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Meet the new feminists(新しいフェミニストたち)

Stories making the news this month
6 Frustration grows among young Saharawi refugees
6 Blazing a web rights trail in Brazil
7 Britain’s citizen scientists unite
7 Introducing Tawakkol Karman
7 Chile’s icy republic
8 The plight of condors in the US
8 Peace at last in the Philippines?
9 Hart Island sorrow
9 Hem to hip
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】
Feminist revival
10 Is there a feminist spring?
Women’s liberation is back in vogue – and not a minute too soon, says Hazel Healy.

12 Profiles of groups sticking it to the Man

16 FACTS for feminists
A graphic guide to gains and work-to-do for women’s liberation.

18 Mitts off my muff
An interview with Nimko Ali, an activist revitalizing the fight against Female Genital Mutilation.

20 When rights go wrong
Rahila Gupta explores the perils of states, religion and corporations moving in on women’s rights.

22 Women on the edge of time
Hannah Pool mediates an intergenerational conversation between India’s Kamla Bhasin and London’s Lilinaz Evans.

24 Virtuous woman or raunchy sexpot?
Ikamara Larasi reports from the culture wars frontline.

25 Feminist book club
A recommendation of 10 must-reads to fill the theory gap.

28 ‘We’re fighting for a change’ Brian Fitzpatrick and Michael Norby report from Haiti, where hunger, violence and political turmoil have created a situation dangerously close to boiling point.

【Mixed Media】
34 Film reviews
Toronto HotDocs Festival special: The Great Invisible by Margaret Brown; Evaporating Borders by Iva Radivojevic; The Ukraine is Not a Brothel by Kitty Green; and Write Down: I am an Arab by Ibitisam Mar’ana Menuhin.

35 Music reviews
Queen Between by Susheela Raman; Tzenni by Noura Mint Seymali.

36 Book reviews
A Cut-like Wound by Anita Nair; Sworn Virgin by Elvira Dones; The Hidden Light of Objects by Mai Al-Nakib; and The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon.
PLUS: Also out there…

33 Mark Engler
Social change is written in the streets.

32 Kate Smurthwaite
Cupcakes can fuck off .
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

4 Letters
Language diversity bad for world harmony; Israel’s drones; and where is Slovakia?

5 Letter from Bangui
The central market is a microcosm of the city’s misery, but also of its glints of hope, discovers Ruby Diamonde.

26 Country Profile: Rwanda

38 And Finally
Eyadou Ag Leche of Malian desert blues band Tinariwen tells Graeme Green about his hopes for an autonomous Tuareg territory.

Speaking out for a multilingual world(世界の言語の消滅を防げ)

Stories making the news this month
6 Canada: ’How did our community survive this?’
6 Jamaica seeks slavery reparations
7 Binning the plastic bag
7 France’s wine rebel
7 Reintroducing Abdelaziz Bouteflika
8 Syria’s electronic battlefield
8 Unlikely squatters in Spain
9 Big Tobacco takes a tumble in Senegal
9 United States: weed-killing breast milk?
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】
Endangered languages
10 Talking about a revolution
Jo Lateu explains why the world’s minority languages matter for all of us - and why we should be fighting for their survival.

15 Voices under the ice
Musings and memories from poet Nora Marks Dauenhauer, who has dedicated her life to preserving the Tlingit language.

16 ‘They nicknamed me Terrorist’
After a century of oppression, is the Kurdish language finally gaining official recognition in Turkey? asks Naila Bozo.

18 Languages big and small - THE FACTS

20 Marni naa pudni Kaurna yarta-ana (Welcome to Kaurna country)
In the Adelaide plains, one Aboriginal language is enjoying an unlikely revival, explains Katrina Power.

22 Up and down
Winners and losers in the rollercoaster ride of language survival.

23 Of speech and species
The ongoing vitality of minority languages is a must if our planet is to survive, argues Suzanne Romaine.

28 Valeria’s story
Anne Hoffman hears about the struggle for reproductive rights in Chile.

【Mixed Media】
34 Film reviews
Jimmy’s Hall, directed by Ken Loach; Of Horses and Men, directed and written by Benedikt Erlingsson

35 Music reviews
Toumani & Sidiki by Toumani Diabate and Sidiki Diabate; La Tsadika by Mor Karbasi

36 Book reviews
I Am China by Xiaolu Guo; Foreign Gods, Inc by Okey Ndibe; The Hunt for the Golden Mole by Richard Girling; The Secret World of Oil by Ken Silverstein

PLUS: Also out there…

31 Steve Parry
Corporate whore, moi?
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

33 Mark Engler
America after Piketty’s charge.

4 Letters
Western arrogance; Paul Simon; and beyond totalitarianism.

5 Letter from Bangui
There is no easy getaway for the tens of thousands of internal refugees camping near the airport, says Ruby Diamonde.

