New Internationalist(ニューインターナショナリスト)英語版 発売日・バックナンバー

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THE BIG STORY: Climate Justice

Habitable Earth
There’s still time to stop irrevocable damage to the ecosystem on which human life depends. But not much. Hazel Healy explores what it would take.

How do we get to zero-carbon emissions?
A graphic blueprint that models radical CO2 reductions to 2050. By Information is Beautiful.

’Real education happens outside the classroom’
Samoan climate activist Brianna Fruean in conversation with Anna Taylor from the UK school strikes movement.

World in motion
Danny Shivers profiles movements fighting to keep fossil fuels in the ground, from Argentina to Japan.

Footsteps disappear
Personal carbon-cutting makes a difference- as long as you talk about it, says Mike Berners Lee.

First-class lifeboats
Tom Wyman introduces the super rich ’preppers’ who think they can escape the climate apocalypse.

Life after coal
Sam Adler Bell explores what a just transition might look like for fossil fuel workers, based on the experiences of US coalminers in Appalachia.


Country Profile: Eritrea

The Debate
Is it time to quit social media?

The Interview
Behrouz Boochani talks to Husna Rizvi about life on Manus Island, writing a book via WhatsApp and Australia’s ’new kind of fascism.’

Southern Exposure
Afghan photographer Rahman Alizadah captures a striking pose...

Hall of Infamy
Thailand’s Chaki Dynasty-the beloved aristocrats complicit in military rule-is put under the spotlight.


View from Brazil

View from India

View from Africa


Photo Essay: South Africa’s born-frees

From a place of healing
~Indigenous feminists in Guatemala

’License to Kill’
The brewing tension in Cameroon

The Long Read: Bullet ants and stolen land
~Brazilian Amazon’s Satere indigenous people
The Big Story: Internationalism

15 Worlds apart
Yohann Koshy traces a line from the golden age
of solidarity to today and asks: what would a new
internationalism look like?
21 How to be an internationalist
Eight ideas that will put your theory into action.
22 Hasta siempre
Sujatha Fernandes on the viability of Cuban
internationalism in turbulent times.
23 Solidarity with the people of the Niger Delta
The fi rst of Emily Johns’ three Cuban-inspired
solidarity posters.
24 Corbyn vs the nation
Jeremy Corbyn is an internationalist. But the British
economy is hardwired to extract profit from the
Global South. Barnaby Raine squares the circle.
27 Uber drivers of the world, unite!
The workers’ movement is becoming more
internationalist, according to Notes from Below.
30 The far-right international
Simon Childs on the strengths and limits of far-right
34 When the stars began to shine
What has become of the ’Third World’ Featuring
Vijay Prashad and Thomas Sankara.

Stories making the news
8 Kenya’s refugee reporters
Plus: Borderlines
9 Introducing... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
9 Whose land? A chance to settle Guatemala’s claim
to Belize
Plus: Seriously?
10 Turkey: the wolf at Rojava’s door
10 A Senegalese home for Africa’s stolen artefacts
Plus: Sign of the Times
10 India’s deadly ’rat-hole’ coalmines
12 Tourist takeover in Porto, Portugal
13 Israel’s snap election
Plus: Reasons to be Cheerful

6 Letters
Plus: Why I…
7 Letter from Dhaka
Parsa Sanjana Sajid shines a light on the stigma
faced by single men looking for housing.
14 What If…
Vanessa Baird imagines a world where the gender
binary is scrapped on offi cial documents.
37 Hall of Infamy
Milorad Dodik, the war crimes apologist determined to destroy Bosnian peace, gets a grilling.
38 Country Profile: Syria
40 Cartoon History
The story of Filipino elder Macli-ing Dulag, who led
the struggle against the Chico Dam, as told by ILYA
(with Yohann Koshy).
44 The Debate
Is vegan activism getting too confrontational? Chris
Saltmarsh and Hannah Short agree to disagree.
52 Temperature Check
Danny Chivers highlights the success of movements
putting pressure on art institutions to ditch fossil fuel
53 Southern Exposure
Brazilian photographer Luisa Dorr takes us into the boxing ring with one of Bolivia’s Flying Cholitas.
58 The Interview
Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek talks Trump, Twitter and troubling times with Graeme Green.
78 The Puzzler
79 Agony Uncle
In this issue, we grapple with a sibling’s dilemma
about equality within marriage.

