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The world this week

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This week’s covers

Voting intentions
How to build a British voter
Labour is assembling an electoral coalition that is young and broad, but volatile too

How high can markets go?
A golden age for stockmarkets is drawing to a close
Share prices may be surging, but even AI is unlikely to drive a repeat of the past decade’s performance

A losing battle
Fentanyl cannot be defeated without new tactics
Suppression works even less well than with other narcotics

French politics
The perils of a Le Pen presidency
Even three years out, the prospect is alarming

Don’t seize: capitalise
How to put Russia’s frozen assets to work for Ukraine
Exploit them to the full, but legally

One nation under Modi
To see India’s future, go south
The country’s regional division could make it—or break it

How tyranny travels
Autocracies are exporting autocracy to their diasporas
The new danger from transnational repression


On Britain’s armed forces, cousins, business in Italy, private-equity backed insurance, age, Terry Pratchett
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

Russia after Navalny
A former political prisoner on how the West should honour Alexei Navalny’s legacy
India’s election
Ashoka Mody argues that India is stunted by a lack of moral leadership

Relentless reaper
America’s ten-year-old fentanyl epidemic is still getting worse
The government is spending record amounts, just to slow its growth

India’s north-south divide
Inside Narendra Modi’s battle to win over the south
The actual opposition?
Massive farmers’ protests are a headache for Narendra Modi
What will Prabowo Subianto’s foreign policy look like?

The Chinese diaspora
Living outside China has become more like living inside China
China tells bankers to be more patriotic
United States

In vitro veritas
IVF is a slam-dunk issue for Democrats. Abortion may not be
The economics of skiing in America
Commitment phobia
Does Joe Biden’s re-election campaign have a Gaza problem?
Answers that raise questions
Is Google’s Gemini chatbot woke by accident, or by design?
Cobalt blues
A millennial is building America’s first nickel-cobalt refinery
Vladimir Putin hardly needs to interfere in American democracy

Middle East & Africa

Dreaming of Dubai
Africa’s tiger economy is shot
Fresh blood, same problems
The Palestinians’ new prime minister faces a nightmare
The beginning of the end
As Iran scares the Middle East, at home its regime rots
The Americas

Bringing back Brazil
Lula’s gaffes are dulling Brazil’s G20 shine
The switcheroo
The former president of Honduras is tried for drug trafficking
Kicking back
Argentina’s football clubs are resisting privatisation

France’s National Rally
How Marine Le Pen is preparing for power
Friendly fire
France and Germany are at loggerheads over military aid to Ukraine
Get off the fence
Europe hopes barbed wire will keep migrants out. It won’t
After the war
Azerbaijan is racing to rebuild in recaptured Nagorno-Karabakh
Within range
Kharkiv is struggling under Russian rocket attacks
Is Europe’s stubby skyline a sign of low ambition?

Psephological profiling
A changing British electorate is propelling Labour towards victory
Own goals
English football’s financial fracas
Local politics
The institution that taught Margaret Thatcher about politics
Just add water
More than half of Britain’s ponds have disappeared
Speaker Hoyle and the strange politics of human resources

Surviving in a multipolar world
Africa is juggling rival powers like no other continent

Meet your new copilot
How businesses are actually using generative AI
The meaning of Mistral
Meet the French startup hoping to take on OpenAI
Divestment dilemmas
Western multinationals’ Russian dilemmas
Why you should lose your temper at work
Barrelling along
Can whisky conquer Chinese palates?
Motor no-shows
Car shows in the West are in terminal decline
How Argentine businessmen size up Javier Milei
Finance & economics

Fly up to the sky
Stockmarkets are booming. But the good times are unlikely to last
Too efficient
Are passive funds to blame for market mania?
Stakeholders at the gate
Activist investing is no longer the preserve of hedge-fund sharks
Still coupled
How Trump and Biden have failed to cut ties with China
Uranium prices are soaring. Investors should be careful
Free exchange
What do you do with 191bn frozen euros owned by Russia?
Science & technology

Silicon dreamin’
AI models make stuff up. How can hallucinations be controlled?
A kiss and a cure
Scientists want to tackle multiple sclerosis by treating the kissing virus
At the heart of the battery revolution
A variety of new batteries are coming to power EVs
Your brain on music
Why recorded music will never feel as good as the real thing

Money and the arts
Britain’s arts still dazzle the world
Back Story
“The Picture of Dorian Gray” points to the future of theatre
An artist’s artist
Why did a once-revered painter, Frans Hals, fall out of favour?
Cartoon gloom
“Palestine”, an old graphic novel, is making a comeback
Colour by numbers
Can a dozen shipwrecks tell the history of the world?
Go big or go home
Cinemas may be dying. But IMAX and the high end are thriving
The Economist reads

The Economist reads
What to read to understand cyber-security
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets

His old enemy
Robert Badinter persuaded France to abolish the guillotine
The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s cover

Caught between Putin and Trump
Russian aggression and American wavering reveal how ill-equipped Europe is

Held in suspense
Do not expect America’s interest rates to fall just yet
The risk of a second wave of inflation remains too great

Weapons of misconstruction
Sanctions are not the way to fight Vladimir Putin
There is no substitute for military aid to Ukraine

Let them dig
The world needs more critical minerals. Governments are not helping
Just obtaining a permit takes a remarkably long time

Stop the war
How to prevent another catastrophic regional war in Congo
The world needs to press Rwanda to pull back its forces


On HS2, data centres, Vladimir Putin, the FHLB, academic research, the Holocaust, prosthetic limbs, animals on a plane
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

The Middle East
Oman’s foreign minister calls for an emergency peace conference
Artificial intelligence and copyright
Don’t give AI free access to work denied to humans, argues a legal scholar

Present at the destruction
Can Europe defend itself without America?
It would need to replace military aid, a nuclear umbrella and leadership

Uncharitable India
India’s civil society is under attack
Feral ponies
How wild horses sparked a culture war in Australia
Gender relations
Japanese men have an identity crisis
Thai politics
Thaksin Shinawatra joins Thailand’s establishment
How independent is India’s Supreme Court?

America’s election, viewed from Beijing
How scared is China of Donald Trump’s return?
Science fiction
Why fake research is rampant in China
Enter the loong
A nationalist effort to rebrand the Chinese dragon
Xi Jinping plays social engineer
United States

The Trump trials
Why those who wish to see Trump jailed soon will be disappointed
Voters’ views
How might Donald Trump’s trials sway voters?
From sand to sea
Does the American army’s future lie in Europe or Asia?
Counting canines
These American cities are obsessed with dogs
The flaws that China’s chief ideologue found in America

Middle East & Africa

On the brink
Congo’s M23 rebellion risks sparking a regional war
Pub brawl
The booze industry reveals a lot about Kenya
A boost to democracy
Senegal’s judges stand up for the constitution
Israel’s ultra-Orthodox
Ultra-Orthodox Israelis’ refusal to fight is a growing problem for Netanyahu
Gaza’s devastated health system
The wrecking of Gaza’s health system goes beyond its hospitals
Saudi’s booze-free bars
Bar culture has arrived in Saudi Arabia, albeit without the booze
The Americas

Lessons from Lima
What Javier Milei could learn from Peru’s economic successes
Ongoing injustice
Jovenel Moïse’s widow is accused of being party to his murder

Two years on
Vladimir Putin has been fighting not just Ukraine, but his own people
After two years of war, Ukrainians are becoming pessimistic
The Kremlin’s cross-hairs
Towns in eastern Ukraine fear they will be Russia’s next target
Ploughshares into swords
How Boris Pistorius is transforming the German armed forces
Europe’s generosity to Ukrainian refugees is not so welcome—in Ukraine

Lifting sands
Can run-down Blackpool turn itself around?
Tax advice
A memo to Britain’s chancellor, Jeremy Hunt
Higher education and race
Some British universities have become remarkably racially diverse
Look north
A northern mayor’s left-wing challenge to Labour
How working from home is reshaping Canary Wharf
Sir Keir Starmer: bureaucrat first, politician second

From Russia without love
Russian spies are back—and more dangerous than ever
1843 magazine

Life and death in Putin’s gulag

In a hole
Why the world’s mining companies are so stingy
Through the looking glass
The world’s biggest maker of spectacles wants to be a tech firm
Flagging business
Why does landlocked Eswatini have a ship registry?
The making of a PowerPoint slide
Silicon Valley sobriety
The age of the unicorn is over
A tale of two chip factories
TSMC is having more luck building in Japan than in America
Is running a top university America’s hardest job?
Finance & economics

