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The Equality Effect(平等がもたらす効果)

6 Copy-cat war on drugs in Indonesia
6 Spain’s fearless cities
7 Copyright win for blind people
7 Introducing Lenin Moreno
7 Rosia Montana blowback in Romania
8 Malawi: neutralizing the killer in the kitchen
8 Pacifism in peril in Japan, again
9 The People versus Arctic Oil in Norway
9 China’s anthem tempo-tantrum
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story - The Equality Effect】
10 The Equality Effect
Danny Dorling begins his series of articles by presenting the evidence that greater equality benefits everyone, rich and poor - and argues that it can offer us all political hope.
16 When we were more equal
A few fragments from the surprising history of equality - from the pointlessness of the Pyramids to the Roman Empire’s disastrous impact on health, with cartoons by Ella Furness.
18 The rich, the poor and the earth
Surprising new data shows that equality is not only good for health and happiness but also for the environment.
22 Firing up the change
Danny Dorling charts some possible ways forward, including a basic income scheme and/or a maximum wage, but also argues that we must learn from the countries that have not taken the road to inequality.

28 Lessons from the thirst economy
Water shortages are routine in India. Fiona Broom on citizens caught between climate change and profiteers.

31 Mark Engler Trump and the politics of impeachment
37 Kate Smurthwaite The cult of insecurity
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

【Mixed media】
32 Film reviews
The pick of the documentaries from the Toronto Hot Docs festival.
34 Book reviews
I Was Told to Come Alone by Souad Mekhennet; Trans Like Me by CN Lester; We: Reviving Social Hope by Ronald Aronson.
35 Music reviews
Kin Sonic by Jupiter & Okwess; Salone by Kondi Band.

4 Letters
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Ramses Morales from Cuba.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth on a festival for a man called Pablo.
26 Country Profile: Afghanistan
36 Making Waves
Indian land rights activist Prafulla Samantara talks to Veronique Mistiaen.
38 And Finally
Malian musician Fatoumata Diawara talks to Megan Iacobini di Fazio.


Stories making the news this month
6 Colombians put stoppers on mammoth goldmine
6 US migrants show their power
7 Feminist folk in China
7 Introducing Carrie Lam
7 Citizenship win for Makonde people in Kenya
8 Subverting the City worldwide
8 Italians obstruct ‘Europe’s Keystone’ pipeline in Puglia
9 Nigeria court action over Saro-Wiwa memorial
9 Child brings climate law suit against Indian government
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story - Homelessness】
10 Finding home
With house prices and rents soaring, Wayne Ellwood, searches for a remedy to homelessness.
14 Breaking the cycle
Sian Griffiths reports on a practical movement and joined-up thinking.
16 Homelessness - The Facts
18 ‘Smart City’ plan stumbles over slums
India’s $15 billion grand project is already in trouble. Nimisha Jaiswal investigates.
20 Homeless voices
Personal stories from the Philippines, Britain, Mexico and the US.
22 Escape to the street
Catherine Yeomans on how to tackle youth homelessness.
24 Raising the roof
A round-up of inspired ideas and practices.

28 Nigeria dares to hope
The battle against polio is also one against violence and mistrust. Laura Jiménez Varo investigates.
PLUS: Open Window by Wissam Asaad.

31 Mark Engler The right way to rewrite NAFTA

【Mixed media】
32 Film reviews
Machines, directed by Rahul Jain; The Other Side of Hope, directed by Aki Kaurismäki.
33 Music reviews
Rûwâhîne by Ifriqiyya Electrique, The Underside of Power by Algiers.
34 Book reviews
Sorry to Disrupt the Peace by Patty Yumi Cottrell; Roots, Radicals and Rockers by Billy Bragg; Breaking Sudan by Jok Maduk Jok; The Island that Disappeared by Tom Feiling.
PLUS: Also out there...

4 Letters
Fitting return to West Papua; information pathway; deflating xenophobes.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth on lake dwellers in a time of climate change
26 Country Profile: Algeria
36 Making Waves Brave Congolese conservationist
Rodrigue Magaruka Katembo talks to Veronique Mistiaen.
37 Southern Exposure
Chandan Robert Rebeiro captures a budding Bangladeshi photographer.
38 And Finally Author Mohsin Hamid talks to Graeme Green.