47 View from India
Nilanjana Bhowmick ponders whether cows and
temples will deliver a mandate for Modi.
Plus: Marc Roberts’s Only Planet.
57 View from Africa
Nanjala Nyabola comments on the fl uctuating,
and often unaffordable, cost of local staples in
Plus: Polyp’s Big Bad World.

48 For the greater good
Nick Dowson examines a radical proposal to
redefi ne and extend service provision to all those
in need – without breaking the bank.
54 For women seeking refuge in Spain, a trail of
peril awaits
Lucia Benavides hears from women migrants
employing drastic strategies to cross the
62 Enter: the new daughters of Africa
Margaret Busby introduces three stories from the
recently published anthology New Daughters of

72 Spotlight
Euzhan Palcy tells Subi Shah what inspired her to
become a filmmaker 35 years ago, and what keeps
her fire burning.
74 Book Reviews
Woman of the Ashes by Mia Couto; Death Register
by Dwight Thompson; The New Faces of Fascism
by Enzo Traverso; The Long Honduran Night by
Dana Frank.
76 Film Reviews
3 Faces, directed and co-written by Jafar Panahi; H is for Harry, directed by Jaime Taylor and Ed Owles.
77 Music Reviews
Songs of Our Native Daughters by Our Native
Daughters; Doko Mien by Ibibio Sound Machine.
The Big Story: Trade in Turmoil

15 Is trade in turmoil a chance for justice?
Vanessa Baird sets out amid the gathering storm clouds.
18 A rustbelt romance
Are Donald Trump’s tariff wars without reason?
21 Investor Rex
The low-down on ISDS and other dodgy investor
23 The dark arts
Brexit boom-time for corporate lobbyists.
24 Open China?
What China promises, what China does.
27 Pigs that cross…
Climate-wrecking follies of free trade.
29 Winners and losers
How the clash of the titans, China and the US, is
impacting the Global South.
32 Just, open and green
This is what a better global trading system might
look like, concludes Vanessa Baird.
35 ACTION and worth reading

8 African migrants seek new lives in China
Plus: Borderlines
9 Introducing... Jair Bolsonaro
9 Free and fair elections in Armenia
Plus: Seriously
10 Y’en a marre mobilize in Senegal
11 Tibet’s bid for emoji flag
Plus: Sign of the Times
11 Meet the radical bird watchers
12 Bangkok street sellers live to fry another day
13 The legacy of Somalia’s worst suicide attack
Plus: Reasons to be Cheerful

6 Letters
Plus: Why I…
7 Letter from Dhaka
In her first column, Parsa Sanjana Sajid observes the symbolism of
flowers being sold at an historical intersection in the city.
14 What If…
...we reduced carbon emissions to zero by 2025?
37 Hall of Infamy
Matteo Salvini, Italy’s ‘refugee drowner-in-chief’,
is put under the spotlight.
38 Country Profile: Cuba
40 Cartoon History
The story of Toussaint Louverture, former slave
and military leader of the Haitian revolution, as told
by ILYA (with Yohann Koshy).
44 The Debate
Dawn Foster and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown dispute
whether or not religion should play a role in politics.
51 Temperature Check
From Extinction Rebellion to palm oil, Danny Chivers
outlines the top five climate struggles to look out for in 2019.
55 Southern Exposure
Self-taught photographer Amarjeet Kumar Singh captures a candid moment during a behrupiya
(impressionist) event in New Delhi.
60 The Interview
Soni Sori, an award-winning human rights
defender, speaks to Dilnaz Boga about fighting for
justice for sexually abused Adivasi women.
78 The Puzzler
79 Agony Uncle
In this issue, our in-house ‘Uncle’ answers a
dilemma about property inheritance.

47 View from India
Nilanjana Bhowmick reacts to the ‘unease’
expressed by Indian men in today’s #MeToo era.
Plus: Polyp & Schlunke’s Big Bad World.
59 View from Africa
Nanjala Nyabola on Cameroon’s never-ending
presidential terms.
Plus: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet.
63 View from America
Mark Engler reflects on the life of Pete Seeger - an
American musician, patriot and dissident.
Plus: Kate Evans’ Thoughts from a Broad.