Gaps in the fence
Russia outsmarts Western sanctions—and China is paying attention
Pick your poison
Europe faces a painful adjustment to higher defence spending
Should you put all your savings into stocks?
In the nick of time
As the Nikkei 225 hits record highs, Japan’s young start investing
Time to splurge
Gucci, Prada and Tiffany’s bet big on property
Free exchange
Trump wants to whack Chinese firms. How badly could he hurt them?
Science & technology

PINS and needles
Long covid is not the only chronic condition triggered by infection
Sweet science
New treatments are emerging for type-1 diabetes
Echoes of the past
Radio telescopes could spot asteroids with unprecedented detail
Spoiler alert
The challenges of steering a hypersonic plane

The war score
How Ukraine’s fortunes have ebbed
Flower power
The history of the opium trade helps explain the modern world
Aural history
Podcasts got their name 20 years ago this month
The lives of others
Is everything you assumed about the Middle Ages wrong?
Escape to “Dalifornia”
Growing numbers of Chinese are escaping urban life for rural peace
Good optics
Refik Anadol’s use of AI has made him the artist of the moment
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets

Better Russia, where are you?
Alexei Navalny didn’t just defy Putin—he showed up his depravity
The right goes gaga: Meet the Global Anti-Globalist Alliance

The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s cover

The right
The growing peril of national conservatism
It’s dangerous and it’s spreading. Liberals need to find a way to stop it

Prepare for President Trump
Europe must hurry to defend itself against Russia—and Donald Trump
The ex-president’s invitation to Vladimir Putin to attack American allies is an assault on NATO. Ultimately, that is bad for America

Decline and fall
Pakistan is out of friends and out of money
A botched election and an economic crisis show how low it has fallen

A shock to the system
A new answer to the biggest climate conundrum
Will electrification of industry live up to its promise?

Silicon rally
As San Francisco builds the future of technology, can it rebuild itself?
People feared a doom loop. Reality has been more surprising

America’s shadow central banks
Another bank subsidy America should kill off
The Federal Home Loan Banks offer loans to Wall Street that are too cheap

The ur-snafu
How not to do a megaproject
The lessons of HS2 for Britain and beyond


On export controls on China, charter schools, council tax, Ukraine, DEI, Peter Schickele, common sense
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

Politics and ageing
David Owen argues that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both too old to be president
Corporate culture
Two experts predict AI will transform companies’ understanding of themselves

Nationalists of the world, unite!
“National conservatives” are forging a global front against liberalism
The alliance may be incoherent, but that does not make it harmless

The burning question
First electric cars. Next, electric factories?
They could be a major new way to slow global warming

A historic shift
India’s unprecedented love-in with the Middle East
Junked bonds
India’s Supreme Court delivers a rare setback for Narendra Modi
File under F for “fiasco”
Pakistan’s voters tell the generals where to put it
General, elected
Prabowo Subianto will be Indonesia’s next president
Australia needs to rethink its approach to its Pacific island neighbours

China and the world
Xi Jinping’s paranoia is making China isolated and insular
Messy for Messi
Hong Kong is struggling to restore its image as a global city
Life’s a beach
China is trying to boost domestic tourism
How China stifles dissent without a KGB or Stasi of its own
United States

Racial progress in America
Black workers are enjoying a jobs boom in America
House of cowards
House Republicans fear Trump too much to aid Ukraine
All in the family
Cousin marriage is probably fine in most cases
Parler games
The far-right’s favoured social-media platform plots a comeback
Night court
The search for justice in America is not a nine-to-five job
Donald Trump’s tremendous love

Middle East & Africa

The next phase of the Gaza war
If Israel invades, hell looms in Rafah
The case against UNRWA
The real problem with the UN’s agency for Palestinians
Helping the bad guys
How Yemen’s dominant Houthis blackmail foreign aid agencies
South African politics
Is Julius Malema the most dangerous man in South Africa?
Taking credit
African governments return to international bond markets
Ukrainians in Sudan
Evidence mounts that Ukrainian forces are in Sudan
The Americas

The perils of Petrobras
Why Lula keeps meddling with Latin America’s top oil company
From model to muddle
Chile’s crisis is not over yet

How to spend it
The EU’s covid-19 recovery fund has worked, but not as intended
A new role
After Russia’s invasion the people of Bessarabia switched sides
A concrete wall
As Donald Trump threatens NATO, the Baltic states stiffen their defences
Back from the slagheap
As German industry declines, the Ruhr gives hope
Overcooked controversy
Europe decides it doesn’t like lab-grown meat before it’s tried it
How not to botch the upcoming EU leadership reshuffle

Getting nowhere fast
The horror story of HS2
Crime prevention
Why British police should focus on victims
Hotting up
Climate will be a battleground in Britain’s next election
Britain’s silver zones
How to live to one hundred
A life more ordinary
British lives are getting duller
Ban it harder! An unwelcome new trend in British politics
Roses are perishable
Love, frugality and home-grown flowers are in the air

Counting the votes
2024 is a giant test of nerves for democracy

Chipping in
China is quietly reducing its reliance on foreign chip technology
Tokyo Electrified
Japan’s semiconductor toolmakers are booming
Paramount’s paramours
Suitors are wooing Paramount
The super store
Why Costco is so loved
How to benefit from the conversations you have at work
Boxing match
How worried should Amazon be about Shein and Temu?
The row over US Steel shows the new meaning of national security
Finance & economics

Artificial intelligence
How San Francisco staged a surprising comeback
Investing in commodities has become nightmarishly difficult
Putting out fires
How the world economy learned to love chaos
Conflict trading
The Ukraine war offers energy arbitrage opportunities
American banks
Is working from home about to spark a financial crisis?
Free exchange
In defence of a financial instrument that fails to do its job
Science & technology

Lunar odyssey
A private Moon mission hopes to succeed where others have failed
Milk and two microbes
For the perfect cup of tea, start with the right bacteria
Shame, set and match
What tennis reveals about AI’s impact on human behaviour
JET off
A 40-year-old nuclear-fusion experiment bows out in style

Turkish delight
The third-largest exporter of television is not who you might expect
Indecipherable fingerprints
A secret room in Florence boasts drawings by Michelangelo
Laughing to tears
On “A Wonderful Country”, Israelis joke their way through trauma
Drugs, terms and steel
The Wa: the world’s biggest drug-dealers, with a tiny profile
Pen v plague
From Napoleon to Vladimir Putin, disease has shaped history
Back Story
The real message of Vladimir Putin’s chat with Tucker Carlson
The Economist reads

The Economist reads
What to read about Indonesia
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets
The Economist explains

The Economist explains
What is Russia’s mysterious new space weapon?
The Economist explains
How Ukraine sank the Caesar Kunikov—and is beating Russia at sea

A line through the jungle
Jack Jennings was one of the Allied POWs who built the Burma Railway
The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s covers

Weapons systems
Killer drones pioneered in Ukraine are the weapons of the future
They are reshaping the balance between humans and technology in war

China’s confidence shock
Has Xi Jinping lost control of the markets?
As a property crisis drags the economy into deflation, confidence is seeping away

The arsenal of hypocrisy
House Republicans are helping Vladimir Putin
Their cynicism over Ukraine weakens America and makes the world less safe

What happens when populists lose
Donald Tusk tries to restore Poland’s rule of law
Repairing the damage done by the last government will take grit and patience

Indonesia’s election
What Jokowi’s inglorious exit means for Indonesia
The outgoing president is playing kingmaker to a controversial ex-general


On China and Taiwan, royalty, artificial intelligence, activist investors, philanthropy, retirement
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

Indonesia’s election
A presidential candidate sees daunting challenges at home and abroad
Artificial intelligence and democracy
An AI-risk expert thinks governments should act to combat disinformation
A post-populist perspective
Kyriakos Mitsotakis on how to escape the grip of populism

Dissipating dreams
China’s well-to-do are under assault from every side
Their agonies at the hands of markets and the state will reshape the Chinese economy

Indonesian politics
A controversial general looks likely to be Indonesia’s next leader
Pay the writers
South Korea’s writers and directors play Squid Game
Force for change
Izumi Kenta wants to shake up Japan’s opposition
G’day, goodbye
Australia’s enthusiasm for immigration is being tested
Rule of Modi
Are India’s corruption police targeting Narendra Modi’s critics?
Singapore cracks down on Chinese influence

