Her Career
”I’m so much more aware of how unstable the world is”

“Stories Remain Our Best Teachers of Empathy.  ” Khaled Hosseini on His New Book About Refugees
Sep 20, 2018 Vol 192 No 13

How Putin’s Oligarchs Got Inside the Trump Team

Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Confirmation Is Now the Ultimate Test of Political Power in 2018
Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation has become a parable of political power in 2018

Survivors Used #MeToo to Speak Up. A Year Later, They’re Still Fighting for Meaningful Change
#MeToo went viral one year ago, and now it’s clear that just listening to women is not enough

Movie Star Fan Bingbing’s Disappearance Raises Questions About the Chinese Justice System
China’s biggest star hasn’t been since in public since June

Hungary’s Viktor Orban Widens the Division Between E.U. Liberals and Hard-Liners

Massachusetts Suffered Its First Fatal Shark Attack in Decades. Here’s How Common They Really Are in the U.S.

How Whistleblower Christopher Wylie Is Seeking Redemption After Cambridge Analytica

How the Financial Crisis Undermined America’s Place Atop the Global Order

The Problem With Hurricane Storm Categories

Kate Atkinson’s WWII Spy Drama Is Fall’s Must Read Novel

Josh Groban Says Creating New Album Was Like ‘Exorcising a Demon’
The singer and actor is following up a long run on Broadway by keeping a foot in each camp, releasing a new original album, Bridges, and starring as Tony Jr. in Netflix’s The Good Cop--both out on Sept. 21.

Life Itself May Just Sap the Life Out of You

This Is What Zero-Waste Haute Cuisine Looks Like

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski On Women’s Empowerment Post #MeToo
Sep 24, 2018 Vol 192 No 12

Why Italy’s Matteo Salvini Is the Most Feared Man in Europe

Teaching Lessons

’I Work 3 Jobs And Donate Blood Plasma to Pay the Bills.・This Is What It’s Like to Be a Teacher in America

Why President Trump Is a Threat to GOP Senate Prospects

What to Know About Reported Meetings Between Trump Administration Officials and Venezuelan Coup Plotters
Venezuela’s leaders aren’t happy about it

’Already Dead to Us・ Why the Trump Administration Has a Problem with the International Criminal Court
The U.S. has a long history of opposing the Court

Burt Reynolds Was a Star With Nothing to Hide
Sexy-funny star

Statute-of-Limitation Laws Can Leave Few Choices for Child Sex-Abuse Victims. That’s Why These People Are Trying to Change Them

China May Meet Russia for War Games, But That Doesn’t Make Them Allies

Education Is a Top Issue in the Midterms

Scientists Are Developing New Ways to Treat Disease With Cells, Not Drugs
Scientists are developing new ways to treat disease with cells, not drugs

Fortnite Is a Huge Success ・And a Sign of What’s to Come in Gaming

In The Land of Steady Habits It’s Okay to Laugh When Life Is Bad

Blake Lively Is the Best Thing About the Silly Simple Favor

Way騁u Moore’s Debut Novel She Would Be King Finds Power in Africa

How Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty Pushes Her Out of Her Comfort Zone

Yo-Yo Ma Looks at Music Like It’s DNA
The legendary cellist on the purpose of his new global tour, why culture transcends borders and if he’d play for Donald Trump
Sep 17, 2018 Vol 192 No 11

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Care What You Think of Her. And She Isn’t Going Anywhere

Libya’s Recent Violence Is a Reminder the Country Is Still Badly Broken

Here Are the Catholic Church Politics Behind That Letter Calling on Pope Francis to Resign
”People are especially upset with the fact that Francis is opening the church on sexuality and homosexuality,” says one longtime Vatican watcher

J.K. Simmons Remembers the Humanity of Neil Simon’s Humor

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin Looks to Past Presidents for Lessons the World Could Use Right Now

Why Emerging Markets Are in Crisis Across the Globe

Washington Takes on the Threat of Big Tech

John McCain Was a Legend Even Before He Was a War Hero. His Legacy Is Vital in Today’s World
A remembrance from retired Admiral James Stavridis

Don’t Let the Loud Bigots Distract You. America’s Real Problem With Race Cuts Far Deeper
This hateful moment offers an opportunity for Americans to finally change our racist ways