26 Country Profile: Israel

30 Making Waves
Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn talks to Lydia James about Afghanistan’s Theatre of the Oppressed.

32 Southern Exposure
Azhar A Rahim captures a moment of play in a mosque in Kuala Lumpur.

38 And Finally
Award-winning novelist Xiaolu Guo talks to Graeme Green about literature, materialism and growing up in rural China.

Organ trafficking(臓器売買ビジネスの現実)

Stories making the news this month
6 Ugandan LGBTI community down but not out
6 Roma discrimination rife in Slovakia
7 PepsiCo says no
7 Indians ask: how do I kiss?
7 Introducing Arseniy Yatsenyuk
8 Blanket assault on Cambodian garment workers
8 East-West strain over Ukraine
9 Keeping UKIP out of EU
9 Abled people say
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be cheerful.

【The Big Story】
Organ trafficking
10 Perpetual scars
A forensic examination of the persistent problem of trafficking vulnerable people for their organs, and what it would take to stamp it out, by Nancy Scheper-Hughes.
PLUS: Stories and opinions from those with personal experience of the trade.

21 The Medicus affair
A report from Kosovo on the skullduggery of an international gang of medical criminals and the tortuous road to bring them to justice. By Selvije Bajrami.

23 A living donor Bill of Rights
Principles for protection.

24 Dear Potential Organ Buyer...
If you think the trade on human organs just needs proper regulation, read Nancy Scheper Hughes’ exploration of the options.

28 Beyond burnout
Post-traumatic stress disorder is an occupational hazard for
activists on the frontline, says Amy Hall.

30 10 reasons to be worried about the trojan treaties Hazel Healy looks at two monster US-led free-trade deals.

【Mixed Media】
34 Film reviews
We Are the Best! directed by Lukas Moodysson; An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker, directed by Danis Tanovic.

35 Music reviews
Underwater Dub by Sly and Robbie; MetaL MetaL by Meta Meta.

36 Book reviews
The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda by Fawaz A Gerges;
A Philosophy of Walking by Frederic Gros; Charlie Chaplin by Peter Ackroyd; and The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld.
PLUS: Also out there…

32 Chris Coltrane
Carbon stomp.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

33 Mark Engler
Cadillac’s electric dream is a nightmare.

4 Letters
Legal protection for whistleblowers and praise for basic income.

5 Letter from Bangui
Ruby Diamonde visits the Ba-aka forest people to find out
about the impact of missionaries.

26 Country Profile:
The Philippines

38 And Finally
Filmmaker and director Uri Fruchtmann tells Jo Lateu why he supports activists who expose wrongdoing through video.

Blow the whistle!(内部の秘密を暴く時)

Stories making the news this month
6 Impunity darkens Indian elections
6 Afghanistan:time to move on?
7 Sleep in for St George
7 Introducing Hery
7 Namibia’s nutrition double whammy
8 Jordan Valley Palestinians face eviction
8 A freer press in Burma
9 Krey vs Rio Tinto
9 Solar’s unlikely ally
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】
10 Don’t shoot the messenger!
Admired by the public, reviled by those in power, whistleblowers are on the frontline of democracy. But need they be martyrs? Vanessa Baird asks.

15 Blasts from the past...
A historic look at some who took the plunge to make a difference.

16 ’I had to do it’
Psychoanalyst David Morgan on what makes some people risk all to speak out.

18 Brave Father Musala
The cleric who exposed sex abuse in Uganda’s Catholic Church talks to Patience Akumu.

20 Money shouts
Whistleblower Ian Taplin investigates whether exposing
banking malpractice has got any easier.

22 Dead bastards
Heaven help military personnel who blow the whistle. Alexa O’Brien is tracking the case of Chelsea Manning.

24 Cheap drugs and the millionaire whistleblower
Sandhya Srinivasan writes from India on the curious tale of Dinesh Thakur and the generics maker Ranbaxy.