48 Do we fetishize indigenous people?
Working on a documentary about the Moken ‘Sea
Gypsies’ prompted Julian Sayarer to examine
the West’s obtuse gaze and representation of
indigenous people.
52 Catching the cops
Aboriginal people are using a new app to record and
report police brutality. Will it help break Australia’s
culture of impunity? Ian Lloyd Neubauer reports.
56 Japan’s firewall against populism
Despite populism being rife everywhere else,
Japan has refused to succumb. Are there lessons
to be learned? asks Tina Burrett.
64 Unlearning despair
In this issue’s Long Read, Daniel Macmillen
Voskoboynik explains why and how we must fight
for the world around us - and why ecological
thinking is key.

72 Spotlight
Chilean-Argentine director Sebastian Lelio speaks
to Malcom Lewis about writing complex, engaging
characters and film as a ‘machine for empathy’.
74 Book Reviews
Can We Feed The World Without Destroying It?
by Eric Holt-Gimenez; Deviation by Luce D’Eramo,
translated by Anne Milano Appel; Tentacle by Rita
Indiana, translated by Achy Obejas; Voices of the
Windrush Generation by David Matthews.
76 Film Reviews
Burning, directed and co-written by Chang-dong
Lee; Green Book, directed and co-written by Peter
77 Music Reviews
25LIVE@25 by Skunk Anansie; Echoes by Farhan.
15 Modern life is rubbish
Dinyar Godrej on why we’re so keen on turning our
planet’s resources to trash.
21 Waste - THE FACTS
22 Everything must go
Bills Posters’ visual comment on throwaway culture.
24 No more of your junk
China’s refusal to deal with ‘foreign garbage’ is
the West’s wake-up call on recycling, says Adam Liebman.
27 It’s all down to you
Why the packaging industry loves shunting the
blame on individual consumers.
28 Dirty work
Our photo essay on the people who make a living
from waste.
31 When it is illegal to waste food
Timothey Baster and Isabelle Merminod provide an
update on the French law stopping supermarkets
from throwing away usable food.
32 Fighting the big burn
Mismanagement of trash has become almost
legendary in Lebanon. Fiona Broom listens to
voices for change.
35 Pick of the heap
Hisham Allam reports on Cairo’s attempts to solve
its garbage problems and how they are impacting
on an entire community’s livelihoods.

8 Uyghur plight in northwest China
9 Introducing... Imran Khan
Plus: Seriously?
9 Dubliners take on housing crisis
10 Better sorry than safe in Tanzania
10 Glasgow’s slavery debt
10 Arctic war heats up
12 Bahrain heads to the polls
13 Dislocation in Latin America
Plus: Reasons to be Cheerful

6 Letters
Plus: Why I…
7 Letter from Maraba - Touched by the future
In his last column, Dan Baron Cohen finds solidarity
in the Amazon - at a time of violence and despair.
14 Temperature check
Development practitioner Adesuwa Ero is urging
religious leaders in rural Nigeria to rethink their
views on climate change before it’s too late.
38 Country Profile: Vietnam
40 The Interview
Mike Leigh on his new film Peterloo and the
challenges of dramatizing class conflict, with Sam Thompson.
47 Southern Exposure
Twenty-seven-year-old painter Eddy Kamuanga
Ilunga explores cultural identity and globalization
in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
52 Cartoon History
The story of Zuzu Angel, a fashion designer who
resisted Brazil’s military dictatorship. By ILYA (with
Yohann Koshy).
56 Hall of Infamy - Elon Musk
The high-tech ’snake-oil salesman’ gets a grilling.
58 The Debate - should the West stop
giving aid to Africa?
Firoze Manji and Pablo Yanguas go head to head.
76 The Puzzler
77 Agony Uncle… answers a dilemma about
taking your child to depressing protests.
78 What if… social media firms paid us for using
our data?