Murphy Brown Is Back. And the Timing Couldn’t Be Better

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Is a Sweet, Smart Rom-Com

Paul McCartney’s Boundless Curiosity Is on Display on New Album Egypt Station

Best-selling Author Beth Macy: “We Need to Treat Addiction as the Medical Problem It Is”
Sep 3, 2018 Vol 192 No 9

How We Chose the 2018 World’s Greatest Places

Trump Is in Trouble. Here’s How Much Worse It Can Get

At the U.S. Border, an Invisible Wall Already Exists

Greece Enters Post-Bailout Era, But Has Little Else to Cheer

Measles Is Returning to a Range of Places - But Not for the Same Reasons

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu Remembers Kofi Annan

U.S. Open Champion Sloane Stephens Is Set to Defend Her Title-and Defy Her Critics

In a G-Zero World, We Need a Robust U.N. More Than Ever

The Power of Irrational, Unshakable Optimism In the ICU

What President Trump Reveals in His Allusions to Nixon and McCarthy

Peter Navarro Used To Be a Democrat. Now He’s the Mastermind Behind Trump’s Trade War

Jair Bolsonaro Loves Trump, Hates Gay People and Admires Autocrats. He Could Be Brazil’s Next President

People Are Now Taking Placebo Pills to Deal With Their Health Problems-And It’s Working

Troye Sivan Is the Perfect Pop Star for 2018

This New Novel Shines a Light on Student #MeToo Survivors

Two New Books to Help You Accept That No Parent Is Perfect

How Documentaries Became the Hottest Genre of the Summer

The Rom-Com Is Making a Comeback for All the Right Reasons

Ozark’s Jason Bateman On Being a TV Antihero
The Ozark star talks Season 2, taking the helm as a director and why he’s listening more
Aug 16, 2018 Vol 192 No 8

Crazy Rich Asians Is Going to Change Hollywood. It’s About Time

Idlib Could Be the Last Major Battlefield of the Syrian Civil War. But Assad Won’t Take It Easily

What to Know About China’s Crackdown on a Muslim Minority Group

How the Airline Worker Who Stole a Plane in Seattle Exposed a Security Risk

Turkey’s Erdogan Is in a No-Win Situation With Washington

No Matter Who Becomes Arizona’s Next Senator, Trump Has Already Won
In the contest to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate, The President has already won

Serena Williams Opens Up About Her Complicated Comeback, Motherhood And Making Time to Be Selfish
As her comeback reaches its biggest stage, the tennis icon opens up about motivation, insecurities and life as a working mom

Glenn Close Is One Step Closer to an Oscar With The Wife

3 Essential Books for Women Who’d Rather Go It Alone

False Prophets Come Under Fire in Two Timely Summer Novels

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Is the Perfect Millennial Take on Boy Meets Girl

Country Music Star Miranda Lambert Says She Has ‘Made a Career Based on Telling the Truth’
The outspoken country star on the importance of women’s voices, advice from Dolly Parton and why she still carries a handgun
Aug 20, 2018 Vol 192 No 7

Spike Lee Wants BlacKkKlansman to Wake America Up

Saudi Arabia Says It Wants to Modernize-But Criticism Still Strikes a Nerve

Daniel Boulud on How Jo・ Robuchon Shaped 20th Century Haute Cuisine

Stacey Cunningham, Head of the New York Stock Exchange, Talks History as She Changes It

The Real Reason Democracies Won’t Solve Their Immigration Problems

Trump Is Piling Sanctions on Iran. Here’s How the Tactic Could Backfire

How Your Brain Tricks You Into Believing Fake News
Bots and propagandists are just part of the problem. The bigger issue is your brain

Lowering Your Blood Pressure Could Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk, New Research Shows
A breakthrough study suggests that a lifestyle change may help ward off dementia

Mitski Is Here for the Outsiders in Music

Insecure Nails Millennial Malaise in a Standout Third Season

Why The Third Hotel Is Summer’s Creepiest Lost-Love Story

Ethan Hawke Refuses to Complain About Getting Older
The Oscar-nominated actor on directing movies, the state of modern romance and why he won’t whine about getting older
Jul 26, 2018 Vol 192 No 5

Europe Made Billions from Tourists. Now It’s Turning Them Away

Local News Is a Vital Resource-But It’s Disappearing Fast

Cuba Moves Away From its Communist Past and Toward a Modern Future

Jonathan Gold Celebrated How Food Shaped Community
Epicurean Angeleno

Antoine Fuqua Remembers the Storytelling Genius of Shinobu Hashimoto
Screen storyteller