Spend more, please
Can China’s consumers save its economy?
Pay up
Protests are soaring, as China’s workers demand their wages
Shrouded in secrecy
An espionage case hurts Chinese relations with Australia
Xi Jinping’s chaos-loving friends
United States

Poll positions
Trump’s lead over Biden may be smaller than it looks
Deliberative or disgraced?
What the death of America’s border bill says about toxic congressional politics
Citizen Trump
A court rejects Donald Trump’s claim to absolute immunity
Shh! Legislation in progress
Congress might just pass an astonishingly sensible tax deal
Direct democracy
Florida too may have an abortion referendum in November
State attorneys-general are shaping national policy
This is not a story about Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl

Middle East & Africa

Antony Blinken’s shuttle diplomacy
Israel scorns America’s unprecedented peace plan
America’s reverse-Goldilocks strategy
Why Iran is hard to intimidate
Israel’s obstructive settlers
America is trying to peg Israel’s settlers back
House and home
How to house the world’s fastest-growing population
How to stay in power
Democracy is under attack in Senegal
The Americas

El Salvador
After Nayib Bukele’s crushing, unconstitutional victory, what next?
The C word
Mexico’s president and his family are fighting claims of corruption
Pensions bonanza
Andrés Manuel López Obrador splashes out as elections loom

A party in a death spiral?
A mounting crisis of confidence confronts Olaf Scholz
A moment in the sun
Madrid is booming. Growing while keeping its cool will be the tricky part
Silencing the Kremlin’s critics
Vladimir Putin extends his crackdown in Russia
Return of law
Poland is trying to restore the rule of law without violating it
Europe is importing a solar boom. Good news for (nearly) everyone

A pill wind
How Britain lost its war on drugs
Royal bodies
What Charles III’s illness says about monarchs and mortality
Not so soft
Britain’s economy will need rate cuts sooner rather than later
Eyes right
A tiny right-wing party tries to menace Britain’s Conservatives
Remembrance row
The controversy over Britain’s planned Holocaust memorial
Death to Britain, but not just yet
Iran is targeting its opponents in Britain
The former prime minister who fascinates the Labour Party

Discomfort level
America’s economy is booming. So why are bosses worried?
Out of the nick, in time
Samsung’s boss avoids prison, again
Team players
Media companies club together for a joint sport-streamer
Bittersweet life
Can Giorgia Meloni reinvigorate Italia SpA?
Fairness: the hidden currency of the workplace
Vladimir Putin wants to catch up with the West in AI
Musk v Zuckerberg: who’s winning?
Finance & economics

Fanning the flames
China’s stockmarket nightmare is nowhere near over
The dividend is back. Are investors right to be pleased?
Spring fever
Are NYCB’s troubles the start of another banking panic?
Capital punishment
Bankers have reason to hope Trump triumphs
Running out of road
The false promise of Indonesia’s economy
Free exchange
Universities are failing to boost economic growth
Science & technology

Ukraine’s drone war
How cheap drones are transforming warfare in Ukraine
Very small things
NASA’s PACE satellite will tackle the largest uncertainty in climate science
A long and winding road
The first endometriosis drug in four decades is on the horizon
They’re on a roll
Ancient, damaged Roman scrolls have been deciphered using AI
Baby AI
Scientists have trained an AI through the eyes of a baby

Chronicling the past
When is it too soon to write history?
Size doesn’t matter
Small, but mighty: how cuteness has taken over the world
Labour pains
Lessons for Keir Starmer from Britain’s first Labour government
Name that toon
Chinese animated films are booming
Back Story
The meaning of the hysteria over Taylor Swift
The Economist reads

The Economist reads
What to read about Pakistan
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets

Backwards up the Khyber
Rosemary Smith set out to prove that women drivers could do as well as men
The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s covers

The war between Israel and Hamas
How to end the Middle East’s agony
War is spreading across the region. There is an alternative

Online media
The end of the social network
As Facebook turns 20, social apps are being transformed

Financial crisis in Cairo
Egypt doesn’t deserve a bail-out, but should get one
The Middle East cannot afford the collapse of its most populous country

A charter for change
The evidence in favour of charter schools in America has strengthened
Meanwhile, both parties have run away from them

Beating retreat
How to fix British defence
It needs more money and more people, but also reform


On Europe’s single market, Israel and genocide, the death penalty, shipping sanctions, lawn bowls
Letters to the editor

Not posting, but watching
As Facebook turns 20, politics is out; impersonal video feeds are in
Social media are more popular than ever, but social networks are dying

On the rocks
Japan’s ruling party is in crisis
Dancing to victory
TikTok is a key battleground in Indonesia’s election
Counting cattle
The Hindu right’s pro-cow policies are terrible for India’s cows
Bihar blues
India’s opposition bloc disintegrates
Asia’s commercial heft helps keep Russia’s war economy going
Clean bowled
Imran Khan is convicted. Pakistan’s generals are content

Operation Sit Tight
Is China a winner from the Red Sea attacks?
One is not enough
Hong Kong gets a second draconian security law
Salvation lies within
Watching “The Shawshank Redemption” on stage in China
Hard times for China’s micro-industrialists
United States

Political orphans
Charter schools do things that all Democrats say they support
Fear and voting in Las Vegas
How Nevada’s Republicans made their primary irrelevant
The Lake tape
A leaked recording shakes up the Republican Party in Arizona
Lactose laws
Dunkin’ faces a moo-ving class-action suit from the lactose intolerant
Grab him by the purse
Donald Trump is ordered to pay for his bullying
The insecure security secretary
Why not impeach everyone?
How to overcome the biggest obstacle to electric vehicles
Middle East & Africa

Gaza and its reverberations
America’s shuttle diplomacy to wind down the war in Gaza
Egypt’s economic woes
The war in Gaza is exacerbating Egypt’s economic collapse
The United Nations and Gaza
Did UN workers participate in the October 7th attacks?
Hunger returns
Northern Ethiopia is again sliding into starvation
Disunity in west Africa
Three countries hit by coups are leaving west Africa’s main bloc

The Americas

Autocratic tactics
Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela’s dictator, thumbs his nose at Joe Biden
All eyes on Five Eyes
Did spies from China, India and Russia meddle in Canada’s elections?
5,000 tax rates and counting
Can Lula fix Brazil’s fiscal mess?

Trouble at the top
The feud between Ukraine’s president and army chief boils over
A tame candidate turns a little wild
Meet Boris Nadezhdin, Vladimir Putin’s brave challenger
Still sovereign
Meet the Knights of Malta
F-16s, by any means
Sweden clears a Turkish hurdle to NATO accession
The war on the waves
Russia is losing the battle for the Black Sea
Europe’s grumpy farmers are a symptom of wider malaise

Losing muscle
Britain’s armed forces are stretched perilously thin
Ever closer?
Labour wants to make Brexit work better. What does the EU think?
The power comes back on
Northern Ireland gets its government back
As prescribed
The pharmacist will see you now
The charge is sputtering
EV sales in Britain are disappointing expectations
The search for Conservative Party unity

Combat in orbit
War in space is no longer science fiction
Technology Quarterly

The foundations of the cloud
Users of the internet need not think about its physical underpinnings
Towers of glass and steel
Advances in physical storage and retrieval made the cloud possible
The edge of tomorrow
The internet got better and faster by moving data closer to users
The internet and climate change
Data centres improved greatly in energy efficiency as they grew massively larger
The physical borders of the digital world
Satellites offer an important alternative to the wired internet
Securing the cloud’s future
The internet is integrated into virtually every aspect of life
The physical internet
Sources and acknowledgments

After the iPhone
Apple’s Vision Pro headset ushers in a new era of personal technology
The AI-chip race
Could AMD break Nvidia’s chokehold on chips?
Pseudo-heir apparent
Many family firms lack heirs. Unrelated help is at hand
High rollers
Rolls-Royce goes electric—in style
Gas gaffe
Joe Biden’s limits on LNG exports won’t help the climate
Jürgen Klopp and the importance of energy
How much should TikTok fear a resurgent Donald Trump?
Finance & economics

The octogenarian radical
What four more years of Joe Biden would mean for America’s economy
Bitcoin ETFs are off to a bad start. Will things improve?
Game changing
China’s leaders are flailing as markets drop
Never grand
Evergrande’s liquidation is a new low in China’s property crisis
Prices and wages
Your pay is still going up too fast
Free exchange
Biden’s chances of re-election are better than they appear
Science & technology

Embodying the future
Why prosthetic limbs need not look like real ones
Medicine and dementia
Alzheimer’s disease may, rarely, be transmitted by medical treatment
Hazy figuring
AI could accelerate scientific fraud as well as progress
Bloodhounds of the sea
Why some whales can smell in stereo

Write on
Authors are collaborating with AI—and each other
So long, Hong Kong
A row over the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a window on China
Bad sport
The violence of “Power Slap” is part of its allure
Secrecy and sketchiness in art
The Sotheby’s trial revealed the art market’s unsavoury practices
Dance like nobody’s watching
Martha Graham’s life tracked the jumps and dips of modern dance
Back Story
A new “Mr & Mrs Smith” is about more than action, money and sex
The Economist reads

The Economist reads
What are (some of) the best comic novels?
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets
The Economist explains

The Economist explains
Did an Israeli hospital raid breach the laws of war?
The Economist explains
What on earth is happening in Poland?