【Mixed Media】
28 Music reviews
Marinah by El Baile de las Horas; The Phoenix and the Turtle by Beverley Martyn.

29 Film reviews
The Past, directed by Asghar Farhadi; Plot for Peace, directed by Carlos Aguilo and Mandy Jacobson.

30 Book reviews
The Man Who Loved Dogs by Leonardo Padura; Charlie Chaplin by Peter Ackroyd; Feminist Activism, Women’s Rights and Legal Reform by Mulki Al-Sharmani; The People by Selina Todd.
PLUS:Also out there...

4 Letters
Migrants, morality and Australian shame.

5 Letter from Bangui
Where do you go when your home no longer exists? Ruby Diamonde hears one woman’s story.

26 Country Profile: Colombia

38 And Finally
Louise Gray talks to award-winning musician Angelique Kidjo about the resilience of African music, and why she won’t be pigeon-holed.

36 Steve Parry
Warning:columnists can damage your health.
PLUS:Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

37 Mark Engler
Art is politics:revisiting Paul Simon’s Graceland.

32 Yasuni: a cautionary tale Ecuador’s national park has become a cause celebre. But can it still be saved? Tim Gee investigates.

35 Love unites us
Nadja Wohlleben’s photos capture Lebanon’s silent constitutional revolution.

Hooked on commodities(資源と食料をめぐる国際狂奏曲)

Stories making the news this month
6 TTIP-ing point
6 Fridge fatigue in Ghana
6 15 years ago... in New Internationalist
7 Reintroducing Sheikh Hasina
7 Pastries against poverty
7 Lock up your genitals
8 Nuns, ministers, priests and babies
8 South Sudan war-torn again
9 Sexism movie ratings
9 Oil-free art
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】
10 The pitfalls of resource wealth
Natural resource wealth isn’t always a blessing. As Wayne Ellwood discovers, sometimes it can be just the opposite.

14 Sticky business
Canada has put all its eggs into one big basket full of tar sands. That’s a major mistake, argues Andrew Nikiforuk - for the country and the planet.

17 A tsingular beauty
Kara Moses reports on plans to dig bitumen in Madagascar.

18 Commodities and dependency - THE FACTS

20 No joy in soy
Demand for genetically modified soy is changing the face of Argentina. And not for the better, says Eilis O’Neill.

22 Touch the earth
The global conflict between indigenous rights and mining companies. By Jen Wilton.

24 King coal runs amok
Alex Scrivener guides us through the coal-ravaged landscape of East Kalimantan.

【Mixed Media】
28 Music reviews
Soutak by Aziza Brahim; Coin
Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile by Matana Roberts..

29 Film reviews
The Rocket, directed by Kim Mordaunt; Bastards, directed by Claire Denis; Stranger By The Lake, directed by Alain Guiraudie.

30 Book reviews
Baghdad Central by Elliott Colla; Dust by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor; Invisible Women of Prehistory by Judy Foster with Marlene Derlet; The Poverty of Capitalism by John Hilary.
PLUS: Also out there...

33 Chris Coltrane
Money-making and morality are seldom bedfellows.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

37 Mark Engler
The winter of the climate denier.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters

5 Letter from Bangui
Local interpretation of the war is more nuanced than that of Western journalists, says Ruby Diamonde.

26 Country Profile: Iran

38 And Finally
Investigative journalism is a dangerous, but essential, job in El Salvador, Oscar Martinez tells Graeme Green

Detained world(拘束される移民たち)

Stories making the news this month
6 Migrant worker abuse in Saudi Arabia exposed
6 Kenya: Somalis out!
7 Songlines app in Australia
7 Introducing Juan Orlando Hernandez
7 Professor Dumpster
8 20 years of Mexico’s Zapatistas
8 Kept in slavery in Mauritania
9 72 hours to death in Indonesia
9 Norway’s TV slowdown
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
29 The best of 2013.
30 Film reviews: Inside Llewyn Davis, directed by Joel and Ethan Coen; Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, directed by Justin Chadwick.
31 Music reviews: The Huambo Musica Sessions by Tsikaya and Victor Gama; Gentle Men by Roy Bailey et al; The Enchanted Mesa by Stefan Zeniuk and Gato Loco.
32 Book reviews: Ripper by Isabel Allende; Archduke Franz Ferdinand Lives! by Richard Ned Lebow; How to Win the Class War by Susan George; and Lethal Allies by Anne Cadwallader. PLUS: Also out there...