Israel’s Netanyahu Takes a Page From the Authoritarian Playbook

Trump Has Made Iran Public Enemy No.1. How Far Will He Go?
As America’s long-running regional contest with Iran heats up, Trump and Tehran are fueling the fire with rhetoric, money and guns

Why TIME Created a Special Issue on the American South

My True South: Why I Decided to Return Home
Returning home to a place I love more than I loathe

Foreday in the Morning
Previously unpublished work from Southern poets

Memories From the South: Hunting Camp

Memories From the South: Waters of the Bayou

Memories From the South: Growing Up in a ‘Sundown Town’

Memories From the South: Jogging Through Paynes Prairie

Memories From the South: Doe’s Eat Place

Memories From the South: Fried Chicken on Race Day


Previously unpublished work from Southern poets

The South Could Mend America’s Divide-If It Reckons With Its Past
A chance to reshape American life

Why the Mississippi Remains the South’s Most Vital Artery
The Mississippi remains the South’s most vital artery

How Southern Food Has Finally Embraced Its Multicultural Soul
Southern food has finally embraced its multicultural soul

An Orchard at the Bottom of a Hill
Previously unpublished work from Southern poets

Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon Made the Buddy Comedy of Your Dreams

Privilege Takes Center Stage in Broadway’s Straight White Men

Mission: Impossible-Fallout May Be the Best Since the Original

The Bloody Brilliance of Megan Abbott

Michiko Kakutani Is Fighting for Truth in a Post-Truth Era
Jul 30, 2018 Vol 192 No 4

Trump Wanted a Summit With Putin. He Got Way More Than He Bargained For

How the First Amendment Became a Tool for Deregulation

Haiti Gives the IMF a Fresh Lesson in the Value of Subsidies to the Poor

Nancy Barbato Sinatra Was the Steadying Force Behind the Voice
The steadying force behind the Voice

How Tech Insider Chamath Palihapitiya Wants to Disrupt Silicon Valley

The E.U. Looks to China to Shield Itself From the Fallout of Trump’s Trade War

Vladimir Putin Set a Trap for Robert Mueller in His Press Conference with Donald Trump
Trump called it an ”incredible offer.” But Putin’s plan to assist the Special Counsel pulls the probe onto territory he can control

NASA Could Have People Living on the Moon in 8 Years. And That’s Just the Beginning
Facing skeptics, NASA plans a return trip, with a still greater voyage to follow

Ivan Duque is Colombia’s Youngest President-Elect Ever. Now He Has to Fix the Divided Country
Iv疣 Duque won his country’s presidency by running against the peace deal he now has to fix

A New Stephen King Show Proves His Scariest Villain Has Been There All Along

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again Is Both Atrocious and Amazing

Blindspotting Takes a Hard Look at Race and Gentrification
Jul 23, 2018 Vol 192 No 3

For the Trump Administration, Reuniting Migrant Families Proves Easier Said Than Done

Landmark Peace Declaration Ends ‘State of War’ Between Ethiopia and Eritrea

Tab Hunter Was a Model Of Kindness in Hollywood

Lei Jun Wants to Be China’s Answer to Steve Jobs. But Trump’s Trade War Is Getting In His Way

Iconic Parisian Bistros Are Under Threat. Can They Be Saved?
After the 2015 Paris attacks, bistros became a symbol of the city’s resilience. Now, they’re disappearing

When It Comes to Breastfeeding, This Is Why Women Never Feel Like They’re Right
’We’re overwhelmed and paralyzed by the debates about what’s best’

The United Kingdom’s ‘Brexit Dream’ has Become a Waking Nightmare

How Brett Kavanaugh Could Change the Supreme Court-and America
How Brett Kavanaugh could change America

It’s Naive to Think a Conservative Supreme Court Wouldn’t Target Roe v. Wade
Roe is already a shell of itself

Brett Kavanaugh Will Right the Course of the Supreme Court
’His legal opinions are unusually accessible. He is a magnanimous soul.’