The short-tempered klavier
Peter Schickele and P.D.Q. Bach were sides of the same coin
The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s covers

Chaos—or opportunity?
Donald Trump is winning. Business, beware
What a second term would mean for American business and the economy

Hindu nationalism
Narendra Modi’s illiberalism may imperil India’s economic progress
Fulfilling his great-power dream requires restraint, not abandon

Bagehot weeps
How America accidentally made a free-money machine for banks
The Federal Reserve should switch it off

Show trial
Charging Israel with genocide makes a mockery of the court
And it diverts attention from the real humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Pics and it didn’t happen
AI-generated content is raising the value of trust
Who did the posting will soon matter more than what was posted


On Joe Biden, migrants, green data, electrifying heat, wine, meeting rooms
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

The war in Ukraine
Ukraine’s chief spy argues that its security deal with Britain is a game-changer
Pakistan’s election
A former ambassador argues that Pakistan needs a new political compact

Invincible Indian
Narendra Modi’s electoral juggernaut looks unstoppable
But Indian democracy is stronger than it seems

Democracy island
Defying China, Taiwan elects William Lai Ching-te as president
Killing fields
Cambodia’s genocide is still hurting its people
Housewives and work
Married women in Japan are re-entering the labour market
North Korean belligerence
The Korean peninsula is as divided as ever
How Hindu is India’s foreign policy?

Crime and punishment
Why China’s government is hushing up court rulings
Survey says
China’s leaders are less popular than they might think
Step aside, Ronald
How China is making the burger its own
How China’s public views Taiwan’s elections
United States

The mood thing
Why are Americans so gloomy about their great economy?
Hope springs ephemeral
How did the Iowa result change the Republican primary?
Iowa’s hidden hints
Where Donald Trump still looks vulnerable
Crashing truths
Why car insurance in America is actually too cheap
Over the wall
America’s southern border has become a global crossroads
Finding the votes
The election in Georgia could be as pivotal as it was four years ago
It’s not the Trump Party quite yet

Middle East & Africa

How Israel has changed
After it ends, the war in Gaza will still continue to shape Israel
How Israel’s Arabs see themselves
Even as war rages in Gaza, Israel’s Arabs are feeling more Israeli
Sea change
Joe Biden puts the Houthis back on America’s baddies list
Insecurity in Nigeria
Kidnappers are wreaking havoc in Nigeria
Solving Sudan
Why diplomacy over Sudan, Africa’s enduring nightmare, is stuck
The Americas

Milei vs the caste
The fightback against Javier Milei’s radical reforms has begun
Reaping what you sow
Wild boar hybrids are raising hell on the Canadian prairies
Accelerated ageing
Plunging fertility rates are creating problems for Latin America

Can Europe arm Ukraine—or even itself?
Trip out of hell
A new therapy for Ukraine’s scarred soldiers: ketamine
Reining in the reindeer
Russia’s war is splitting the indigenous Sami in two
Ungainly Spain
Spain shows regional nationalists make bad coalition partners
O partigiano
Kin of Italian victims of Nazis may finally get compensation
Europe’s monarchies are a study in dignified inanity

Still troubled
Northern Ireland’s peace process is not over
Getting verse
Britain has seen an alarming rise in poetry sales
Rishi Sunak’s pyrrhic victory on Rwanda
Human says no
Britain’s Post Office scandal is a typical IT disaster
Constituency cartography
The map for the next British election has been redrawn
Notes on a scandal
Britain tries to correct the treatment of gender-dysphoric kids
Scottish nationalism’s left turn

Israel in the dock
The genocide case Israel faces is more about politics than the law
On the bench
Israel’s judge in The Hague is its government’s bogeyman

Duck and cover
Many CEOs fear a second Trump term would be worse than the first
Hardly PAC-ed to the rafters
Donald Trump’s populism is turning off corporate donors
Fiscal Trumponomics
Donald Trump’s tax cuts would add to American growth—and debt
The Sam and Satya show
The bosses of OpenAI and Microsoft talk to The Economist
Cross-strait squeeze
China may be losing its sway over Taiwanese business
Companies run to their own annual rhythms
Amer’s American dream
Can Arc’teryx’s owner revive Chinese IPOs in America?
Big by design
A $35bn mega-merger strengthens a quiet chip duopoly
Why BlackRock is betting billions on infrastructure
Finance & economics

Of money and Modi
How strong is India’s economy under Narendra Modi?
Global monetary policy
The countries which raised rates first are now cutting them
Follow that!
Ted Pick takes charge of Morgan Stanley
The turn of the screw
Australian houses are less affordable than they have been in decades
Double dip
China’s population is shrinking and its economy is losing ground
Wall Street is praying firms will start going public again
The fallout
The Middle East faces economic chaos
Free exchange
What economists have learnt from the post-pandemic business cycle
Science & technology

More bucks for bigger bangs
The Pentagon is hurrying to find new explosives
A slippery concept
Common sense is not actually very common
Fake-news news
Many AI researchers think fakes will become undetectable
Mass production?
Researchers in China create the first healthy, cloned rhesus monkey

In your face
The rise of foul-mouthed female slam poets in Africa
Diary of a bad year
A tougher sentence for Hitler in 1923 could have changed history
Copy wrongs
A new book looks at the past and future of copyright
Back Story
How should cinema tackle the horror of the Holocaust?
Live music
Does Las Vegas’s Sphere reveal the future of concerts?
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets

From boys to men
Elmore Nickleberry pinned his hopes to Martin Luther King
The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s covers

The Chinese EV onslaught
An influx of Chinese cars is terrifying the West
But it should keep its markets open to cheap, clean vehicles

Red Sea, Black Sea, South China Sea
America fights back
The war against the Houthis is part of an escalating struggle for the seas

The hole at the heart of the old continent
Why Olaf Scholz is no Angela Merkel
Germany is unable and unwilling to lead Europe

Business and the culture wars
How to cut through the cacophony over DEI
Outrage on right and left obscures both the costs of DEI and the benefits of diversity

Just sign the cheque
“No-strings giving” is transforming philanthropy
The rich can donate their money quickly and wisely


On America’s media, behavioural economics, Azerbaijan, London, military beards, forecasting
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

Taiwan’s election
Questions about China dominate Taiwanese elections, says Nathan Batto

The car east
Western firms are quaking as China’s electric-car industry speeds up
Expertise in batteries and a vast domestic market give Chinese firms an edge

Beyond infrastructure
South-East Asia learns how to deal with China
Thumb on the scales
Women’s (in)justice in India
Beach bummer
India bridles at China’s growing presence in South Asia
Sheikh, rattle and roll
Bangladesh’s prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, wins a fifth term
The favourite in Indonesia’s presidential election has a sordid past

Getting soft
Xi Jinping is struggling to stamp out graft in the PLA
Trading threats
China heaps pressure on Taiwan ahead of a big election
No laughing matter
A comical effort by China’s intelligence agency
Nostalgia for China’s boom years drives a TV hit
United States

First dance, and maybe the last one too
Donald Trump’s Iowa operation suggests his campaign will be formidable
Fed herring
The US Supreme Court is primed to recalibrate government power
Hospital pass
Joe Biden’s disappearing defence secretary
NRA on trial
A lawsuit in New York may shake things up at the NRA
Ya got trouble
Broadway is struggling to find its rhythm after the pandemic
Ron DeSantis has some lessons for America’s politicians