The Big Story - Detention

10 Foreigners behind bars
Detaining migrants is costly, pointless and inhumane - and on the rise. Time to turn the tide back, argues Hazel Healy.

15 Detaining migrants - THE FACTS

16 Making a killing
Outsourcing detention to private companies is a recipe for a disaster says Antony Loewenstein.

18 Inhospitable Israel
Tel Aviv is taking it to the next level with plans to hold African asylum-seekers in desert camps indefinitely, reports Joseph Cox.

20 Tough Guide to the World’s Detention Centres
Tim Baster & Isabelle Merminod offer a satirical round-up of the insalubrious accommodation awaiting travellers from the Global South.

22 Thinking outside the fence
Campaigners debate the merits of NGO-led alternatives to custodial detention.

25 Take it futher
Campaigns, action and resources

4 Letters
5 Letter from Bangui
There is more to life in the Central African Republic than bad news, says Ruby Diamonde.
26 Country Profile: Turkmenistan
37 Puzzle Page PLUS: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet cartoon.
38 And Finally
Anthropologist, author and activist David Graeber talks to Jo Lateu about Occupy Wall Street, living like an anarchist . and the mystery of British masochism.

34 Argument: Is flying still beyond the pale?
Climate researcher Kevin Anderson and business adviser Brendan May go head to head.
28 Mark Engler The great Monsanto food prize fiasco.
36 Steve Parry Please, sir, I want some more schools!
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

Fracking - The gathering storm (新たな石油・ガス採掘技術、フラッキングが引き起こしている問題)

Stories making the news this month
6 Settling old scores in Sri Lanka
6 Greece’s boss-free factory
6 15 years ago... in New Internationalist
7 Re-introducing Ilham Aliyev
7 Restrictions up in smoke
7 Sinking homeland
8 Cellphone justice for sterilized women
8 Stuck in the middle in Gilgit-Baltistan
9 Iraq’s forgotten refugees
9 Sperm jailbreak in the West Bank
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
30 Film reviews
The Patience Stone co-written and directed by Atiq Rahimi;
Utopia written and co-directed by John Pilger.

31 Music reviews
Quarter to Six by The Idan Raichel Project; The Secret Sounds of Savamala by Howlround.

32 Book reviews
The Party Forever by Rowan Callick; The Sky Wept Fire by Mikail Eldin; Madam Ataturk by Ipek Calislar; Bolivia: Processes of change by John Crabtree and Ann Chaplin.
PLUS: Also out there...

The Big Story - Fracking

10 The frack files
Our 13 page lowdown on fracking and why communities around the world are so against it. The myths, the science, the history, the empty promises, the facts - all in this handy primer written by environmental researcher Danny Chivers.Includes What The Frack...? The fracking process explained visually.

23 ’We cannot have democracy without freedom from fossil fuels’
Interview with Gasland director Josh Fox.

24 The people’s campaign
Reports on the fightback from Argentina, Australia and South Africa.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters
Changing aid; the significance of the red cross; and where does resistance come
PLUS: I’m a New Internationalist.

5 Letter from Botswana
What is the accommodation between tradition and modernity, wonders
Wame Molefhe.

27 Making Waves
Dean Peacock, the director of Sonke Gender Justice Network, is determined
to engage men and boys in women’s rights. By Janey Stephenson.

28 Country Profile: Central African Republic

38 And Finally
Palestinian actor Saleh Bakri tells Frank Barat why fame will not change
him - or his passion for justice for his people.

34 The end of the line
Indian railway stations are a magnet for impoverished children looking for a better future. What usually awaits them is abuse and exploitation. Terina Keene on an initiative helping them find a way out.

37 Chris Coltrane
Success should be measured in chocolate-chip muffins.
PLUS: Poly’s Big Bad World cartoon.

We are able (障がい者にとっての障害とは何か)

Stories making the news this month
6 Eyes peeled on Vedanta
6 Ending the book hunger
7 Hair thieves on the prowl
7 Introducing Tony Abbott
7 Cyber-dissidents jailed
8 Tierra y libertad
8 Tax haven stand-off
9 Challenge to Walmart
9 Climate set-to
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
32 Music reviews
Vari-Colored Songs: A Tribute to Langston Hughes, by Leyla McCalla; Mortissa by Cigdem Aslan.