Democracy Isn’t Perfect, But It Will Still Prevail
Mass migration, terrorism and economic woes are fueling authoritarians around the world. NATO’s former Supreme Allied Commander on why government of, by and for the people will win again

How One Industrial City Is Fighting to Go Green

How Bo Burnham Turns Anxiety Into a Work of Art

Dwayne Johnson Scales New Heights in Skyscraper

HBO’s Robin Williams Doc Peeks Inside the Late Star’s Mind

Why Ottessa Moshfegh Is One of the Best Novelists of the Summer

‘I Knew Everything About Him.’ An Obama White House Staffer on What It Was Like to Work For the Former President

To Understand Russia, Read A Terrible Country

The World’s Best Female Chef on Catering the Royal Wedding, Defending British Cuisine and Training the Next Generation
The Northern Irish chef on being named Best Female Chef, underrated British cuisine and catering Meghan and Harry’s wedding
Jun 28, 2018 Vol 192 No 2

Is the End of Saudi Arabia’s Driving Ban a Rebrand or a Revolution?

Land Conflict Has Long Been a Problem in Nigeria. Here’s How Climate Change Is Making It Worse

What Does the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Travel Ban Really Say?

Melania Trump Is Redefining One of the World’s Weirdest Jobs

Remembering Conservative Thinker Charles Krauthammer, 68

Why Turkish President Erdogan Is Not as All-Powerful as He Seems

With Justice Kennedy Gone, It’s Trump’s Court Now
The unpredictable Anthony Kennedy’s retirement presages a more conservative era on the Supreme Court

21 Americans With Opposing Views on Guns Sat Down to Talk to Each Other. Here’s What They Discovered

Life in the Most Polluted Capital in the World

The Doctor Who Discovered Lead in Flint’s Water on What Went Wrong and How to Fix It

The pediatrician who revealed that Flint had lead in its water has a new book about what went wrong and how to fix it
Jul 2, 2018 Vol 192 No 1

Thailand’s Leader Promised to Restore Democracy. Instead He’s Tightening His Grip

A Reckoning After Trump’s Border Separation Policy: What Kind of Country Are We?
Trump’s brutal gambit at the border reflects a President uncomfortable with ideals

Trump Backed Down, But the Crisis at the Border Is Far From Over

A Jailed Kurdish Kingmaker Could Decide Turkey’s Future

Venus Williams Is Still in the Game-On and Off the Court

At Home and in Europe, Angela Merkel Is in Trouble

Vaping Is the New Smoking. Is That a Good Thing?

Ex-ICE Director: The Trump Administration’s Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy Is a Costly Distraction

Ben Rhodes: Amidst the Trump Administration’s Cruelty, America’s Story Must Win Out

Federal Judge: Why Americans Do Not Have the Legal High Ground on Immigration

I Was Detained in a U.S. Internment Camp. Here’s Why America’s Current Tragedies Have the Same Causes

Why the U.S. Should Prosecute Illegal Immigration as it Does Other Laws

Your Morning Cup of Coffee Is in Danger. Can the Industry Adapt in Time?
An industry unites to fight for endangered farms

Glow Fades But Stays Fun in Its Second Season

Spectacle of Jurassic World Leaves the Dinosaurs Behind

This Woman Went to Art School in Her 60s, Proving It’s Never Too Late to Pivot
Jun 25, 2018 Vol 191 No 24

This Is What Trump’s Impulsive Diplomacy Looks Like

Parents Are Facing a Nightmare at the U.S. Border

Clinging to Power Amid Violent Protests, Nicaragua’s President Faces a Crisis Point

What Does the Supreme Court’s Ohio Decision Mean for Voting Rights?

The Power Of David Douglas Duncan’s Photography

Kim Jong Un Is Showing the World Just How Much Power He Has

Ending War Games With South Korea Isn’t a ‘Stunning Concession.’ It’s the Best Thing to Come Out of the Summit So Far
War games are just a practice run for the mass murder of civilians, writes the head of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning anti-nuclear campaign.

‘It’s a Sea Change’ for Democratic Women in the Primaries
Why female candidates are dominating the 2018 Democratic primaries

Sarah Jessica Parker Is the Latest Celebrity to Start Her Own Book Imprint

Why Queer Eye Is More Vital Than Ever in Season Two

How Incredibles 2 Shows What It Means to Be Human

Hearts Beat Loud Is a Musical Tribute to a Father-Daughter Bond

Christina Aguilera Is Hitting the Reset Button on Her New Album Liberation

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The Japan Times Alpha(ジャパンタイムズアルファ)


目次: 今週号の主要コンテンツ

[Top News]
Massive volcano blast cuts off Tonga, triggers tsunamis

[Easy Reading]
Magawa, Cambodia’s landmine-sniffing ‘hero’ rat, dies in retirement, aged 8
地雷発見の英雄ネズミ マガワが死ぬ