Middle East & Africa

Inside the strip
Just how bad is it in Gaza?
The hub that once was Gaza
Under a real peace deal, Gaza could be an intercontinental crossroads
The dilemmas multiply
Israel has yet to destroy even half of Gaza’s tunnels
Struggling comrades
South Africa’s support for the Palestinian cause has deep roots
Blight of the Satellites
Can satellite cities help solve Africa’s urbanisation challenges?
The Americas

Cocaine-fuelled chaos
How Ecuador became Latin America’s deadliest country
Dire straits
The dwindling of the Panama Canal boosts rival trade routes
A new model for Central America?
Guatemala’s new president promises a better sort of government

A new pecking order
Who is in charge of Europe?
Meet a mini-Macron
The president appoints modern France’s youngest prime minister
Red, black and kaleidoscopic
Germany’s new party on the far left may eat into the far right
Laughter and fear
Ukrainian stand-up comedy has seen a renaissance during the war
How the spirit of Jacques Delors might be rekindled

Rest in pieces
The housing ladder, 1950-2005
A typically British way to smooth handovers of power
Justice in the mail
Britain’s worst miscarriage of justice sparks outrage at last
The Notional Health Service
Britain’s health-care system looks rather as it did in the 1930s
Wales wants to be more like Scandinavia
This sectored isle
Counting Britain’s beauties and leech-bleeders
Keir Starmer, Reform UK and Britain’s populist paradox

Gun, boat, diplomacy
Welcome to the new era of global sea power
Special report

Move fast and mend things
The super-rich are trying new approaches to philanthropy
Power to the people
No-strings philanthropy is giving charities more decision-making power
Cut out the middle man
GiveDirectly does what it says on the tin
Giving it away
A growing industry is emerging to make philanthropy simpler
Asian values
Philanthropy in Asia is becoming more professional
Nerds and cool kids
The “effective altruism” movement is louder than it is large
A mixed bag
The future of philanthropy will involve a mix of different approaches
Sources and acknowledgments

Silicon lowlands
Does Europe at last have an answer to Silicon Valley?
Labour’s love lost
German farmers and train drivers are scaring the country’s bosses
The other Saudi gold
Saudi Arabia wants to be the Saudi Arabia of minerals
Negative spillovers
Is Harvard Business School too woke?
Can’t exit emergency
Faulty door plugs open old wounds at Boeing
When your colleagues are also your rivals
AI can transform education for the better
Finance & economics

Steel yourself
Xi Jinping risks setting off another trade war
Changes unseen
A guide to the Chinese Communist Party’s economic jargon
Bottle job
Will spiking shipping costs cause inflation to surge?
Bill Ackman provides a lesson in activist investing
Doesn’t compute
What happened to the artificial-intelligence investment boom?
Free exchange
Has Team Transitory really won America’s inflation debate?
Science & technology

Slippers in the Oval Office
Heart attacks, strokes, dementia—can Biden and Trump beat the odds?
Power prose
Simine Vazire hopes to fix psychology’s credibility crisis
Climate change
2023 was the hottest year ever
Sharing the skies
Wind turbines are friendlier to birds than oil-and-gas drilling
A lift off and a loss
An American rocket has a fine debut; not so the Moon lander on board

Treasure quest
Inside the hunt for Ukraine’s stolen art
Classical music and conflict
Two Arab-Israeli musical initiatives reckon with the war in Gaza
Mighty minnows
What adroit small countries can teach the rest of the world
Earthly powers
A new book paints a damning portrait of America’s evangelicals
Superhero films
Marvel seems to be losing its powers
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets
The Economist explains

The Economist explains
How the Iowa caucuses are changing in 2024
The Economist explains
Can Ukrainian drone attacks hurt Russia?

Wind, sand and stars
Mike Sadler guided the first SAS raiders through the North African desert
The world this week

The world this week
KAL’s cartoon
This week’s cover

Roadworthy in ’24?
The man supposed to stop Donald Trump is an unpopular 81-year-old
In failing to look past Joe Biden, Democrats have shown cowardice and complacency

Mayhem in the Middle East
Binyamin Netanyahu is botching the war. Time to sack him
To be safe, Israel needs new leadership

Is America’s raging bull market exhausted, or taking a breath?
Investors have a slight hangover

Towering ambition
Can India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia be the next great economies?
Several countries are making bold—and risky—bets on growth

Is Putin winning?
How backing Ukraine is key to the West’s security
And why its leaders need to start saying so


On income inequality, Russia and Denmark, mental health, Mondays
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

Imran Khan warns that Pakistan’s election could be a farce
Taiwan’s election
Taiwan’s foreign minister on what’s at stake in the coming election

Biden or bust
Joe Biden’s chances do not look good. The Democrats have no plan B
It is too late to hold a competitive primary to allow a better candidate to emerge

Turning unPacific?
America braces for Taiwan’s election—and vice versa
Going for the jugular
Lee Jae-myung, South Korea’s opposition leader, survives a stabbing
Off to a dire start
A major earthquake in Japan highlights the country’s resilience
Powering down
The energy transition could make India even more unequal
Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s prime minister, is wasting his opportunity

Here be dragons
Xi Jinping and China face another tough year
China is going downhill
Millions of Chinese have embraced skiing
For China, Taiwan’s elections are a looming crisis
United States

SCOTUS and voters
A clash over Trump’s disqualification tests the Supreme Court
Handle with care
American pollsters aren’t sure they have fixed the flaws of 2020
The Gay divorce
The decline and fall of Harvard’s president
Do not despair
The deaths-of-despair narrative is out of date
How to win the culture war

Middle East & Africa

Israel’s northern front
Another war could break out on the Israel-Lebanon border
No relief
War, hunger and disease stalk Gaza’s 2.2m people
The constitutional crisis can wait
Israel’s Supreme Court strikes back
A storm over a port
Ethiopia’s gambit for a port is unsettling a volatile region
They voted, sort of
A thumping win for Tshisekedi in Congo’s election raises eyebrows
The Americas

Until forever, failing
Cuba’s private-sector experiment is faltering
Hacker heaven
Why is Brazil a hotspot for financial crime?

Battle of wills
A New Year’s interview with Volodymyr Zelensky
Some German Jews say their country goes too far defending Israel
Get them while they’re young
The simmering row over Spanish-language teaching in Catalan schools
On Gaza, Europe is struggling to make its diplomacy matter

The Great Rewiring
Britain needs an unprecedented expansion of the electricity grid
Bowling over?
Lawn bowls is in decline. Can it make a comeback?
Poll exploration
Older British voters still favour the Tories. Others, not so much
What Britain’s Labour Party thinks of Europe

Machine of the state
Welcome to the era of AI nationalism
A new year’s message from the CEO
Life ACWAtic
Saudi Arabia has an unlikely solar star
The Gulf between them
Can Sino-Arabian business ties replace Sino-American ones?
Hard-tech tonic
The Chinese Communist Party wants (a bit) less consumer internet
Meet the shrewdest operators in today’s oil markets
Finance & economics

Paths to prosperity
How to get rich in the 21st century
Guns and hoses
Three surprises that could inflame commodity markets in 2024
Still energised
Has America really escaped inflation?
Falling short
American stocks loiter near an all-time high
Free exchange
Robert Solow was an intellectual giant
Science & technology

Big Bangalore theory
Moon landing apart, Indian science punches far below its weight
Ghost ships
Vast amounts of the world’s shipping sails unseen

Beyond the screen
Hollywood studios are finding new ways to bring stories to life
The art of over-sharing
Social media’s online diarists have a long lineage
Back Story
A cultural guide to new year’s resolutions
The Economist reads

The Economist reads
What to read and watch about Bangladesh
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets
The Economist explains

The Economist explains
How art is used against artists, like Young Thug, in court
The Economist explains
How sanctions on Russia will change the diamond trade

Bad blood
Gao Yaojie uncovered a scandal that shocked and shamed China
The world this week

The world this year 2023
KAL’s cartoon
This week’s cover

Cooler heads, calmer words
How to detoxify the politics of migration
Doom-mongers on both the left and the right are wrong

Maritime mayhem
The US Navy confronts a new Suez crisis
Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping threaten global trade

A dismal year for the dismal science
Economists had a dreadful 2023
Mistaken recession calls were just part of it

The centre can hold
The Economist’s country of the year for 2023
It is possible to enact painful economic reforms and still get re-elected

Santa tech
Technology is helping Santa Claus come to town more efficiently
A letter to shareholders of Father Christmas Global Inc