37 View from America
Mark Engler shines a light on Amazon’s dirty work
and why we should stop Jeff Bezos.
Plus: Kate Evans’ Thoughts from a Broad.
43 View from Africa
Misinformation via social media platforms is rife,
writes Nanjala Nyabola, but it’s not just a Western
Plus: Polyp’s Big Bad World.
57 View from India
Nilanjana Bhowmick on Modi’s crackdown on
dissent - from activist arrests to vigilante lynchings.
Plus: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet.

44 Written in stone
Rohini Mohan reports from Jharkhand, where a
movement of indigenous peoples is taking on the
Indian state.
48 The personality crisis
Psychologist John F Schumaker on what growth driven
consumer culture has done to our minds.
61 Keeping women in their place
Joni Seager illustrates the stark reality faced by
women around the world - from Belarus to Brazil.
Plus: Joni Seager’s Murder Map.
64 The Long Read - Between the devil and
the deep blue sea Felix Bazalgette reconstructs a forgotten
immigration scandal from 1987, which involved Tamil refugees and a floating detention centre, telling a story of how Britain came to turn its back on Commonwealth citizens.

THE BIG STORY Making peace in a world at war
15 Out of the ruins
Hazel Healy discovers that guns will only take you
so far in the fi ght against Boko Haram.
23 Ten routes to peace
How to end wars and spread harmony.
24 Meet the peacemakers
Seven profiles reveal the myriad ways ordinary
people are challenging violence, from the
Philippines to Yemen.
29 War machine THE FACTS
An infographic update on the global trade in lethal weaponry.
30 The slow and bloody road to justice
The Colombia peace deal says stolen land must
be returned. Mira Galanova tracks the progress of
those trying to make it happen.
33 ‘We can’t stop now’
Colombian Maria Eugenia Cruz Alarcon stakes her
hopes on her country’s fragile transition.
34 Inside the mind of the mediator
If your job was to encourage two conflicting sides
to talk, would the result be all-out war or peace by
dinner time? Take Yohann Koshy’s quiz to find out.
36 Diplomats, who needs them?
Frances Guy offers an insider’s take on why there’s
a case to be made for talking over tweeting.

8 Ugandan orphans in limbo
Plus: Borderlines
9 Introducing Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
Plus: Seriously
9 Indian social media: share, like, lynch
10 Europe interferes in Africa, again
10 On death row in Japan
10 Save our olive trees
12 Daniel Ortega’s last stand?
Plus: Open Window, by Sergii Risbokon
13 Europe’s new far-right
Plus: Reasons to be Cheerful

6 Letters
Plus: Why I…
7 Letter from Maraba The University of Good Living
Dan Baron Cohen reflects on a neighbourly chat about culture, justice and sustainability.
40 Country Profile: Jordan
42 Cartoon history Patrice Lumumba
The rise and fall of Congo’s liberation hero by ILYA (with Yohann Koshy).
46 The debate Can nationalism be a force for good?
Dalia Gebriel and Thomas Jeffrey Miley go head-to-head on a complex and topical issue.
52 Temperature check
The latest news from those fighting against climate change, from Costa Rica going fossil-free to the
suspicious creation of ‘low carbon’ kerosene.
53 Southern Exposure
Four musicians from Africa’s largest shanty town pose in post-apocalyptic get-up in Nairobi, Kenya.
70 Hall of Infamy Petro Poroshenko
The egotistical President of Ukraine goes under the spotlight.
71 Agony Uncle
Answering a dilemma about cultural appropriation.
78 The Puzzler
79 What if… people could migrate freely?

39 View from Africa
Nanjala Nyabola on Kenya’s embrace of the Chinese development model.
Plus: Polyp’s Big Bad World.
57 View from India
Nilanjana Bhowmick takes apart the latest viral hashtag campaign in India.
Plus: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet.
61 View from America
Mark Engler shows how Trump’s migration policies
are linked to the violent legacy of US foreign policy.
Plus: Kate Evans’ Thoughts from a Broad.

49 What rape tells us about society
Sohaila Abdulali explains what we talk about when we talk about rape.
54 Can torturing babies be OK?
Valentino Vecchietti calls for an end to
‘normalizing’ surgery carried out on intersex babies.
58 Photo essay ‘This is not a life’
Anne Paq documents the daily experience of
Palestinian workers who make the cumbersome
and humiliating crossing from Bethlehem to Israel.