[National News]
Disasters spurring support between prefectures

[World News]
Argentine towns sizzle in ‘hottest days in history’

[Science & Health]
Extremely hot every 2 years by 2030: study

Sony Music leads in support for artists’ mental well-being

[This Week’s OMG]
US cops ditched robbery call for Pokemon Go

今週は、世界屈指のトップブランド上り詰めたGUCCIの光と陰を描いた “House of Gucci”をお届けします。

[Center Spread]




日本の歴史を英語で説明できますか? この連載では毎回異なる歴史トピックを取り上げ、英語での伝え方を学びます。



[3-minute Reading With Kip]

[Describe This!]

今回は come to do(~するようになる)という表現に焦点を当てていきます。

やさしい英語の正しい使い方について学ぶコーナー。今月はよくある間違いを取り上げます。今週のテーマは” You”です。

[Crossword Puzzle]

[Life as an Expat]


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The Japan Times Alpha -- 英字新聞だから身につく 世界の視点、確かな英語力

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週刊英和新聞Asahi Weekly (朝日ウイークリー)


目次: 週刊英和新聞 Asahi Weekly (朝日ウイークリー)


This Week
On the Cover

No vax, No game

◇今週の注目記事 ================

◇Weekly Picks: コロナにもプラスの側面 増えた家族との時間

◇Special: 英文筆写のすすめ
本紙の人気連載「放課後ブッククラブ」の筆写・林剛司さんは、中学生の頃から英文の筆写と音読を続けているそうです。長年の経験に基づく効果的な筆写のポイントを、昨年秋に発売された朝日新聞社の「天声人語 書き写しノート 英訳版」を使って教えてくれました。

◇Movies: ロックフィールド 伝説の音楽スタジオ

◇Travel: ニューヨーク・マンハッタン タイムズスクエア
全米随一の繁華街を歩きます。「Crossroads of the World = 世界の交差点」と呼ばれるほど華やかですが、逆にニューヨークっ子からは敬遠されているようです。1920年代から興行の街として栄えましたが、大恐慌の影響で30年以降いかがわしいショーを売りものにする劇場が増え、一時はニューヨークで最も危険な場所の一つとされました。そんなこともあり、地元から敬遠される存在になったようです。90年代以降、市の取り締まりでそうした劇場は一掃され、現在のような観光客の集まる街となりました。





◆Phrase It Right 句動詞で話そう
口語英語の宝庫と言われる「句動詞」を、実用性の高い例文を使ったクイズ形式で学びましょう。句動詞とは、「動詞+前置詞」または「動詞+副詞」で構成され、ひとつの動詞として機能する熟語(イディオム)のこと。ラテン語やギリシャ語系の高尚な単語も重要ですが、基本動詞を使いこなすことが表現力アップにつながります。tolerate(耐え忍ぶ)⇒ put up with、confiscate(取り上げる)⇒ take away、acquiesce(黙諾する)⇒ give in のように、日常会話では同じ意味を表す別の難しい動詞があっても、句動詞の方が好まれます。英字新聞の記事にも頻出し、大学入試や各種検定試験対策にも有益です。

◆Listen & Write  英語耳を鍛えよう 

◆The Greenville Story やさしい単語で寸劇! 

◆On the Keyboard:  リレーエッセー

KEN’S ENGLISH INSTITUTE 代表の清水建二さんの名物コラムです。名詞を中心に、意味がよく似た単語の使い分けを解説します。冒頭にはクイズを用意し、各単語の特徴を説明しながら正解を示します。語源に関する簡潔な記述もあるので、単語の成り立ちを理解するのに便利です。記事の最後では、例文を通して取り上げた単語の違いが理解できるようになっています。今週号は「環境、状況」を取り上げます。


◆Lisa’s Wanderings Around Japan: 高野山(和歌山県)



◆Marty’s Playlist

◆Essay: Scatterbrain Diary




日本語ナビ付きでどんどん読める。レベル別で実力アップを実感。しかも面白い!初心者でも楽しく読める週刊英和新聞「朝日ウイークリー(Asahi Weekly)」

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The Japan Times / The New York Times Weekend Edition


目次: The Japan Times / The New York Times Weekend Edition
2022/01/15 No.43,590
The Japan Times section contents

・U.S. bases may be behind virus rise: foreign minister
・Virus puzzle may lie in intestines ほか

・More companies prod staff to work from home
・Uniqlo demand boosts profit for Fast Retailing ほか

・India eases COVID rules to free resources
・As famine stalks Afghanistan, West urged to help ほか

[Week in review]
・JR Tokai to offer rides on improved maglev train
・Ministries to support Japan’s growing number of young carers

・Beneath the surface: How sustainable are Japan’s iconic hot-spring resources?