On investment in Europe, Napoleon, funeral cars, spy novels, euphemisms, flying lawn chairs
Letters to the editor

Shunting the junta
China is backing opposing sides in Myanmar’s civil war
Off track
Why are Indians shunning the country’s shiny new metro lines?
How to entice Japanese couples to have babies

China’s quest to become a robot superpower
Democrat in the dock
The unfair trial of Jimmy Lai begins in Hong Kong
Why China’s rulers fear Genghis Khan
United States

Christmas delayed
A majority of congressmen want more military aid for Ukraine
Jersey sure
Newark may have found a fix for chronic homelessness
The fais do do
Louisiana Creole is enjoying a modest revival
Why Donald Trump is gaining ground with young voters
Middle East & Africa

Piracy and peace
Attacks on shipping threaten to upend peace talks in Yemen
Hostage to hell
Israel isn’t sure what to do about the hostages in Gaza
Cancelling Christmas in the Holy Land
The plight of Christians in Bethlehem and Jerusalem predates the latest Gaza war
A nightmare within a nightmare
A supposed haven in Sudan falls to a genocidal militia
A barely governable country
For Congo’s next president, winning may be the easy part
The Americas

A constitutional quagmire
For a second time Chileans reject a new constitution. Now what?
Money down the train
The Mexican president’s latest boondoggle officially opens


The blue queen
The head of the hard-right Alternative for Germany is riding high
Rough draft
Ukraine’s army is struggling to find good recruits
French style
Why French women no longer wear high heels
How to fund it
Europe is struggling to find the money
At Christmas, Europeans look less united than ever

The second city
The parable of Andy Street, the mayor for the West Midlands
The power of recall
How British voters remove misbehaving MPs
Hair today
The British army mulls allowing beards
Inside the banter-industrial complex
Christmas Specials

In kob we trust
On safari in South Sudan, one of the world’s most dangerous countries
Make America Godly Again
Many Trump supporters believe God has chosen him to rule
Wine and climate
Global warming is changing wine (not yet for the worse)
Life does not stop
How five Ukrainian cities are coping, despite Putin’s war
Free speech, gay rights and waterfowl
A tale of penguins and prejudice is a parable of modern America
Following Fatimah’s sandals
What the journey of a pair of shoes reveals about capitalism
The economics of technology
A short history of tractors in English
Beside the seaside
Millions of Chinese are venturing to the beach for the first time
I’m a celebrity...Get me out of here!
How the young Winston Churchill escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp
The price of a whale
Where capitalism and conservation meet
From star to power
Why Tamil movie heroes become politicians
Women and DIY
Why more women are picking up power tools
The green man’s burden
What responsibilities do individuals have to stop climate change?
Pacific pathfinders
The best sailors in the world
How to find your way in the Pacific
Oceania’s wayfinding skills
Cereal killer
The life-giving, death-dealing power of corn
Desert island dismal science
Why economists love “Robinson Crusoe”
Missiles and lies
The truth about the passenger jet Putin’s men shot down
A rush for colourless gold
Meet the boffins and buccaneers drilling for hydrogen
Rosemont, Illinois
Inside the last true political machine in America
Hollywood and AI
AI is stalking the last lions of Hollywood

4,000 terabits under the sea
Big tech and geopolitics are reshaping the internet’s plumbing
Seeking independence
How an ugly marital feud could change Indian business
Straitened out
Attacks on shipping in the Red Sea are a blow to global trade
The return of The Economist’s agony uncle
Can anyone bar Europe do luxury?
Finance & economics

From the ruins
Which economy did best in 2023?
Lost half-decade
Hong Kong’s problems trace back to China. And also America
Love the sinner
Can the carbon-offset market be saved?
Why bitcoin is up by almost 150% this year
Free exchange
Where does the modern state come from?
Science & technology

Delivery robots will transform Christmas
Reviving ancient viruses can help fight modern ones
Flying in a flash
A new type of jet engine could revive supersonic air travel

Holiday history
“’Twas the Night Before Christmas” turns 200 this year
Back Story
Holding out for a hero in 2024
World in a dish
For a Christmas drink, eggnog does not have a heartwarming history
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets

The comfort of apples
Eric Freeman hoped to save the Gloucestershire of old
The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s covers
The World Ahead

The World Ahead
The World Ahead 2024


Rishi Sunak’s strategic genius
The Rwanda policy is bad. But the Conservatives are the real problem

The media and the message
Can you have a healthy democracy without a common set of facts?
America’s presidential election is a test of that proposition

Wobbly in Tehran
Iran’s regime is weaker than it looks, and therefore more pliable
America should deter it from escalating the Gaza war, but also engage with it

The Powell pivot
The Fed gives in to the clamour for looser money
Its doveish policymaking looks premature—and leaves Europe’s central banks in an awkward spot

London’s resilience is a lesson to policymakers everywhere
The virtues of services, scale and immigration are on full display

Green shoots
In a first, COP28 targets the root cause of climate change
Now to turn diplomacy into action

On funding research, the United Arab Emirates, Kissinger, Argentina, Joe Biden, cocaine
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

Artificial intelligence
AI’s big rift is like a religious schism, says Henry Farrell
Humanitarian needs
David Miliband sees a new global geography of crisis

Invincible city
Brexit? Hah! Lockdowns? Shrug! Can nothing stop London?
It has been bouncing back for 2,000 years and counting

Japan and ASEAN
Japan is a cuddlier friend to South-East Asia than America or China
Pooch raj
Indians are going gooey over dogs
India’s top court upholds the central government’s grab at Kashmir
Bangladesh’s election
Sheikh Hasina’s party is set to be re-elected in January
Hsiao Bi-khim is Taiwan’s cat warrior

A big wager on the future
Macau, China’s sin city, wants to be more like Las Vegas
High-risk pregnancies
The dangers of carrying a child for someone else in China
Lost in translation
The world continues to garble the name and title of Xi Jinping
China’s cities compete for kids

United States

Right nation
Donald Trump is the conservative media
The partisan press
How American journalism lets down readers and voters
Measuring media ideology
American journalism sounds much more Democratic than Republican
University presidents skewered
American universities face a reckoning over antisemitism
Jack Smith, Trump and SCOTUS
The Supreme Court will decide how quickly Donald Trump is prosecuted
Regulatory changes hint at what might be in store in a second Biden term
First bins, now congestion charging
Why New York wants to be more like London
Middle East & Africa

Taming Tehran
Iran rethinks its role as a regional troublemaker
Cobalt and chaos
Congo’s crucial election may be heading for disaster
The end of the beginning
Israel’s current large-scale operation is the last one in Gaza
The Americas

Will he, won’t he?
Could Mark Carney lead Canada?
The whirr of the chainsaw
Javier Milei implements shock therapy in Argentina
Dissing Miss Universe
Nicaragua’s dictator goes after Miss Universe

Return to the rule of law
Donald Tusk must undo years of populist subversion in Poland
Return to sanity
Turkey’s economy has improved, but its foreign policy is still messy
Unfair play
Spain’s institutions are groaning under partisan pressure
Gangsters of glasnost
The crime drama Russia and Ukraine want to ban
Stolpersteine grieve for victims of the Nazis, one at a time

A flight from reality
How a Rwandan gambit consumed the Conservative Party
The magical thinking behind Britain’s Rwanda bill
Health tourism
Wes Streeting, a Labour frontbencher, visits Singapore
Grand designs
Britain needs more houses. Does the industry want to build them?
London’s riotous pedicabs are about to be regulated
First, take one live goose…
How to kill a goose quickly
Cheer up, Sir Keir! It might never happen

COP28 concludes
Climate talks at last lead to a deal on cutting fossil-fuel use
1843 magazine

When the New York Times lost its way

Where did all the commercials go?
Welcome to the ad-free internet
Un-appy returns
What Google’s antitrust defeat means for the app economy
Season’s grumblings
German business is fed up with a government in disarray
Will TikTok’s GoTo gambit save its Indonesian business?
How to master the art of delegation
Boneheaded anti-immigration politicians are throttling globalisation
Finance & economics

Financial flows
How to sneak billions of dollars out of China
A surplus of anomalies
Is China understating its own export success?
The mystery of Britain’s dirt-cheap stockmarket
Sticking to his guns
Vladimir Putin is running Russia’s economy dangerously hot
Road trader
Why stockpickers should get out more
Recession response
Europe’s economy is in a bad way. Policymakers need to react
Free exchange
How to put boosters under India’s economy
Science & technology