33 Film reviews
The Selfish Giant, directed by Clio Barnard; Gloria, directed by Sebastian Lelio.

34 Book reviews
Helium by Jaspreet Singh; Snake Dance by Patrick Marnham; The Orchard of Lost Souls by Nadifa Mohamed; and The Frackers by Gregory Zuckerman.
PLUS: Also out there…

The Big Story - Disability

10 Rolling towards progress
Jody Mcintyre takes the notion of disability to task with a personal exploration of difference and defiance.

14 Out of the ruins of the Rana Plaza
Photographer Suvra Kanti Das meets survivors of the garment factory collapse in Dhaka.

16 Why does abuse persist in Romania?
Luke Dale-Harris reports on the ongoing battle to improve the rights of disabled people locked away in secretive Romanian institutions.

18 Disability - THE FACTS

20 From hero to zero
Maysoon Zayid explores the challenges facing those disabled by war, occupation and prejudice.

22 Nobody is ’normal’
Jody Mcintyre speaks to comedienne Francesca Martinez about growing up ’wobbly’ and resisting austerity in Britain.

24 In our own words
Citizen journalists Sheku Feika and Anoop Kumar tell the remarkable tales of three disabled young people from Sierra Leone and India.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters
Western responsibility for sex-selective abortion; making war on any pretext.
PLUS: I’m a New Internationalist.
5 Letter from Botswana
It’s time for the nation to shake off its lethargy, says Wame Molefhe.
26 Country Profile: Bolivia
38 And Finally
Investigative journalist and filmmaker John Pilger tells Hazel Healy about his
new film, and explains why Australia is still on an international ’shame list’.

28 ’Everybody preferred children’
Combating child prostitution in Brazil is more urgent than ever - especially with the expected influx of foreign tourists for the 2014 World Cup, writes Olivia Crellin.
30 Desperate measures
Why Bangladeshis are selling the only asset they have - their organs. By Sophie Cousins.

36 Steve Parry
Mandela, my hero!
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.
37 Mark Engler
Even if you have nothing to hide.

Where have all the girls gone?(なぜ人々は子殺しまでして娘より息子が欲しいのか)

Stories making the news this month
6 Rise of the killer robots
6 Yasuni in peril
7 Immigration untruths
7 Introducing Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
7 Fair enough?
8 Muslim activists defy state power
8 What kind of peace?
9 Digital discrimination
9 Congo Calling
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by
Simon Kneebone, and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
32 Music reviews: Denfila by Donso; Places of Worship by Arve Henriksen.
33 Film reviews: Hannah Arendt, directed by Margarethe von Trotta; InRealLife, directed by Beeban Kidron.
34 Book reviews: The Village Against the World by Dan Hancox; Betrayal by Adriaan Van Dis; Pink Sari Revolution by Amana Fontanella-Khan; and
Narcoland by Anabel Hernandez. PLUS: Also out there...

The Big Story - The scandal of sex selection

10 Girls not allowed
Prenatal sex selection is an unfolding tragedy.
Vanessa Baird assesses the damage done - both personal and global.

15 The girls are back in town
How South Korea got back to normal.

16 Missing girls - THE FACTS

18 Only the best... it has to be a boy
Rajashri Dasgupta explodes a few myths about educated middle-class women in India.

20 Keeping Prerna
Daily-wage earner Kajri is defying her husband to save her daughter. She confided in Ankita Balloh.

21 Patriarchs flex their muscles
Onnik Krikorian on the anti-abortion response to Georgia’s skewed sex ratios.

22 Daughters are more caring
Is China changing its mind about sex? Clarissa Sebag-
Montefiore reports from Beijing.

24 Blue Dragon to the rescue
Two Vietnamese girls are rescued from Chinese brothels. Phillip Martin accompanied them on their journey home.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters
Menstruation - an invisible topic; mega-greed; and what about religious minorities?
5 Letter from Botswana
If ’patriotism’ means exclusion of others, Wame Molefhe wants no part of it.
26 Country Profile: Zimbabwe
36 Making Waves
Nigel Wilson meets Maha Alasil, an ordinary woman going to extraordinary lengths to help Syrian refugees in Jordan.
38 And Finally
Malian singer-songwriter Rokia Traore talks to Graeme Green about being
an ’Afro-progressive’ and how politics informs her music.

28 Keeping the peace
Brennan O’Connor visits Burma, where religious persecution of Muslims is being challenged by grassroots initiatives.