Freedom in sight?(西パプアの自由と解放)

6 A Marvel-ous transformation
6 Ethical archaeology in Ecuador
7 Kashmir’s pashmina woes
7 Introducing Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed
7 Dirty banking in Europe
8 In defence of Tibet’s mother tongue
8 Sweet solidarity in Tunisia
9 France approves historic law
9 Climate 1, aviation 0 in Austria
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story - West Papua】
10 Morning star rising
After 54 years of struggle under Indonesian rule, is freedom finally in sight for West Papua? Danny Chivers investigates.
15 West Papua: the facts
16 Sacrifice zone: BP, Freeport and the West Papuan independence struggle
Gold, copper, palm oil, natural gas: some profit from West Papua, while others pay the price. Connor Woodman goes digging for the truth.
18 The drumbeat of resistance
‘The struggle is in the song, and the song is in the struggle.’West Papuan musician Ronny Kareni explains the vital role of Melanesian culture in the fight for freedom.
20 Voices from the ground
Repression, resistance and hopes for the future: West Papuans speak to Veronica Koman about life under occupation.
22 Take action for West Papua!
23 ‘We are ready’
What would an independent West Papua look like? West Papuan leaders Rex Rumakiek and Benny Wenda lay out their vision exclusively for New Internationalist.

28 Breaking the trauma taboo
Michiel Driebergen and Alex Masi meet volunteers providing much-needed psychological support in war-torn Ukraine.

30 Chris Coltrane
Water shame.
PLUS Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.
31 Mark Engler
Boosting the backlash.

【Mixed media】
32 Film reviews
The Handmaiden, directed by Park Chan-wook; Frantz, directed by Francois Ozon.
33 Music reviews
Mogoya by Oumou Sangare; The ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda by Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda.
34 Book reviews
October by China Mieville; Things We Lost in the Fire by Mariana Enriquez; Another economy is Possible by Manuel Castells et al; Good Cop, Bad War by Neil Woods with JS Rafaeli.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Is Bolivia’s hard-fought democracy under threat? wonders Amy Booth.
26 Country Profile: Nepal
36 Southern exposure
Iqbal Hossein photographs Rohingya refugees, and hears their harrowing experiences.
38 And Finally
Sleaford Mods’ vocalist Jason Williamson talks to Graeme Green about anger, politics and antisinging.

Populism rises again(ポピュリズムの再来)

6 Water protectors promote democracy in Morocco
6 No cash, little hope for India’s poor
7 The ugly face of Benetton
7 Introducing Adama Barrow
7 Sudan targets Darfuri students
8 Flamingos under fire in Iraq
8 Challenging deportation in Britain
9 Murders most foul in Mexico
9 March for Aleppo
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story - Populism】
10 The will of the people
Hardliners are thriving on popular disenchantment with politics. Dinyar Godrej on the challenge they pose.
15 Is democracy in danger?
The surveys showing cause for concern.
16 Whose truth is it anyway?
NJ Enfield on ‘alternative facts’ and true believers.
18 The Establishment is not a viable candidate
The Trump shock shows that the same old same old is no longer an option. Jonathan Matthew Smucker on building the progressive alternative.
21 Mr Tough
The violence of the Duterte regime in the Philippines and the devotion of his fans, as witnessed by Iris C Gonzales.
24 The populist moment
It’s time for a rough and ready populism of the Left, says Richard Swift.

28 A personal welcome
In Canada, private sponsors are paying refugees’
resettlement costs. But should such a scheme be replicated elsewhere? Sian Griffiths reports.
PLUS Open Window, with guest cartoonist Pedro X Molina from Nicaragua.
32 A second chance
Rebecca Cooke meets young women in Mozambique who
are defying the odds and resisting child marriage.

31 Mark Engler
When sanctuary is resistance.

【Mixed media】
34 Film reviews
A Quiet Passion, directed by Terence Davies; The Salesman, directed by Asghar Farhadi.
35 Music reviews
République Amazone by Les Amazones d’Afrique; A Common Truth by Saltland.
36 Book reviews
They Can’t Kill us All by Wesley Lowery; Romaphobia by Aidan McGarry; Familiar Stranger by Stuart Hall with Bill Schwartz; heretics by Leonardo Padura.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
The dilemma of giving; loaded terms; locating the Spratlys.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth experiences a distinctly Bolivian form of protest.
26 Country Profile: Cambodia
38 And Finally
Veteran journalist P Sainath tells Charukesi Ramadurai about his latest project, the People’s Archive of Rural India.