・‘Drive My Car’ won a Golden Globe, could it also pick up an Oscar?

・Australia cancels Djokovic’s visa
・Ten-man Arsenal holds on for tie with Liverpool ほか

・TSE might not be ready for ‘prime’ time just yet

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1888年の創刊以来、世界180カ国1050万人に愛されている「NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC」英語版!!

  • 2019/09/01

  • 2019/08/01

  • 2019/07/01

  • 2019/06/01

  • 2019/05/01

  • 2019/04/01

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世界各国で発売されているReader’s Digestのアジア版は英文の洋雑誌です。

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英国The Economist(エコノミスト)


目次: The world this week

KAL’s cartoon

Government and business
Beware the bossy state
State intervention is being transformed. That won’t make it any more effective

British politics
Party animal
With Boris Johnson clinging on as prime minister, Britain is in for a rough ride

Schools and covid-19
Poor students
America’s educators have failed to learn from the safe opening of classrooms abroad

Russia and Central Asia
Central Asia will remain unstable, however many troops Russia sends

Stop inciting murder
The ruling party is unleashing forces it will not be able to control

Financial risk
A good idea, until it isn’t
Poorly understood cross-border capital flows pose a threat to stability


Letters to the editor
On the Republicans, Ukraine, gaming, running with bulls, corrugated iron, doors

Central Asia
Steppe in the dark
Kazakhstan’s bloody turbulence will affect all of Central Asia


Playing with fire
Wildlife trafficking
Some like it otter
Sri Lanka’s economy
Thanks, but no thanks
Treading water

Politics in 2022
All change, bar one
One accident away from disaster
United States

Law enforcement
Refunding the police
Foreign policy
Diplomacy minus diplomats
Biden’s judges
Filling the courts
Schools out
Classes cancelled
Buildings burning
Two tragedies, one explanation
The future of Austin
City limits
Death, taxes and a failing presidency
Middle East & Africa

Crossing the Mediterranean
An EU-funded horror story
Cycling in the Arab world
Make way
Happy Christmas, war is over?
Russia and Africa
Wagner, worse than it sounds
The Americas

Tech disruption
Silicon linings
Jair and balanced
Ice hockey
A puck in the teeth

Russia and the West
Teetering at the summit
France’s election
Unfashionably gauche
Christmas in Ukraine
Swimming with the Yuletide
The Netherlands
Unclogging Europe
Gas nightmares

Boris Johnson
Breaking bad
Energy and inflation
It’s not cheap being green
Coronavirus testing
Look away
Civil celebrants
Match and dispatch
Atlantic rainforest
The wood and the trees
Retail investment
Automatic for the people
What did you expect?

The point of tipping
Special report

Business and the state
The new interventionism
The new industrial policy
Return to picking winners
Competition policy
Antitrust redux
Government regulation
Rules just keep on growing
Corporate taxes
To tax or not to tax
The future
The liberal fightback
Sources and acknowledgments

The business of medicine
Move fast and heal things
Business in Germany
What the Mittelstand wants
The oil industry
The new great game
Of remote work and writing
Creative seduction
Finance & economics

Capital flows
Super savers
Atom and abroad
America’s consumers
Life after stimmy
Pensions in Germany
Aversion therapy
Sexagenarians and the City
Insurance in China
Taming tigers
Free exchange
Remote prospects
Science & technology

And now, stay tuned for the earthquake forecast
Climate change
Unfrozen North
The world’s biggest fish hatchery
Happy news
Omicron and immunity
The start of something new?
Books & arts

Art in Japan
By the people, for the people
Hollywood legends
The defiant one
Germany after the second world war
Out of the abyss
Dystopian fiction
Who knows best?
Loudmouths and small voices
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets
Graphic detail

The economics of opportunity
Wages and places

Richard Leakey
Homo impatiens

参考価格: 1,234円 定期購読(学割2年(Online版付)プラン)なら1冊:925円

英国の世界に誇る知性『The Economist』。全体像を把握するには、より確かな視点が必要です。Economistは重要な問題に焦点を絞り、その全容を明らかにします。

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