72 Spotlight Jerusalem In My Heart
Radwan Ghazi Moumneh talks to Louise Gray.
74 Book reviews
The Incendiaries by RO Kwon; Betraying Big
Brother by Leta Hong Fincher; A Radical History
of the World by Neil Faulkner; Rupture by Manuel Castells.
76 Film reviews
Tehran Taboo, written and directed by Ali
Soozandeh; The Heiresses (Las Herederas), written
and directed by Marcello Martinessi.
77 Music reviews
Sound the People by Red Baraat; Crave by Leonie
The Big Story
The next financial crisis

10 When the world almost ended
Ten years after the greatest economic crisis since the Great
Depression, Yohann Koshy takes stock of what went wrong
and where we are now.
14 The carbon bubble
An impending catastrophe linking the stock market to
climate change.
15 The next financial crisis
Leading economists on the many fragilities that exist in
today’s financial order. Which of these might trigger the
next crisis?
21 China: a post-neoliberal order?
For Martin Jacques, 2008 represented the end of the
Western-dominated financial system and the beginning of
a Chinese century.
24 Home sweet home
The foreclosure crisis in the US is still a reality for many.
Jack Crosbie reports on the human cost of finance.


Stories making the news this month
6 Palestinians in Gaza ‘can’t be silent’
6 Selfie paradise in Nepal
7 Japanese women combat chikan
7 Nazis vs nightlife in Tbilisi
7 Introducing… Carlos Alvarado Quesada
8 UK’s anti-fracking summer
8 British aid for Bahrain repression
9 Peruvian workers in London unite
9 Green cities: better for everyone
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Oguz Demir from
Turkey; and Reasons to be Cheerful.


32 Inside the post-truth laboratory
Lorraine Mallinder reports from Hungary where media-savvy
young people are producing propaganda for Viktor Orban.
34 The interveners In India,
Sophie Cousins spends time with women activists who are slowly shifting the stigma
around mental health and getting patients the help they need, but it’s no easy feat.


37 Omar Hamdi Is the ‘Data Mafia’ here to stay?
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World.

Mixed media

28 Film reviews
A pick of documentaries from the Toronto’s Hot Docs festival.
30 Book reviews
The Water Thief by Claire Hajaj; The Old Slave and the
Mastiff by Patrick Chamoiseau; The Neighborhood by
Mario Vargas Llosa.
31 Music reviews
Bush Lady by Alanis Obomsawin; Under Frustration, Vol 1
by Arabstazy.


4 Letters
5 Letter from Maraba
Dan Baron Cohen returns from a visit to the Kayapo territory,
his arms and face painted in celebration of Day of the Indian.
26 Country Profile: Botswana
36 Making Waves
Claire Nouvian speaks to Veronique Mistiaen about why
she has dedicated her life to protecting the ocean from overfishing
and other human threats.
39 Puzzle page
PLUS: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet cartoon.
38 And Finally
Blind musical duo Amadou & Mariam speak to Graeme
Green about the ‘refugee crisis’ and
why extremists will never stop the music in Mali.
The Big story: Media

10 A better media is possible
Out of the current crisis, a more hopeful vision is emerging,
argues Vanessa Baird.
14 Blueprint for a better media – 11 strategies for change
16 Fighting Mr Fake
How editor Maria Ressa took on the president of the
Philippines. Iris Gonzales tells the story.
18 Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…
The strange mutations of ‘fake news’.
19 The selfish giants
Laura Basu on how media ownership is getting more
concentrated – and what to do about it.
22 Who elected Facebook?
Turning tech giants into mega-censors is not such a smart
move, explains Jillian York.
24 Malware for humans
JJ Patrick delves into the murky world of big data, cyberwar
and disinformation.

Stories making the news this month
6 Anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka
6 Life after Zuma
7 Beirut: Paris of the Middle East?
7 Ethiopia’s new reforming PM
7 Victory for UK school data
8 Learning to swim in Zanzibar
8 Lukodi massacre museum
9 Secular values vs ‘Love Jihad’
9 Rightwing boxer knocked out
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and
Reasons to be Cheerful.