6 Protesters acquitted in Peru
6 Canadian teachers’ union victorious
7 Women step up in Iraq
7 Introducing Ilhan Omar
7 Uniting against hate in Britain
8 Kenyan co-ops driving change
8 Progress interrupted in Burma
9 CNN shamed by Ghanaians
9 A mothers’ friend in India
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】
10 The brave
Courage can change the world. Vanessa Baird delves into what makes some people exceptionally brave.
14 One woman against Big Oil and patriarchy
Alicia Cawiya, prepared to defy the powerful to save Ecuador’s Yasuni, talks to Linda Etchart.
16 Taking on the sand mafia
Hired thugs won’t stop S Mugilan. The South Indian activist talks to Sibi Arasu.
18 Everybody’s target
Abdullah Al Khateeb talks to Erin Kilbride about his perilous humanitarian work in Syria.
20 Justice turns its back on us
Impunity rules in today’s Honduras. Trans activist Jlo Cordoba survives assassination attempts to speak to Dina Meza.
22 The ambassador of joy
Tatiana Vivienne reaches out to vulnerable girls and women in the violence-torn Central African Republic. She talks to Louisa Waugh.
24 Dancing with fear
Rapper Luaty Beirao talks to Marc Herzog about daring to talk democracy in Angola.

28 A pretence of progress
Jeremy Seabrook is fearful for the future of the welfare state in a world of growing inequality.
PLUS Open Window, with guest cartoonist Victor Ndula from Kenya.

【Mixed media】
32 Film reviews
Certain Women, directed by Kelly Reichardt; Elle, directed by Paul Verhoeven; Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins.
33 Music reviews
El Callegueso y su Mala Mana by La Mambanegra; Luyando by Mokoomba.
34 Book reviews
Under the Almond Tree by Laura McVeigh; Position Doubtful by Kim Mahood; Radicalized by Peter R Neumann; Swallowing Mercury by Wioletta Greg.
PLUS Also out there...

36 Mark Engler
Obama’s legacy falls short on organizing.
37 Steve Parry
Warning: may contain fake news.
PLUS Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

4 Letters
Living under a dictator in the US; dodgy consumerism.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth enjoys a refreshing carnival while pondering its wider implications.
26 Country Profile:Somalia
38 And Finally
Crime writer Kati Hiekkapelto talks to Jo Lateu about racism in Finland and the importance of identity.

Three decades of change in an African Village(あるアフリカの村から ― 30年がブルキナファソにもたらした変化)

6 Building a better media
6 Water bankruptcy looms in Iran
7 Punished for pacifism in Europe
7 Re-introducing Abdelilah Benkirane
7 South Africa’s bitter grapes sweeten
8 Duterte’s bloody war continues in the Philippines
8 Electric cars - the downside
9 Trudeau Trumped in Canada
9 Beware philanthrocapitalism
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】
10 Journey’s End
Chris Brazier returns to the village in Burkina Faso that he has visited every 10 years since helping to make a film there in 1985.
13 Map of Sabtenga - plus the facts on 30 years of change in Burkina Faso
14 Then & Now
A photographic account of changes over the years in: housing; water; education; health; sanitation; food and farming; technology; and women.
18 An Audience with the Chief
Former military pilot Francois Mone has taken on the traditional role of Chief. He explains how he is using this to pursue the development of the village.
20 Autumn of the Patriarch
The latest instalment in the lives of Adama, his four co-wives and their 26 children.
22 The Perils of Charity
When rich and poor worlds collide, money is inevitably a problem.
24 Great Expectations
Mariama’s sons are all trying to make their way in the wider world. But how do you explain to Africans that the rich world is now shutting its doors to migrants?

27 Mark Engler
Trump can be beaten because he is the Establishment.
30 Chris Coltrane
My Daily Mail badge of honour.
PLUS Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

【Mixed media】
31 Best of 2016
32 Film reviews
Cameraperson, directed by Kirsten Johnson; Twentieth Century Women, directed by Mike Mills.
33 Music reviews
Cruel Optimism by Lawrence English; Ensen by Emel.
34 Book reviews
Age of Anger by Pankaj Mishra; Ours to Hack and to Own edited by Trebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider; The Exiled by Kati Hiekkapelto; Revolution in Rojava by Michael Knapp, Anja Flach and Ercan Ayboga.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
PLUS Open Window, with guest cartoonist Dom Nelson from Australia.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth witnesses the impact of Bolivia’s controversial child-labour law.
28 Country Profile: Nicaragua
36 Worldbeaters: Donald Trump
Ego? Tick. Money? Tick. Power-hungry? Tick. A disaster for the world? Tick.
37 Puzzle Page
PLUS: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet cartoon.
38 And Finally
Saudi women’s rights activist Naseema Assada talks to Lydia Noon about fighting for a better future for the next generation.


