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THE BIG STORY: South Africa 30 years later

Africa’s pandora’s box: The ICJ ruling shook the global establishment. In Cape Town and Johannesburg, could it pave the way for justice for Indigenous peoples?

All rise: South Africa’s constitution has allowed social movements to clockup a number of legal victories. But can the law really deliver social and economic justice?

Morbid symptoms: South Africa is losing its status as an upper-middle income developing country. What are the challenges this poses for a young democracy?

The metal that bent: When South Africa’s largest trade union broke with the ruling alliance, left-wingers saw cause for hope, but things soon turned sour.

When the lights go out: The ‘state capture’ of South Africa’s public services has seen billions sequestered by a new boss class as public services collapse.

Fortress nation: Xenophobia is on the rise in South Africa. What are the conditions in which vigilante groups gain ground?

Israel: Warring Words
Cyprus: Troops Out
Nepal: Tibetans betrayed
Malaysia’s invisible children
Europe: Digital rights now
El Salvador: Gold Rush
Introducing: Guilherme Boulos, Brazil’s heir to President Lula da Silva?

Country profile: Georgia
Cartoon History: Bay of Pigs
Temperature Check: reasons to be hopeful about tackling climate change.
The Interview: Indian author Amitav Ghosh discusses the colonial roots of today’s opioid crisis, with Graeme Green.
Agony Uncle: How can movement veterans share the benefits of their own experience without rubbing other activists up the wrong way?

Melony’s canny game: Italy’s far-right Prime Minister is cultivating international support as she enacts extremism at home.
Views from India, Africa, Brazil

’Strong beyond the world’s imagination’: In the face of Taliban rule, a spirit of feminist resistance lives on in Afghanistan.
The Long Read: The betrayal: the disconnect between public support for Palestine across the Arab region, and the diplomatic ties leaders have made with Israel.
’I will live with the scars for life’: the resurgence of leprosy in Nigeria.
THE BIG STORY: Climate Capitalism
Green face, Old Tricks: A new energy economy has arrived and it’s a bonanza for corporations
The El Dorado of energy: Green colonialism in the Middle East and North Africa
Green Colonialism: THE FACTS
Held to ransom: What happened to Greenland’s government when they said no to mining
‘Some things are priceless’: EU’s policies to secure rare earths and minerals
Transition mining infographic: Demand for green tech minerals vs fossil fuel extraction
Trade colonialism, again: Procuring raw material for the transition
How to end eco-apartheid: Climate capitalism is continuing ecological and social destruction. To change this we must tear down the structures that maintain the status quo

West Bank: Settler rampage
Silencing Solidarity: Israel’s domestic crackdown
24 hours in a Gaza Hospital
Energy warfare in Kurdistan
Nomads uprooted: Ladakh’s Changpa nomads threatened by militarization
Introducing: Wab Kinew, Canada’s Manitoba province Fist Nation premier
Cold-hearted no: Australia’s Voice referendum
Saviour or failure? Haiti braces for another foreign intervention

Country Profile: Uruguay
Cartoon History: The Luddite Rebellions
Southern Exposure: an evocative image of a gambling house in the coca hinterlands of Colombia.
Temperature Check: Are heat pumps the low-impact saviours or a load of hot air?
Agony Uncle: What should I do about racist or sexist family members over the holidays?
What if…We had a right to public transport?

View from India, Africa, Brazil
Quantitative Easing and its aftermath

Wood-fired war: how the illegal trade in timber is fueling a long running conflict in Senegal
The Long Read – ‘They want to erase us’ people putting everything on the line to overturn a harsh anti-gay law
THE BIG STORY: Spying on Dissent
Spies, damned spies: How far are states willing to go to spy on dissent?
360° repression: Anti-coup activists in Myanmar are adapting to the shrinking space for dissent
Spy games: Israel’s role in the spread of spyware tools across the world
Under Amazon’s eyes: Amazon’s surveillance systems watching workers
Q&A Overwatched and underserved: Stop LAPD Spying Coalition takes on police surveillance
Protest spy tech: How you can protect your devices and anonymity from police spying on protests
Towards a post-capitalist internet

Democracy in the ‘coup belt’
UK spreads digital censorship
Outcry over old growth logging in Tasmania
Prohibition emissions
Mega-development imperils uncontacted tribe in India
Down and out in Argentina

Country Profile: Bermuda
Southern Exposure: Asmaa Wagush’s photo of a whirling dervish in Old Cairo
Temperature Check: How the people of Ecuador took down the oil giants