31 Chris Coltrane Racists, go home.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.
37 Mark Engler There’s always money for war.

Pirates! - The arrgh-ther side of the story (アフリカの海賊の真実)

Stories making the news this month
06 Unsporting evictions in Brazil
06 Deported without your kids
07 Women vs the army in Kashmir
07 Introducing Hassan Rouhani
07 Austerity angst in Britain
8 Working like a horse
8 Constitutional concerns in Japan
9 Chile’s 9/11
9 Bullies beware
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by
Simon Kneebone, and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
32 Music reviews
Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me by Danny Michel with the Garifuna Collective; and Dalmak by Esmerine.

33 Film reviews
Call Girl, directed by Mikael Marcimain; and Foxfire, directed by Laurent Cantet.

34 Book reviews
Another America by James Ciment; Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb; An Uncertain Glory by Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen; Needle in a Haystack by Ernesto Mallo; and A Crack in the Wall by Claudia Pineiro.
PLUS: Also out there...

The Big Story - Pirates!

10 Empire strikes back
Hazel Healy looks at where counter-piracy is going wrong.

14 Piracy - THE FACTS

15 A pirate’s life for me
Jatin Dua investigates the ever-blurry line between protector and pirate in coastal Somalia.

18 Falling out with the locals
Pirates in Somalia hastened their own demise by alienating communities with their anti-social behaviour, journalist Jamal Osman tells Hazel Healy.

19 In the firing line
Piracy is just one in a long list of problems facing seafarers in a cutthroat shipping industry, reports Olivia Swift.

22 Pirate Primer
An illustrated guide to buccaneers, corsairs and privateers through the ages, from Peter Willis.

24 Outgunned
Dayo Aiyetan and Theophilus Abbah offer a West African take on piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters
The debt juggernaut; maximum wages; and stop being mean to vultures.

5 Letter from Botswana
Dining by candlelight is not always a matter of choice, as Wame Molefhe discovers.

26 Country Profile: China

38 And Finally Afghan MP Fawzia Koofi wants women to get out of their traditional closet.

28 Europe points the finger of blame
Migrants have become the scapegoats in financially straitened times, reports Amy Hall.

30 Worth their salt
Matthew Newsome meets a social entrepreneur helping India’s salt-workers out of the poverty trap.

36 A toilet makes the difference
Girls in Somalia now have a better chance of completing their education. Katharina Wecker explains.

37 Steve Parry Comedians take on the clowns.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

At the service of debt(社会における債務という問題)

Stories making the news this month
6 Church on the rampage in Georgia
6 Eritrea’s robo-liberators
7 Guilt-free cellphone
7 Introducing Nicolas Maduro
7 Condom wars in Kenya
8 Thailand: We need bats
8 Out of the frying pan in Greece
9 Sexism’s a drag in Iran
9 My hot chilli peppers
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone, and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
32 Film reviews:
Hot Docs special Narco Cultura, Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer; Fatal Assistance; American Commune; and The Kill Team.

34 Music reviews: Droit dans la Gueule du Loup by Melissmell; and Stand Up,
People: Gypsy Pop Songs from Tito’s Yugoslavia by Various Artists.

35 Book reviews: Meet Me in Gaza by Louisa B Waugh; A Village Awaits Doomsday by Jaideep Hardikar; Johnson’s Dictionary by David Dabydeen; and The Devil’s Workshop by Jachym Topol.

The Big Story - Debt

10 Debt - a global scam
The actions of creditors are key to debt crises, argues Dinyar Godrej.

15 Let us prey
The funds that feast on countries in trouble.


18 It’s Europe’s turn
The scourge that hobbled development in the Majority World now infects Europe. By Susan George.

22 All together now!
North and South must unite, says campaigner Nick Dearden, now that the debt landscape has widened.

25 Rise up! Action and Resources.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters

5 Letter from Botswana
Wame Molefhe finds hope in the country’s traditional community meetings.

26 Country Profile: Equatorial Guinea

36 Making Waves
Rin Simpson meets eco-village pioneer Paul Wimbush.

38 And Finally
Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano on dreams, justice, football - and his first teacher’s legs.