The coming war on China/Tax avoidance(来たるべき中国との戦争/グローバルな課税逃れ)

【Cover Story --- The coming war on China】
10 The coming war on China
The US is ramping up military power in the Pacific to confront China. This is provocative and dangerous, warns John Pilger in his alarming investigation.
16 Bikini was just the beginning
John Pilger visits the Marshall Islands and its bomb survivors, still blighted by US nuclear weapons.

【Special Feature --- Tax avoidance】
18 Tax cheating, easy living
Josh Eisen and Richard Swift tour the offshore world to find out why governments are drowning in debt.
22 The damage done
Tax avoidance is anything but a victimless crime, as Stephanie Boyd shows.
24 The dissimulation game
How to disappear your money but still manage to hold on to it.
26 Whose money is it anyway?
Dan Hind explodes the self-righteous excuses of tax cheats.
28 Fox in charge of the hen house
Tax authorities are complicit in their own undoing, writes Alain Deneault.
30 The dictionary of deceit
NI dissects the language of high finance with low motives.
32 Ending the offshore bonanza
There are ways to change the irresponsible system of tax avoidance, as Niko Block demonstrates.

Stories making the news this month
6 Freedom in sight for West Papua?
6 Slow justice in Peru
7 White cucumbers return to Palestine
7 Re-introducing Ali Bongo Ondimba
7 British parents boycott school census
8 Indians and Pakistanis forge online friendship
8 Burma’s refugees still don’t feel safe
9 Cold comfort for Roma in France
9 Black-owned banking in the US
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist
Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【Mixed media】
34 Film reviews
Chi-Raq directed by Spike Lee; The Unknown Girl directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne.
35 Music reviews
Out of My Own Light by Louise Bichan; Singles by Sun Ra.
36 Book reviews
Land of my Fathers by Vamba Sherif; Creating Freedom by Raoul Martinez; Advertising shits in your head by Anonymous; Rebel Crossings by Sheila Rowbotham.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
PLUS Open Window, with guest cartoonist Tjeerd Royaards from The Netherlands.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth finds her feet - and friends - in Bolivia.
38 And Finally
Singer and musician Moby talks to Graeme Green about fame, frustration and failing systems.


Peace in Colombia? Hope and fear(平和を模索するコロンビアの希望と不安)

Stories making the news this month
6 Ethiopian regime under pressure
6 Batting for integration in Britain
7 Decolonization of Chagos?
7 Introducing Marco Arana Zegarra
7 Creative chutzpah in Kashmir
8 Laos still living with unexploded US bombs
8 Bernie, before and after
9 India’s finger chats
9 CETA in the house
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】 COLOMBIA
10 Peace in Colombia? Hope and fear
Another shock referendum result - this time in Colombia. Tatiana Garavito assesses the chances of ending the longest conflict in the western world.
14 ’No jeans or high heels for me’
Rebels talk about the big life changes they are facing. A photo story from a FARC jungle hideout by Marielle van Uitert and Sytske Susie Jellema.
16 ’We are slowly being killed by this mine’
Threats, pay-offs and skin defects. Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik investigates the activities of a massive British-Australian ferronickel complex.
19 ACTION on Colombia
Campaign and support groups near you..

20 For their own good
Sophie Cousins reports on different approaches to tackling Burma’s drug addiction crisis.
26 Essay
Why a basic income could be a gift to the Right. By Nick Dowson.
28 Matters of life and death
Isabelle Gerretsen talks to doctors in the Netherlands - where euthanasia is legal – about supporting patients who choose to die.
30 PrEPped to go?
A new HIV preventive drug has sparked debate around the globe, as Amy Hall discovers.

23 Mark Engler
Protectors vs pipelines.

【Mixed media】
34 Film reviews
I, Daniel Blake, directed by Ken Loach; The Innocents, directed by Anne Fontaine.
35 Music reviews
Hologram Ĭmparatorluğu by Gaye Su Akyol; Radio International by Kefaya.
36 Book reviews
The Story of a Brief Marriage by Anuk Arudpragasam; Talking To My Country by Stan Grant; The History Thieves by Ian Cobain; Trump Unveiled by John K Wilson; and Who is Hillary Clinton? by Katha Pollitt and Richard Kreitner.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
Trade unions’ moral vacuum; a checklist for the UN.
PLUS Open Window, with guest cartoonist Osama Hajjaj from Jordan.
5 Letter from Mauritius
The state of housing reflects the island’s inequality, discovers Lindsey Collen.
24 Country Profile: Venezuela
33 Making Waves: Charlie
Lowthian-Rickert Sian Griffiths meets a 10-year-old who is already a veteran transgender activist.
38 And Finally
Welsh musician and dancer Gwenno talks to Amy Hall about minority languages and musical challenges.