Views from India, Africa and Brazil
Comment: Climate Coups

A holiday in Kashmir: Nationalist India government trying to make Kashmir a tourist hotspot
‘Leave us alone’: Tunisia residents taking on the phosphate industry
The Long Read - Paris isn’t dead yet: residents and the Olympics
THE BIG STORY: Decolonization
The long goodbye: Confronting the legacies of empire
How Third Worldism was silenced
Ain dun yet: Ditching the Queen and the legacies of colonialism in Barbados
The fight for reparations
Get up, pay up: The campaign for the Global North to pay its climate debt
‘Our culture is word of mouth’: A new Kenyan media initiative is using live performance to break free of colonial industry norms.
How Modi hijacked the call to decolonize

Tigray peace at risk
Strike surge in China
Squatting Berlin’s private banking spaces
New road threatens Peruvian Amazon
Food program cuts hit Rohingya
France’s reckoning with police violence

Country Profile: Yemen
The Interview: Sofia Karim discusses art, architecture and activism with Subi Shah
Southern Exposure: Mahshad Jalalian’s photo of a young nomad in Iran’s northeast
Temperature Check: Kicking the oil industry out of UK’s art and cultural scene

Views from India, Africa and Brazil
*NEW*Extended comment section: Holding governments to account for their border policies

Justice delayed is justice denied: Languishing court cases in Guatemala
From the archive: KK unbound From NI’s very first edition, interview with Zambia’s President, Kenneth Kuanda

THE BIG STORY: Palestine
From accord to Apartheid: The origins of apartheid and its effects for Palestinians
Harvesting oppression: Palestinian farmers tell how Israel is attacking their agriculture while profiting from their lands
Sanctions Mark II: International mobilization of the strategy that helped end South African apartheid
Gaza’s fragile ‘peace’: The Strip is under renewed assault by Israel
Q&A: Equal citizens, one state? Why Palestinians are increasingly looking to a one state model for justice
The art of resistance: How culture is both a tool of and a weapon against occupation

Boost for Right in Chile
Attacks on trans rights in US
Journalist imprisoned in Vietnam
Embargoes limit earthquake aid in Syria
Children taken from their parents in Ukraine
Workers take on Meta in Kenya

Country Profile: Egypt
The Interview: Marta Vidal on Palestinian struggle and why she hi-jacked a plane
Southern Exposure: Brazilian photographer shoots an indigenous funeral
Temperature Check: Should we believe the hype about electric cars?
Agony Uncle advises a support worker who’s sick of their boss

Views from India, Africa and Brazil

‘I’ve painted the hallway red’: Movement providing long-tern housing through mass occupations in Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Long Read-Now for implementation! A landmark reparations ruling could change things for the Ogiek people of Kenya and indigenous people across the region
THE BIG STORY: Rekindling lost connections
The connection recession: Loneliness is pervasive but how can we find our way back to each other?
Remote solidarity: New ways to organize in isolating work places
Keeping up with the Khans: India also challenged by the hold of neoliberalism
A 101 in lovelessness: Report from the ‘manoshere’ where anti-feminist sentiment is spreading among men and boys
Chosen family: Pakistan’s gender non-conforming community fighting back
‘Being radicalized in patriarchal capitalist settings, that does something to the mind’

Greenwashing aggression in the Caucasus
Legal time travel in Bangladesh
Bugging democracy in Greece
Replenishing forest in Kenya
Finding refuge in London’s nature
IMF heaps demands on Pakistan
Nigeria’s youth ponder fight or flight

Country Profile: United Arab Emigrates
Temperature Check: Are the Adani Group’s financial troubles good for the climate?
The Interview: Vandana Shiva

Views from India, Africa and Brazil

“I am not going to stay quiet’: In Iran, rap has become the language of protest
Hope in the water: Mexico indigenous communities finally gaining control over their water
The Long Read - ’They are my ancestors’: an indigenous led program in New Zealand/Aotearoa is returning the stolen remains of ancestors home to their descendants

Reviews of films, books and music
THE BIGGER STORY: The world we want to see
A world to win: Introduction to the Bigger Story NI writers make propositions for a just future
Hope from the seeds of trauma: Pandemic reveals the prospects of change
Extractive delusions: Plastics addiction
Treasure hunt: Kenyan court case against multinational tax avoiders
Stilling the pendulum: When the swing of progress and pushback over our identity ceased
Decision time: How can we build a more participatory future?
What would your grandchild say? What could it mean to legislate for future generations?
Present assignation: What does the future hold for art?
Cartoon Future: The world in 2073-in spite of capitalism’s best efforts, things have actually turned out alright

Landless workers take office in Brazil
Turkey’s autocrat goes to the polls
Peru: self-coup, counter-coup
Afghanistan’s One Kidney Village
The techno-tracking of India’s sanitation workers

Country Profile: Moldova
Temperature Check: Climate activism is increasingly criminalized around the world
Agony Uncle: Is working for destructive industries to pay the bills a long term strategy?