28 In the valley of conflict
Sofi Lundin on the seldomreported plight of the Pandit minority in Kashmir.

37 Chris Coltrane Forget One Direction - we need a new direction.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

Argentina’s challenge - doing it differently (アルゼンチンの挑戦)

Stories making the news this month
6 Colombia: Justice knocks at general’s door
6 G8 comes to town
7 Adidas pays up
7 Reintroducing Serzh Sargsyan
7 Trouble every day in Central African Republic
8 LGBT boldly go
8 Free the Eritrean captives
9 Britain’s secret courts
9 Frackademics
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone, and Reasons to be cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
32 Music reviews
South Sudan Survivors by General Paolino featuring Mama Celina; and Quercus by Quercus.

33 Film reviews
Stories We Tell, directed by Sarah Polley; Night of Silence, directed by Reis Celik; and The Stoker, directed by Aleksei Baladanov.

34 Book reviews
Children of the Jacaranda Tree by Sahar Delijani; Brothers at War: the unending conflict in Korea by Sheila Miyoshi Jager; What the River Washed Away by Muriel Mharie Macleod; and Paralysed with Fear by Gareth Williams.

35 Also out there...

The Big Story - Argentina

10 Argentina’s challenge
Stormy times in the world’s eight largest country. Are there lessons to be learned? asks Vanessa Baird.

13 Since 1946...a short history of coups, crises and Peronism.

14 Who needs a boss?
A timely remedy for bankruptcy.

16 Speak truth
Argentina’s love affair with co-operatives has its ambiguities.

18 Facing the vultures
Unorthodox economics is put to the test.

21 Not one step backwards
Impunity in the dock as progress is made on human rights.

23 Trans revolutionary
Activist Lohana Berkins explains how Argentina is pioneering transgender rights.

25 A clash of dreams
A bad place to be indigenous. But Argentina’s ’original peoples’ are gathering momentum.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters

5 Letter from Botswana
Scratch the surface of the country’s alturism and you will find intolerance, says Wame Molefhe.

28 Country profile: Malawi

36 Making Waves
Veronique Mistiaen talks to Iraqi environmentalist Azzam Alwash.

30 Ghosts on our own land
Ollie Milman reports from Indonesia on how palm oil plantations are threatening the lives and livelihoods of local farmers and workers.

37 Mark Engler Provoking an American climate crisis.

38 Steve Parry It’s party time.
Plus: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon


Land grabs (土地収奪)

Stories making the news this month
6 Mass agitation in Bulgaria
6 Baby milk battles
7 Energy for all
7 Introducing Beppe Grillo
7 Chadian dictator in court
8 Life after Chavez
8 Activist victory in Britain
9 Indonesian forests first
9 Bouncier babies
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by
Simon Kneebone, and Reasons to be cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
32 Music reviews
Alter by Nynke; and Albala by Samba Toure.

33 Film reviews
The Reluctant Fundamentalist, directed by Mira Nair; The Gatekeepers, directed by Dror Moreh; and Fuck for Forest, directed by Michal Marczak.

34 Book reviews
Children of the Days by Eduardo Galeano; The Poorer Nations by Vijay Prashad; A Death in the Lucky Holiday Hotel by Pin Ho and Wenguang Huang; and The Enigma of the Return by Dany Laferriere.

35 Also out there...

The Big Story - Land grabs

10 The smallholders’ last stand
Investors are snapping up land in the Global South at an alarming rate. Hazel Healy goes to Mozambique to meet the farmers who are losing their homes and livelihoods.

14 Land Grabs - The Facts

16 Invest in small farmers
Time to turn back the clock on decades of neglect of peasant agriculture.

17 Cazizi village holds its ground
Communities are working to get forestry companies to clean up their act, with mixed results.

21 Securing the global commons
The land grab has not gone unchallenged. Find out more about how to stop it.

22 Hotspots
A global tour of controversial land deals.

24 The eye of the farmer fattens the beast
Zimbabwe proves small producers can compete with big farms.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters

5 Letter from Botswana
Wame Molefhe gets to grips with the importance of cows.

26 Country Profile: Indonesia

38 And Finally
Comedian, author and activist Rob Newman on austerity, welfare - and how the triangle could save Greece.

28 This is Africa
David Fedele relates a true and uncomfortable tale of a tardy Good Samaritan.

36 Coming back from the brink?
Can India’s dwindling vulture population be saved? Graeme Green investigates.

31 Mark Engler The case for a maximum wage.

37 Chris Coltrane Democracy only works when we know the truth.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.


Why is housing in such a state? (みんなの住まいは大丈夫なのか)

Stories making the news this month
6 Chris Hani remembered
6 Israeli drone crimes
7 Bikes for guns in Uruguay
7 Introducing John Mahama
7 FGM rates cut
8 Ill winds in Mexico
8 Extreme trade threat in Egypt
9 Indian copyright clash
9 Fair freight ahoy!
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon
Kneebone, and Reasons to be cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
32 Film reviews
Good Vibrations, directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn; 7 Stones, directed by Conor McCormack; and Spirit of ’45, directed by Ken Loach.