34 One belt, one road
Wayne Ellwood examines the economic and political
ramifications of China’s dazzlingly ambitious Belt and Road
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Pedro X Molina
from Nicaragua.

33 Kate Smurthwaite Why you can teach funny.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World.
37 Mark Engler In praise of White House dysfunction.

Mixed media
28 Film reviews
The Ciambra directed and written by Jonas Carpignano;
In the Fade directed and co-written by Fatih Akin.
29 Music reviews
Remain in Light by Angélique Kidjo; Voice of Resistance
by Rim Banna.
30 Book reviews
Behold, America by Sarah Churchwell; Disoriental by
Négar Djavadi; A History of the World in Seven Cheap
Things by Raj Patel and Jason W Moore; The Empire’s
New Clothes by Philip Murphy.
PLUS: Also out there…

4 Letters
5 Letter from Marabá
Dan Baron Cohen writes from Cabelo Seco, where news
of former president Lula’s sentencing has stirred waves of
anxiety and indignation.
26 Country Profile: Costa Rica
32 Making Waves
Blind outdoors enthusiast, Divyanshu Ganatra, on
the importance of inclusion through adventure sports in
India. Profile by Priti Salian.
38 And Finally
Famous for his portrait of the green-eyed ‘Afghan Girl’,
photographer Steve McCurry speaks to Graeme Green
about Afghanistan, America and human vs animal nature.
39 Puzzle page
PLUS: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet cartoon.
The Big Story: Public ownership
10 The case for public ownership
After decades of neglect, the mood is turning.
Dinyar Godrej on the fightback against privatization.
14 Unhappy 70th birthday NHS?
Britain’s beacon of medical provision is being hollowed out
by privatization, says Youssef El-Gingihy.
16 The efficiency myth
Nick Dowson dismantles the notion that the private sector
does things better.
18 The people strike back
Communities across the world taking back control of services
and resources.
20 An end to Jakarta’s water woes?
A civil society lawsuit has ended the city’s water sell-off. But
the fight isn’t over. Febriana Firdaus reports.
22 The almighty investor
Lavinia Steinfort on the insidious ‘investor protection
mechanisms’ that stack the odds in favour of corporations
and against the public interest.
24 Reclaiming the city
In the Barcelona area, local governments and citizens are
transforming municipal politics, finds Luke Stobart.

Stories making the news this month
6 Post-election violence in Honduras
6 Chinese pollution on Gambian coast
7 Sanctuary boroughs in London
7 Introducing… Cyril Ramaphosa
7 Boycott Turkish holidays, say Kurds
8 The politics of grazing in Cameroon
8 Life after the Nauru detention centre
9 Stop the Balkans dams craze
9 Frida Kahlo’s problematic doll
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and
Reasons to be Cheerful.

28 This land is my land
Ian Neubauer reports from the island of Bougainville, where
eco-rebels chased away a mining company 30 years ago.
With the company planning its return, trouble is brewing.

Mixed media
34 Film reviews
The Beast, directed and written by Michael Pearce;
The Wound (Inxeba), directed and co-written by John Trengove.
35 Music reviews
Visit Malphino by Malphino; Universalists by Yonatan Gat.
36 Book reviews
Two Sisters by Asne Seierstad; A Moonless, Starless Sky
by Alexis Okeowo; Brother in Ice by Alicia Kopf, translated
by Mara Faye Lethem.
37 Graphic novel reviews
My Brother’s Husband by Gengoroh Tagame; What does
consent really mean? by Pete Wallis and Thalia Wallis,
illustrated by Joseph Wilkins.
PLUS: Also out there…