Views from India, Africa and Brazil

From the archive: The denial syndrome
Control alt delete: The Indian Right is on a mission to rewrite history
The science of women: The Kurdish feminist revolution

Reviews of films, books and music
THE BIG STORY: The cost of living crisis
Whodunnit? Where the global crisis came from and some people first solutions
Lessons in resistance: De-privatizing the rain
Structural Adjustment 2.0: Debt crisis in Zambia
Wealth Safari
On borrowed rice: Sierra Leoneans struggling to make end meet
Lessons in Resistance: The farmers rise
Busted: 3 myths about inflation
Lessons in Resistance: Debtors unite
Pushing against the perfect storm: Cost of living crisis and climate change

Iran’s revolution song
Mexico’s thwarted pipeline
The West Bank’s deadliest year
Joy and trepidation in Brazil
Colombia’s historic pact
Acid attack survivors claim their space in India

Country Profile: South Korea
Cartoon History -Pepsi Number Fever: The soda giant’s botched campaign in the Philippines
Hall of Infamy: Bongbong Marcos (Philippines)
Temperature check: Good news for the climate

Views from India, Africa and Brazil

16 million and counting: How neoliberal policies have led to the deaths of millions around the world
The usual suspects: No justice for victims of previous dictators in Bolivia
The Long Read - The long wait of Thomas Kwoyelo, a former child soldier in Uganda
THE BIG STORY: Land Rights
The land is ours - Land should be treated as a public good
Unwanted attraction -Indigenous people in Bangladesh
Land Back - Indigenous movement in North America
For whose protection? - ‘Conservation’ or ‘the biggest land grab in history’?
Nice little earner - intensive agriculture and real estate speculation in Brazil
Roads for the rich, tents for the poor

The Commonwealth after the Queen
Corporate warfare in Panama
Flooding and debt in Pakistan
Defying Big Pharma

Country Profile: Myanmar
Hall of Infamy: Paul Kagama (Rwanda)
Temperature check: The ‘other COP’

View from Africa: Kenya’s general election
ALSO Views from India and Brazil

Muzzling the media in Zimbabwe
Hear us roar - the legacy of Greenham Common and Faslane peace camps

Railways: Back on track? On every continent, the railways are experiencing a renaissance. But what will it take to reshape them in the interests of pwople?

Will Bolsonaro’s (Brazilian President) spending spree leave any winners?

Country Profile: Angola
Hall of Infamy: Naftali Bennett, ex-Israeli PM
Temperature check: the movement making links between international debt and climate change

View from India: Waiting for the revolution
ALSO Views from Africa and Brazil

The violence of Brazil’s ‘Wildcat’ gold mining
Climate change? It’s everybody’s problem
Holy waters
The river as a living being
Take them down! Four large dams in the US are scheduled for removal
To reclaim Minegolia: civil society protecting Mongolia’s waterways
What’s that?! Taking a dip in murky waters
When it comes to sharing: Rivers don’t stop at national borders

Workers seek remedy from P&O Ferries
Patchwork resistance in Ukraine
Zimbabwe’s ‘big brother’ bill
DRC: violence in the name of conservation
Outrage at killing of Palestinian journalist
Hunger crisis in Somalia

Letter from Buenos Aires
Country Profile: St Vincent and the Grenadines
Cartoon History: Amritsar: the Jallianwala Bagh massacre
Temperature Check: Scientists turning to climate activism
Southern Exposure: (Photography) Portrait of devotion in India
Hall of Infamy: Gotobaya Rajapaska’s stranglehold over Sri Lanka
The Puzzler
Agony Uncle: Is it OK to accept rent from your partner?
What if…We had a World Tax Organization?

Views from Africa, Brazil and India

Arming Europe: The war in Ukraine has triggered a boost in European military spending, but the groundwork for EU militarization had already been laid.

Something in the water: UN peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti and it took over a decade to be free of it. How was this done? and the ongoing fight for justice.

Who are you calling a nazi?: Vladimir Putin’s bogus claims of ‘de-nazification’ in Ukraine.

The Long Read-Pants of protest: The power of underwear in movements for political change.
Beyond Big Oil-How can we stop the fossil fuel giants?
Fossil fuels— a journey in time
Cut and run-Transnational oil companies are looking to leave the Niger Delta without cleaning up their mess
The new greenwashing
The fracked earth-Indigenous resistance in Argentina
Fighting the fossils-From Palestine, Mozambique, Uganda and India
A global just transition-The Cochabamba People’s Agreement and the fight for climate justice.