World Fiction Special(世界文学へのいざない)

Stories making the news this month
6 Land defenders step up in Burma
6 Trouble in the pipeline
7 Cornish language resurgence
7 Introducing Theresa May
7 Pride under pressure in Uganda
8 Mexican teachers fight on
8 Life in limbo in Israel
9 Bangladesh’s smashing pumpkins
9 Dam fine victory in Brazil
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story - World Fiction Special】
11 Breaching the borders
Chris Brazier discusses the emergence of ’world writing’ with Elleke Boehmer of Oxford University.
14 Ghosts
by Ana Menendez
The suicide of a Cuban immigrant to Florida calls up all kinds of phantoms for Anna, herself a migrant from the Czech Republic. Illustrated by Jackie Morris.
18 In The Garden
by FT Kola
A eunuch scribe at the ancient Egyptian court in Alexandria witnesses a pivotal moment in the life of his young princess, Cleopatra. Illustrated by Jenny Reynish.
25 Fat
by Krys Lee
A young South Korean’s attempts to avoid conscription by becoming obese cause uproar in his family. Illustrated by Dominic Bugatto.
30 The Lake Retba Murder (Le Meurtre au Lac Rose)
by Efemia Chela
Roberto comes across a body in the lake and feels compelled to investigate - but all his lover Mireille seems to want is sex. Illustrated by EleanorTaylor.
34 Windows on the world
New Internationalist’s world fiction titles.

10 Mark Engler
Kissinger is not our friend.

4 Letters
Growing pressure for women peacekeepers; computer inefficiency; disaster of Brexit.
PLUS Open Window, with guest cartoonist Vasco Gargalo from Portugal
5 Letter from Cairo
Egypt’s capital is both holding together and falling apart, writes Maria Golia.
35 Worldbeaters: Rodrigo Duterte
The president of the Philippines he may be, but his reputation is as a Dirty Harry of vigilante politics.
36 Country Profile: Honduras
38 And Finally
Training astronauts to shoot film? All in a day’s work for Canadian documentary filmmaker Toni Myers.

Trade unions - Rebuild, renew, resist(労働組合の再建、復活、抵抗)

Stories making the news this month
6 Russia’s witch-hunt against Valentina Cherevatenko
6 Racism bites in Britain
7 Afghanistan’s rebel verse
7 Introducing Virginia Raggi
7 Grassroots growers in Venezuela
8 ’Bright spots’ for Pacific reefs
8 Domestic slavery persists in India
9 Sun sets on Japanese media freedom
9 Top-ups for refugees in Europe
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story - Trade unions: rebuild, renew, resist】

10 Still standing or standing still?
Jo Lateu considers the state of the unions, and argues that a revival has already begun.
13 We know what we’re against. But what are we for?
Rob Lambert explains how one Global South alliance is developing a grassroots alternative to neoliberalism.
15 A migrant’s story
Trade unions aren’t even on the radar of most of London’s poorly treated hospitality workers. But a union could help them find their voice, as Afrika explains.
16 Trade unions - the facts
18 ’We need to be on the right side of history’
Danny Chivers talks to Anabella Rosemberg of the International Trade Union Confederation about putting climate change on the labour movement’s agenda.
20 Taking matters into their own hands
Labour rights in post-socialist countries such as Russia, China and Vietnam are being fought for from outside, not within, official trade unions. Tim Pringle reports.
22 The fight goes on...
Workers’ struggles and successes from around the globe.
24 Out of the ashes of Rana Plaza
The factory collapse in 2013 caused an international outcry - but have labour conditions improved? Thulsi Narayanasamy reports from Bangladesh.

28 How not to build peace
Louisa Waugh has seen UN peacekeeping in action, but wonders if there are better ways for it to meet its aims.
30 Welcoming the digital residents
Estonia has found an innovative way to boost its population and its economy, discovers Haley Joelle Ott.