The chicken of tomorrow
Will lab-grown meat ever make it onto supermarket shelves?
Seismology (Taylor’s version)
The excitement of 70,000 Swifties can shake the Earth
Future of chipmaking
Jensen Huang says Moore’s law is dead. Not quite yet

The alt-write
Conservatives are trying to disrupt Hollywood, with some success
Hollywood and politics
When Charlie Chaplin was cancelled
A hymn for all seasons
“Amazing Grace” is a 200-year-old song with a surprising history
Pandemic fiction
Some thought covid would change literature. It has not
Good to hear
The best albums of 2023, as chosen by The Economist
Economic history
Is the age of Milton Friedman over?
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets

Let’s talk about now
Benjamin Zephaniah stayed angry all his life
Blue-collar bonanza: Why conventional wisdom on inequality is wrong

The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s covers
The World Ahead

The World Ahead
The World Ahead 2024


War in Ukraine
Putin seems to be winning the war in Ukraine—for now
His biggest asset is Europe’s lack of strategic vision

Blue-collar bonanza
A new age of the worker will overturn conventional thinking
Around the rich world, wage gaps are shrinking

Israel and Hamas
How America should manage the next stage of the Gaza war
For the sake of Israel and a two-state solution, America has to get tougher with its ally

A planet-cooking gas
What the world must do to tame methane
The world needs a deal during COP28 to limit a nasty source of emissions

Superpower politics
What does Henry Kissinger’s diplomacy have to teach the world?
A grasp of the subtle interplay between interests, values and the use of force is still useful

Debt break
Germany is in a bizarre fiscal mess of its own making
Three steps to resolve the fiscal panic

On cars in America, Spain, Indian whisky, “King Lear”, Belgium, dinner etiquette
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

Why the West needs to stop the global rise of revisionism
COP28: host of questions
Rhys Davies and Ben Keith argue that the UAE is a tainted COP host

For the fatherland
How Putin is reshaping Russia to keep his war-machine running
He is creating a class of wealthy bureaucrats, who are the war’s biggest supporters

Asian defence
Narendra Modi is remaking India’s 1.4m strong military
What’s yours is mine
The insidious campaign to demolish mosques in India
Plain stupa
Sri Lankans are squabbling over monuments
Ground zero
Taiwan’s presidential election will be a three-way race after all
Japan needs more sperm donors

The big climate question
Will China save the planet or destroy it?
Going fission (and fusion)
China is building nuclear reactors faster than any other country
Not again
China is struggling with a surge of respiratory ailments
China’s economy is suffering from long covid

United States

Trumpier than thou
A MAGA court in New Orleans is shaping the Supreme Court’s agenda
An affordable dare act
A key part of Obamacare is in jeopardy
Chasing the American dream
Is it cheaper to rent or buy property?
The prisoner dilemma
What to do about an uptick in Americans unjustly held abroad
A full-fat fiasco
A national milk-carton shortage sours America’s dairy industry
The opioid-maker controversy
The Supreme Court may toss out Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy settlement
Super K
Henry Kissinger never quite belonged where he wanted to be
Middle East & Africa

The war in Gaza
Does Hamas want to keep fighting Israel or start talking peace?
All quiet on the Gaza front
Israel’s truce with Hamas is drawing to a close
Climate finance (1)
Could carbon credits be Africa’s next big export?
Climate finance (2)
African leaders want debt relief for climate action
The Americas

Dirty deeds
To save the Amazon, Lula must work out who owns it

Bulldogs of war
Russia is poised to take advantage of political splits in Ukraine
More blood, less treasure
Ukraine’s new enemy: war fatigue in the West
Where there’s a Wil Ders a way
Geert Wilders struggles towards power in the Netherlands
Brake failure
Germany’s ruling coalition grapples with a wrecked budget
Stop killing women
Outrage against femicide is spreading in Italy
How a sombre mood gripped Europe

Policing by consent
How to restore Britons’ confidence in the police
Ode to an avenue
The Dark Hedges are dying
The Brutish museum?
Why is the British Museum always in trouble?
Spend drift
Post-Brexit Britain is splurging more on state aid
Heat pumps
Why Britain’s homes will need different types of heat pump
The agony and the Cleggstasy
The curious case of Nick Clegg
How to change the policy of the British government

Islamism on the edge
A religious revolution is under way in the Middle East

Blurred vision
Xi Jinping’s grip on Chinese enterprise gets uncomfortably tight
An outside chance
How to succeed—and fail—as a foreign business in India
Generative AI generates tricky choices for managers
Electric curmudgeons
Is America’s EV revolution stalling?
Swedish strikes
Elon Musk v labour unions: Sweden edition
Baby Berkshire
How a Canadian company became the world’s best acquirer of tech firms
Charlie Munger was a lot more than Warren Buffett’s sidekick
Finance & economics

Labour markets
Welcome to a golden age for workers
The pay picture
Real wages have risen in America and are rebounding in Europe
Property pain
China edges towards a big bail-out
An unruly OPEC is causing problems for Russia and Saudi Arabia
Pipe dreams
How to get African oil out of the ground without Western lenders
Short-sellers are endangered. That is bad news for markets
Free exchange
Why economists are at war over inequality
Science & technology

The other greenhouse gas
Politics and technology are pushing oil firms to cut methane
Termination shock?
Do rising methane levels herald a climate feedback loop?
Crystal balls
A Google AI has discovered 2.2m materials unknown to science
Forty thousand winks near the sea
Why chinstrap penguins sleep thousands of times a day

Film-making in China
Two film awards reveal the battle for the future of Chinese cinema
Pressing up
Small publishers are sweeping the Booker and Nobel prizes
Plains writing
Willa Cather and Larry McMurtry shared subjects and sensibilities
World in a dish
In Russia’s arsenal the knife and fork have been powerful weapons
Digital art
Museums are learning to love NFTs
A sound grasp
These are The Economist’s favourite podcasts of 2023
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets
The Economist explains

The Economist explains
What does it take to expel an American congressman?
The Economist explains
Who are the Palestinians in Israel’s prisons?

Adapt or die
Saleemul Huq lobbied ceaselessly to make poor countries heard
Climate report: Some progress, must try harder

The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s covers
The World Ahead

The World Ahead
The World Ahead 2024


Must try harder
Progress on climate change has not been fast enough, but it has been real
And the world needs to learn from it

Climbing high
Lessons from the ascent of the United Arab Emirates
How to thrive in a fractured world

An election in Buenos Aires
In Argentina Javier Milei faces an economic crisis
The radical libertarian is taking over a country on the brink

The fallout from the weirdness at OpenAI
Sam Altman is set to return, but the episode holds some disturbing lessons

One cheer for Jeremy Hunt
Britain’s autumn statement got business taxes right
It also cynically handed out an illusory windfall

On secondary legislation, tariffs, interest rates, realtors, Costa Rica, the Sagrada Família, James Bond, flying lawn chairs
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

COP28: climate finance
Mark Carney argues that finance needs to go where the emissions are
COP28: climate action and trade
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala says open trade is crucial for decarbonisation
The war in Gaza
As a pause in fighting begins, Husam Zomlot calls for a comprehensive ceasefire

Port in a storm
The messier the world gets, the more the UAE seems to thrive
For a tiny country, it has outsize influence

Taking wing
India is seeing a massive aviation boom
Et tu, India?
Did America thwart an Indian assassination plot?
Spy satellites
Will North Korea’s new spy satellite make the region safer?
Money for nothing
Thailand’s new government is handing out cash
America’s crumbling trade initiative in Asia

Fuzzy numbers, safer streets
China says it has achieved a miraculously low-crime society
Eyes everywhere
China’s enormous surveillance state is still growing
When China shook
A year on from the white-paper protests, China looks much different
Why Xi Jinping sounds friendlier to America

United States

Infrastructure weak
Spending on infrastructure has fallen in real terms in America
Mexican airwaves
Univision, America’s Spanish news giant, reaches out to Donald Trump
Just a small-town lab
An accidental discovery in rural California raised biosecurity fears
Abortion laws in Georgia
How confusing fetal-personhood laws in America affect hospitals
X, rated
What survey data reveal about antisemitism in America
Deus ex constitutione
Does a civil-war-era ban on insurrectionists apply to Donald Trump?
The (sort of) isolationist case for backing Ukraine
Middle East & Africa