Ukraine: Defiance in Kyiv
Introducing South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol
Mexico’s unions declare independence
Kenyan tea pickers seek justice in Scotland
Saving vultures in Nepal
Sami fight for land in Sweden
Land and Freedom in Tanzania

Letter from Buenos Aires
Country Profile: Belarus
Cartoon History: Voices of the National Health Service (UK)
Temperature Check: banning ads from greenwashing fossil fuel companies
Southern Exposure: (Photography) A wrestling match in Bolivia
Hall of Infamy: Joe Manchin, US Republican’s favorite Democrat
The Puzzler
Agony Uncle: Is there such a thing as ethical tax avoidance?
What if…We said no to concrete?

Views from Africa, Brazil and India

Slapped down: lawsuits that silence journalists
The dragon and the bear on the roof of the world-Tajikistan and the powerplay between China and Russia
‘As long as the world keeps running, we’ll be here’ Turkey’s LGBTQI+ community
Please continue to not sponsor this child
The Long Read: Is it too late?
THE BIG STORY: Abolition
Beyond Punishment- an alternative to police and prisons
Crime and Punishment-THE FACTS
Colonize and punish-the legacy of colonialism from Kenya
Ten steps towards abolition
Healed people heal people
Resisting the cop in our heads
Abandoned by the system
So, what’s the alternative?

Israeli firm sells British weapons factory
Introducing: Honduras president
Blasphemy’s toll in Pakistan
Sierra Leone’s belt on China’s road

Letter from Buenos Aires
Country Profile: Jamaica
Cartoon History: Asma Jahangir (women’s rights in Pakistan)
The Debate: Should emergency aid be neutral and unconditional?
Temperature Check: the definitive climate battles of 2022
The Interview: Jan Westad in the Balkans
Southern Exposure: Portrait from Myanmar
Hall of Infamy: Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil)
Agony Uncle: Is it acceptable for a white child to wear a sari?

Views from Africa, Brazil and India

Feel the fear and carry on: women removing landmines in Iraq
A child’s right to be forgotten: getting abusive photos removed from the internet
Stolen treasures: Nigeria tries to get back the Benin bronzes stolen by the British
The Long Read: The politics of futility
Do Romani Lives Matter? Death untold in the Czech Republic
The Facts
Go West: Evolution of Roma language and culture
’They will take my daughters’: attempts to redress forced sterilization in the Czech Republic
’It’s a liberation struggle for us’: 3 leading Romani campaigners
The ground beneath our feet: the rights of traveling peoples

Pushing back against the putsch in Sudan
Introducing: Norwegian PM
Wine and white privilege in South Africa
The Afghan girls’ homeschool
Loss and damage in Bangladesh
On the Belarus border
Mining crypto in Iran

Letter from Buenos Aires
Country Profile: Iraq
Cartoon History: Putin- the rise of a dictator
Southern Exposure: Pond-life snapped by Indian photographer Prasanta Biwas
The Interview: Chilean author Isabel Allende
Temperature Check: Is the soil the forgotten solution to the climate crisis?
Hall of Infamy: Mamady Doumbouya
Agony Uncle: What to do if you are the only one in an activist group pulling your weight?
What if....we took money out of politics?

Views from Africa, Brazil, India

Prisoners of Occupation: Palestinians continue to be brutalized in Israeli jails.
How British colonizers caused the Bengal famine
Rule of Silence: Greek refugee camps
The Long Read: History of failed land reform in Colombia
THE BIG STORY: The World of Work

The squeeze on workers
Work and Covid-19 THE FACTS
Green jobs - puffery and promise
The democratic workplace: Cooperatives
Holding out for the harvest: Indian farmers
The fight for lives and labour: Black women in the US
Living well: what really matters

Will COP26 deliver?
Digital activism in Western Sahara
Amnesty for Ireland’s undocumented
A bad taste: gangster takeaways in Brazil

Letter from Manila
Country Profile: Tunisia
Cartoon History: Hono Heke II, Maori warrior
The Debate: Do zoos cause more harm than good?
The Interview: Global Assembly organizer, Susan Nakyung Lee
Southern Exposure: Filipina photographer Hannah Reyes Morales
Agony Uncle: arguing with a Covid-sceptic

’Our truth will come out’: Mayan Q’eqchi women holding a Canadian mining company to account
Paradise lost? oil and gas exploration threatens Namibia and Botswana

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