33 Kate Smurthwaite Progress is not inevitable.
PLUS Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

【Mixed Media】
34 Film reviews
The Lovers and the Despot, directed and written by Ross Adam and Robert Cannan; The Confession, directed by Ashish Ghadiali.
35 Music reviews
NYN by Kristi Stassinopoulou and Stathis Kalyviotis; ’They Will Kill You, If You Cry’ by Khmer Rouge Survivors.
36 Book reviews
Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy by Ece Temelkuran; The Seamstress and the Wind by César Aira; Remembering Akbar by Behrooz Ghamari; Irregular War by Paul Rogers.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
Walmart’s billions; measuring coasts; and off-putting language.
PLUS Open Window, with guest cartoonist Sherif Arafa from Egypt.
5 Letter from Beirut
There is a new hope and energy in the air, writes Reem Haddad from Lebanon.
26 Country Profile: Uganda
32 Making Waves: Sakena Yacoobi
Veronique Mistiaen meets Afghanistan’s ’mother of education’.
38 And Finally
Author Jay Griffiths talks to Graeme Green about depression, hiking and the politics of kindness.

The digital titans unmasked - Smiley-faced monopolists
(デジタルの支配者の真実 ― その笑顔の裏側で)

Stories making the news this month
6 Canada: silence in the sands
6 Up all night in France
7 A new home for RefuTrees
7 Reintroducing Aleksandar Vucic;
7 Blacklisted win in Britain
8 South Africans dying for justice
8 Bedouin wings clipped
9 Activist alarm at China’s foreign NGO law
9 ’Rebel’ readers jailed in Angola
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】Internet titans
10 Smiley-faced monopolists
The trendy, friendly face of capitalism conceals an agenda that is ruthless and totalitarian. Vanessa Baird takes a look at the digital titans - Google, Facebook and Amazon - and their impact on democracy.
15 Internet giants - THE FACTS
16 I spy with my little algorithm
Everybody wants your private data. Bruce Schneier on how surveillance has become the business model of the internet.
18 Can search engine rankings swing elections?
Robert Epstein reveals how easily we can be manipulated by the likes of Google and Facebook.
21 No, Mr Zuckerberg
Indians mobilized and did the unthinkable - said ‘no’ to Facebook. Prabir Parkayastha gives an insider’s view.
23 Helping in two clicks
Many people are now sidestepping big charities and choosing to use digital technology to ‘give directly’. Amy Hall examines the implications.

28 The gathering storm
Nithin Coca reports on Malaysia’s slide towards authoritarianism.

30 Essay
Beware the slippery language of ‘sustainable branding’, writes Dale Lately.
32 Mark Engler
What’s not for sale in branded America?
33 Steve Parry
The pantomime plebiscite.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

【Mixed Media】
34 Toronto HotDocs Film Festival special
36 Book reviews
The Transmigration of Bodies by Yuri Herrera; Second-Hand Time by Svetlana Alexievich; Dark Money by Jane Mayer.
37 Music reviews
Hopelessness by Anohni; Legend of Funana; by Bitori.

4 Letters
5 Letter from Bangui
Ruby Diamonde bids farewell to the Central African Republic.
26 Country Profile: The Bahamas
38 And Finally
Yemeni street artist Murad Subay on using art to campaign and to commemorate.

After Ebola(エボラ後のシエラレオネ)

Stories making the news this month
6 ’No more political parties’ for a Mexican municipality
6 Justice for Cambodia’s juveniles
7 Black Panther still caged
7 Introducing Htin Kyaw
7 HIV-positive persecution in South Korea
8 LGBTI hopes for change in the Caribbean
8 Canada’s First Nations suicide crisis
9 Kosovo victors to be punished
9 Is your child an extremist?
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】After Ebola
10 Did we learn the right lessons from Ebola?
And will Sierra Leone be ready, should the virus return? Hazel Healy travelled there to find out.
15 Ebola - THE FACTS
16 Where my father lies
Mariama B Jalloh’s quest to find her father’s grave.
18 For better or for worse
Mamie Lebbi, the first woman to test positive for Ebola, describes how she survived in the bush with her husband’s help.
19 Love without touch
Bankolay Turay’s story of student romance on ice.
20 ’These are the boys who fought Ebola!’
Gangsters turned mobilizers, the Tripoli Boys kicked Ebola out of their neighbourhood. Amjata Bayoh and Mohamed S Camara find out what happened next?
22 ’I speak for the girls’
Elizabeth Katta talks about the lingering impacts of teenage pregnancy, which spiked during Ebola.
24 ’Everything is on my shoulders’
Serah Tomba went from being a student to sole carer of seven orphans.