A break in the bloodshed
Israel strikes a hostage deal, but says the Gaza war isn’t over
Israel’s non-Jewish minorities
How the Gaza war affects Israel’s minorities in different ways
It’s in the posts
Why African businesses take a DIY approach to selling online
The last outpost
Will Chad be the next Western ally in Africa to fall?
The Americas

From cosplayer to president
Javier Milei will be Argentina’s first libertarian president
Cry me a river
Severe drought is constraining the Panama Canal
Blow up
Brazil’s biggest drug gang has gone global

Right turn
Geert Wilders’s election win leaves the Dutch in an awful quandary
Cross-Rhine rivals
Why German bosses are heaping unexpected praise on France
Hidden battle
Russia is starting to make its superiority in electronic warfare count
Life in containers
Turkey’s sluggish post-earthquake reconstruction
Tyrant, liberator, warmonger, bureaucrat: the meaning of Napoleon

Mixed picture
Britain’s chancellor offers tax cuts and fiscal trickery
Jeremy Hunt wants to improve Britain’s public-sector productivity
Old people and young firms
The government tries to unlock growth capital for British firms
Personal therapy
The world’s first pathway for individually designed drugs
The price is finally right
The National Health Service has a new drugs deal
Asylum and the law
Is Britain’s plan to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda salvageable?
Saving your bacon
Britain’s native farm animals can be rarer than giant pandas
What kind of legacy does Rishi Sunak want to leave behind?
Special report

The lost heart of net zero
Carbon-dioxide removal needs more attention
St Augustine’s climate policy
The temptations of deferred removals
On the other hand...
The many prices of carbon dioxide
Thy axe shall harm it not
Trees alone will not save the world
All the myriad ways
Carbon-dioxide-removal options are multiplying
The carbon economy
A net-zero world needs new markets and institutions

OpenAI v CloseAI
With Sam Altman’s return, a shift in AI from idealism to pragmatism
Non-profit motives
Inside OpenAI’s weird governance structure
Soap power
ReelShort is the latest Chinese export to conquer America
The southern strategy
Why Chinese companies are flocking to Mexico
Sun, sea and lots of sand
Riyadh Air is betting on a tourist surge to Saudi Arabia
How not to motivate your employees
Investment screaming
Every country wants its own investment-screening regime
The many contradictions of Sam Altman
Finance & economics

The sinews of war
Inside Hamas’s sprawling financial empire
Walking on air
Why house prices have risen once again
Investors are going loco for CoCos
Economies of scales
The obesity pay gap is worse than previously thought
Ask again later
How will America’s economy fare in 2024? Don’t ask a forecaster
A day late and a dollar short
The rich world claims it has paid its overdue climate debts
Do not pass go
Another crypto boss falls
Free exchange
How to save China’s economy
Science & technology

Dimming the sun
Solar geoengineering is becoming a respectable idea
Big rockets and big rivers
SpaceX tests Starship, and prepares to face down Amazon
Explaining the wave function
A new way to predict ship-killing rogue waves

Poll position
Why non-white voters are abandoning the Democratic Party
One for the Monet
Claude Monet is celebrated in a colourful new biography
There’s no place like home
The likelihood of living on Mars soon is as remote as Pluto
Red light, green light
What “Squid Game: The Challenge” reveals about the state of TV
Euphemism and exaggeration are both dangers to language
Watch the box
The Economist’s pick of the best television shows of 2023
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets
The Economist explains

The Economist explains
The A to Z of the Arab-Israeli conflict

The fastest gun in the west
Elinor Otto did not realise what giant strides she was making for women
Donald Trump poses the biggest danger to the world in 2024

The world this week

KAL’s cartoon
This week’s cover
The World Ahead

The World Ahead
Introducing The World Ahead 2024


America and the world
Donald Trump poses the biggest danger to the world in 2024
What his victory in America’s election would mean

The rights and wrongs of Israel and Hamas at al-Shifa hospital
Why Israel must meet and exceed the requirements of the laws of war

Inflated hopes
Will Japan rediscover its dynamism?
Rising prices and animal spirits give it a long-awaited opportunity

Dying in plain sight
The world is ignoring war, genocide and famine in Sudan
America is distracted, the UN is not interested

Scientific methods
To supercharge science, first experiment with how it is funded
Too much of researchers’ time is spent filling in forms

Governing Britain
If Labour is to succeed in power, it must fix the Treasury
The finance ministry protects the country from disaster—but also holds it back

On Israel and Gaza, Li Keqiang, feta cheese
Letters to the editor
By Invitation

The war in Gaza
Andreea Manea on the legal complexities around Israeli attacks that hit hospitals
The fog of war
David Enoch argues that much of the public discourse on the Israel-Hamas conflict is depressingly simplistic

A chance to rise again
Is Japan’s economy at a turning point?
Good news for China
Taiwan’s opposition parties unite
Swadeshi spirits
Premium Indian whisky is booming
Myanmar’s junta suffers startling defeats

Flying Tigers, smiling dragon
Joe Biden and Xi Jinping rediscover the joy of talking. Good
Bromptons, not blusher
China’s shoppers are gloomy and picky
Xi Jinping repeats imperial China’s mistakes
United States

Shut it all down (next year)
America’s government isn’t shutting down just yet
Code switch
The Supreme Court’s code of conduct is a good first step
Sup on that
Higher wages are spurring innovation in dinner
Pro-choice religious exemptions
Some progressives are arguing for a religious right to abortion
Beyond the classroom
Inside a month of America’s school shootings
Mayor culpa?
An FBI investigation raises questions about Eric Adams
Why America struggles to make friends abroad

Middle East & Africa

The end of the beginning
The battle of northern Gaza is almost over
The region reacts
Many Arab governments would like to see Hamas gone
The forgotten war
A genocidal militia is winning the war in Sudan
Aisle be there for you
Africa’s supermarket revolution
The Americas

Missing in action
Mexico’s foreign policy is unambitious and erratic
A rare success
Andrés Manuel López Obrador has reduced poverty in Mexico
The exodus economy
Latin America’s most powerful new gang built a human-trafficking empire

On the verge of a nervous breakdown
Spain’s prime minister secures his job, at a high cost
Gang of rivals
Sweden is suffering a grim wave of gang violence
Dancer in the dark
As Ukrainian men head off to fight, women take up their jobs
Soft power, then and now
The ancient Eleusinian mysteries get a new incarnation
Fentanyl kills thousands every year in America. Will Europe be next?

Treasury island
Why Britain’s Treasury must change its ways
Stopping the planes
The Supreme Court rules against Britain’s Rwanda plan. What now?
Do not forget
The British government is not paying dementia enough attention
Going up in smoke?
Vaping is big business in Britain
What David Cameron’s return says about British politics

Everything, everywhere, all at once
From Gaza to Ukraine, wars and crises are piling up

A place in the sun
Can the Mediterranean become Europe’s energy powerhouse?
A gulf between them?
Three climate fights will dominate COP28
The curse of the badly run meeting
Son rise, Son set
After WeWork’s fall, what next for SoftBank?
Putt option
Netflix takes a swing at live sport
A lifestyle on the ocean waves
Why the market for superyachts is booming
How to think about the Google anti-monopoly trial
Finance & economics

Personal finance
How the young should invest
Dream scenario
What can inflation-strugglers learn from inflation-killers?
Ray Dalio is a monster, suggests a new book. Is it fair?
Empty Framework
Joe Biden’s failures on trade benefit China
Reasons to be cheerful
What will artificial intelligence mean for your pay?
Free exchange
The false promise of green jobs
Science & technology

Giving science a shot in the arm
New ways to pay for research could boost scientific progress
Rip van Winkle, the microbe
Was an ancient bacterium awakened by an industrial accident?
The wisdom of youth
Could newborn neurons reverse Alzheimer’s?

Historical friction
Much of “The Crown” is nonsense
Well played
How maths can help you win your favourite games
Bottle shock
How to spot a fake wine
The scales of injustice
Can trials heal the wounds of war?
Back Story
Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” cuts the emperor down to size
Pass the popcorn
The best films of 2023, as chosen by The Economist
Economic & financial indicators

Economic data, commodities and markets
The Economist explains

The Economist explains
How the term “genocide” is misused in the Israel-Hamas war
The Economist explains
The difference between a “ceasefire” and a “humanitarian pause”

A hundred ways to peace
Vivian Silver knew no good could ever come of war

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