33 Music reviews
Mala by Devendra Banhart; and Mo7it Al-Mo7it by Jerusalem in My Heart.

34 Book reviews
Telling the Bees by Peggy Hesketh; The General by Ahmed Errachidi with Gillian Slovo; The People of Forever are Not Afraid by Shani Boianjiu; and The Second Arab Awakening by Adeed Dawisha.

35 Also out there...

The Big Story - Housing

10 Safe as houses?
Beyond the scandal and delusion of property bubbles, Dinyar Godrej looks at ways to turn houses into homes.

14 Sparks from the Spanish crucible
The movement for housing justice gathers pace. Melissa García Lamarca reports.

16 Housing - The Facts

18 Dreams deferred
China’s property boom leaves workers out in the cold, finds Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore.

20 Beyond the barricade
Unity is survival in Manila’s slums. Iris C Gonzales meets some survivors.

22 Joining hands
Housing models to beat the tyranny of the marketplace explored by Samir Jeraj.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters

5 Letter from Botswana
Wame Molefhe considers the rituals of death - and of life, as she bids farewell to a friend.

36 Southern Exposure
Miguel Araoz Cartagena looks to the stars.

38 And Finally
Film director Ken Loach on drawing inspiration from those who fight back against oppression.

26 The real story behind the terrorist attack on the Algerian gas plant
There is strong evidence of Algerian secret service complicity in the attack, says Jeremy Keenan.

37 Steve Parry Why can’t the one per cent play nicely?
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

What has development done for me? - Four decades in the life of the world

Stories making the news this month
6 Kenya: highly charged election
6 Syria’s diaspora doctors
7 Idle No More in Canada
7 Introducing Park Geun-hye
7 Joining the dots in Oz
8 India: enough is enough
8 Iraq: shields 10 years on
9 Chile’s Erin Brockovista
9 Britain: what IF?
PLUS: 40 years ago New Internationalist is born, Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone, and Reasons to be cheerful.

【Mixed Media】
28 Film reviews
Shell, directed by Scott Graham;
Lore, directed by Cate Shortland;
and Compliance directed by Craig Zobel.

29 Music reviews
Eu Preciso de um Liquidificador by Graveola; and Celebrating Subversion by The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow.

30 Book reviews
A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki;
China’s Urban Billion by Tom Miller;
Politics of Origin in Africa by Morten Boas and Kevin Dunn;
and The Sound of One Hand Killing by Teresa Solana.

31 Also out there - including Nick Cave;
the latest novel from Barbara Kingsolver; and stirring documentary Fire in the Blood.

The Big Story - Development

10 A measure of progress
The founding editor of the New Internationalist, Peter Adamson, looks at how the world has changed since the magazine started ? and argues for a new push against inequality.

14 World Progress 1970-2010 - The Facts

16 Where are they now?
Revisiting some of the individuals who have featured in the magazine’s pages over the years:
Aminatou Haidar, from Western Sahara; Rigoberta Menchu, from Guatemala
Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani, from Iran; Mari Marcel Thekaekara, from India;
and Domitila Barrios de Chungara, from Bolivia.

20 Liberating the world from development
The idea of ’development’ was given a new lease of life by globalization but Wolfgang Sachs argues that it damages both people and the planet.

26 Millennium Development Goals
Eight thematic maps showing how the world is matching up to its 2015 targets.

【Regular Features】
4 Letters
Wealth is an attitude of mind; more on Monsanto; and I am a New Internationalist ? meet subscriber Sheila Tucker.

5 Letter from Botswana
Laughter and tolerance run dry in a land where HIV is still a swear word, says Wame Molefhe.

32 Country Profile: Egypt

38 And Finally
A civil rights activist since the 1960s, Angela Davis has no intention of slowing down now.
She tells Frank Barat what keeps her going.

34 Waiting for Chinggis
Tina Burrett and Christopher Simons travel to Mongolia, where the memory of a warrior-hero is inspiring a nomadic people to fight for their past and their future.

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