28 Big Davids, small Goliaths
Frank Mulder, Eva Schram and Adriana Homolova report on how new trade deals - and Investor-State Dispute Settlements in particular - are giving more power to companies to sue countries for lost profits.
PLUS: Open Window with guest cartoonist Jose Antonio Rodriguez Garcia.

33 Mark Engler
The ’Fight for $15’ dreams big - and wins.

【Mixed media】
34 Music reviews
Une Meeles by Maarja Nuut; Thankful Villages Vol. 1 by Darren Hayman.
35 Film reviews
Tale of Tales, directed by Matteo Garrone; Where to Invade Next, directed by Michael Moore; Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare), directed by Gianfranco Rosi.
36 Book reviews
!No Pasaran! Writings from the Spanish Civil War, compiled by Pete Ayrton; Islam Beyond the Violent Jihadis by Ziauddin Sardar; The New Russia by Mikhail Gorbachev; Today we drop bombs, tomorrow we build bridges by Peter Gill.
PLUS: Also out there.

4 Letters
EU referendum irrelevant; kick fossil fuels out of the arts; and Tasmania’s tree threat.
5 Letter from Bangui
Ruby Diamonde travels to the bush in search of an answer to a difficult question.
26 Country Profile: Ecuador
38 And Finally
Clyde Macfarlane talks to Western Saharan singer and activist Aziza Brahim.

Technology justice(公正なテクノロジー)

Stories making the news this month
6 Government garbage U-turn in Lebanon
6 Torture tactics in Tibet
7 Afghan women’s rights on bikes
7 Introducing Andrew Holness
7 Kenya’s stateless Shona
8 Surfer girls defy convention in Bangladesh
8 Britain stands with Bahraini oppressors
9 Semantically engineered crops
9 Banished Petroleum
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】Technology justice
10 Technology as if people mattered
The world’s poor are still losing out. They need a better deal, argues Dinyar Godrej.
15 Mind the technology gap - THE FACTS
16 ’Because the river told me’
Peasant farmers resisting the violence of agribusiness. By Nils McCune.
19 Male baldness v malaria?
Simon Trace on the skewed priorities of medical research.
20 Switched on
Technology that works.
22 The energy fix
What will it take to get electricity to Africa’s rural poor? Ruth Nyambura explores.
24 The Disrupted
Jim Thomas on the winners and losers of emerging technologies.
28 The duty to care for our common home
Femke Wijdekop makes the case for Ecocide to become a crime under international law.
32 Military fatigues and floral scarves
Rahila Gupta meets women fighters in Rojava who are leading the charge towards a radical democracy.

31 Chris Coltrane
Regulation Top Trumps.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

【Mixed Media】
34 Music reviews
The Woman at the End of the World by Elza Soares; Highlife-Jazz and Afro-Soul by Fela Ransome Kuti and his Koola Lobitos.
35 Film reviews
Suburra, directed by Stefano Sollima; Heaven Knows What, directed by Ben and Joshua Safdie; Mustang, directed by Deniz Gamze Erguven.
36 Book reviews
Memories from Moscow to the Black Sea by Teffi; Saving the Media by Julia Cage; Crossing the Sea with Syrians on the exodus to Europe by Wolfgang Bauer; Counter Narratives by John Keene.
PLUS: Also out there.

4 Letters
Democracy under attack; why the West rejects refugees; and fair tax on the Isle of Man.
5 Letter from Bangui
The importance of communication should not be underestimated, writes Ruby Diamonde.
26 Country Profile: Nigeria
38 And Finally
Feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem talks to Graeme Green about travel, change and the road ahead.

Saving the world’s forests(世界の森林を守れ)

Stories making the news this month
6 Upping the ante aero in South Korea
6 Finland’s animal wrongs
7 A cleaner cup of tea in India
7 Introducing Caterina Martins
7 ’AIDs epidemic’ risk in the Philippines
8 Palestinians run for their lives
8 Georgia’s big bad hydro
9 Tar sands pipeline owners to sue US government
9 Smart Iranians dodge morality police
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】 The assault on global forests
10 Last stand
The world’s last great woodlands are fast disappearing - with untold consequences for the environment and for us. Time to stop the destruction, argues Wayne Ellwood.
14 A burning problem
Nithin Coca reports from Indonesia on the expansion of oil palm plantations in the rainforests of Sumatra.
16 Forest bathing
Escaping the pressures of modern life in Japan. By Tina Burrett and Christopher Simons.
18 Certified nonsense
Sustainable forestry may be an oxymoron. Chris Lang finds some holes in the system.
20 Forest facts
22 Logging louts
Forest communities are under siege in Cambodia, says Fran Lambrick.
24 Green machines
Diana Beresford-Kroeger unveils the hidden biochemistry of trees.

28 Essay: The demoralized mind by John F Schumaker.
31 Steve Parry
Net gains for politicians.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

32 A rightwing spiral
Dominik Sipinski reports on the rise of a nationalist Poland.

【Mixed Media】
34 Film reviews
Dheepan, directed by Jacques Audiard; The Measure of a Man, directed by Stephane Brize; Our Little Sister, directed by Kore-eda Hirokazu.
35 Music reviews
Forever Is 4 You by Malawi Mouse Boys; Wa Di Yo by Lakou Mizik.
36 Book reviews
Angry White People by Hsiao-Hung Pai; A Girl in Exile by Ismail Kadare; The Egyptians: A Radical Story by Jack Shenker; How Did We Get Into This Mess? by George Monbiot.
PLUS: Also out there...

4 Letters
Assange must answer; Australian gulag; change strategy.
5 David Ransom remembered
A tribute to a much-loved colleague and friend.
26 Country Profile: Brazil
38 And Finally
Comedian Shazia Mirza reveals her inspirations, fears and political passions.


Saudi Arabia and the West - Blood Brothers(サウジアラビアと西側諸国 ― その深い関係)

Stories making the news this month
6 Peru’s merry-go-rounders
6 Angolan activists jailed for reading
7 A volley of protest in Iran
7 Introducing Freddy Lim
8 Mail-order abortion from India
8 Golden goal for child miners in Burkina Faso
8 Innocents detained in Nigeria
9 Pakistani Christians living in fear
9 Ocean litter-pick off the Netherlands
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story】Saudi Arabia
10 ’Our friends’
Why is the West still cosying up to an ever-more repressive Saudi Arabia? asks Vanessa Baird.

15 Arming up... and bombing Yemen.

16 Saudi activists - who are they and what do they want?
Madawi Al-Rasheed examines brave lives and the prospects for change.

19 Saudi Arabia - The FACTS

20 Poverty in the land of black gold
Paul Aarts and Carolien Roelants on the plight of poor Saudis.

22 Oil on the skids
Is the kingdom’s oil wealth running out? Nafeez Ahmed investigates.

24 What the Saudi leaks tell us
An interview with Julian Assange.

26 Gambling with ISIS and Co
The Saudi regime is spreading chaos, writes Alastair Crooke.

30 Crocodile smiles and con tricks
The scandal of the ’orphanage industry’ in Nepal. Report by Fiona Broom.

【Mixed Media】
34 Film reviews
The Pearl Button, directed by Patricio Guzmán; The Survivalist, directed by Stephen Fingleton.

35 Music reviews
Like a Bird or Spirit, not a Face by Sainkho Namtchylak; De Montevert by De Montevert.

36 Book reviews
Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say Goodbye by Marie Mutsuki Mockett; This Is An Uprising by Mark Engler and Paul Engler; Bad News by Anjan Sundaram; Betty Boo by Claudia Piñeiro.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
Refugees deserve better; symptoms and causes; and public vs private.
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Pedro X Molina.

5 Letter from Bangui
Closing our heart to suffering suppresses our humanity, writes Ruby Diamonde.

28 Country Profile: Cameroon

33 Making Waves
Dario Sabaghi talks to Kholoud Waleed about her battle for freedom of speech in Syria.

38 And Finally
Author and reporter Anjan Sundaram on self-expression, dictatorship and the importance of a free press.


New Internationalist(ニューインターナショナリスト)英語版の内容

1973年にイギリスで創刊された国際情報誌です。政治、社会、環境、人権など幅 広いテーマで世界の現実、草の根レベルの人々の声、解決に向けた動きを発信し ます。単に問題や課題だけでなく、より良い社会に向けて世界で、あるいは地域 で行われている取り組みや活動も紹介し、主流メディアの一歩先をいくオルタナ ティブを模索、提案しています。日本も含めた世界の将来が気になるという一般 の方から、最新の世界の動きや取り組みを知っておきたいという会社員、研究者、 教員、学生、NGO/NPO、ジャーナリストの方まで、幅広い方々にご活用いただいて います。

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