4 Letters
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Hossien Rezaye from Afghanistan.
5 Letter from Maraba
Dan Baron Cohen writes from the Brazilian community of Maraba
where regional violence is being mirrored by Mother Nature.
26 Country Profile: Lebanon
38 And Finally
She’s survived cancer, two heart attacks and even fractured a few ribs on stage.
Tobago’s music legend Calypso Rose talks gender equality and her 60-year career
with Sian Griffiths.
39 Puzzle page
PLUS: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet cartoon.
[The Big Story - Humanitarianism under attack]
10 Who cares?
Hazel Healy investigates whether it’s getting harder to help people caught up in conflict.
14 Humanitarian action THE FACTS
16 How Turkey is winning hearts and minds
Jamal Osman reports on the rise of the new humanitarians in Somalia.
18 How can famines be ended?
To wipe out mass starvation we must engage with the
politics that drive it, argues Alex de Waal.
21 The rise of the cyber-humanitarians
Nick Dowson explores ethical questions raised by the use
of experimental tech in disasters.
22 ‘Them, the governments’
Should we give up on multilateralism altogether?
Ian Williams gives an honest appraisal of the UN.
24 Rest for Rashida
Parsa Sanjana Sajid speaks to Rohingya refugees trapped
on the Bangladeshi border.
27 A new universalism
Tom Whyman looks for new philosophical foundations for
a shared sense of common humanity.

Stories making the news this month
6 Ireland’s abortion referendum
6 Media shutdown in Kenya
7 Victory for anti-airport movement
7 Mercury rising in Brazil
7 Introducing… Emmerson Mnangagwa
8 CND turns 60
8 Indigenous lives matter in Canada
9 India’s menstrual hygiene hero
9 Iranian women protest the veil
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and
Reasons to be Cheerful

30 When the drugs don’t work
Lea Surugue reports on the dramatic rise of heart disease in
Africa and the corresponding crisis of fake cardiac drugs.

36 Mark Engler Against shithole nationalism.
37 Omar Hamdi The other side of the Bitcoin.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World.

[Mixed media]
32 Film reviews
Even When I Fall, co-directed by Kate McLarnon and Sky Neal;
120 BPM (Beats Per Minute), directed and co-written by Robin Campillo.
33 Music reviews
Mambo Cosmico by Sonido Gallo Negro; Forest Bathing
by A Hawk and a Hacksaw.
34 Book reviews – Middle East Special
No Turning Back by Rania Abouzeid; Beside the Syrian
Sea by James Wol ; Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed
Saadawi, translated by Jonathan Wright; Sara by Sakine
Cansiz, translated by Janet Biehl.
PLUS: Also out there…

4 Letters
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist
Miguel Morales Madrigal from Cuba.
5 Letter from Maraba;
Dan Baron Cohen’s debut column from
the Brazilian Afro-indigenous community
Cabalo Seco.
28 Country Profile: Libya
38 And Finally
From gender-based violence to the
challenges of being an outspoken
woman, Indian writer and activist
Meena Kandasmy talks with
Graeme Green.
39 Puzzle page
PLUS: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet cartoon
Stories making the news this month
6 Between Sudan and a hard place
6 Ukraine’s HIV epidemic
7 Justice for Giulio Regeni
7 Here comes the sun in Latin America
7 Introducing: Katrin Jakobsdottir
8 Victory in Cambodia over sand dredgers
8 Life after Putin
9 U K detention deaths
9 White saviours on TV
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and
Reasons to be Cheerful

[The Big Story: Black Lives Matter]
10 A challenge to power
Amy Hall on the global fight for black liberation.
14 Black lives: THE FACTS
16 The fight goes on
Jamilah King on how Black Lives Matter has changed US politics.
18 Reclaiming Pride by janaya khan.
Black Girl Magic by Natty Kasambala.
19 A policy of extermination
The racialized violence of the Brazilian state – a report by Vanessa Martina Silva.
21 Rivers of Meeting
Young people in Brazil reconnect with their African roots by Amy Hall.
22 Working class in Britain? You must be white
Kam Sandhu questions some persistent assumptions.
24 Our lives, our lands
Amy McQuire on why land is the lifeblood of Aboriginal people in Australia.
25 Six ways to be a better ally from Kristina Wong.

28 A Q&A with Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky shares his views with Andy Heinz on America’s ‘free trade agreements’, North Korea and the
dangers of a ‘charismatic demagogue’ as president.
30 Women against mining – and for the good life
How photography is helping Peruvian women document life near the
largest goldmine in Latin America.

31 Kate Smurthwaite Riding out the MeToo backlash.
Plus: Polyp’s Big Bad World.
36 Mark Engler When ‘America First’ is a corporate scam.

[Mixed media]
32 Film reviews
A Fantastic Woman ,written and directed by Sebastián Lelio;
Custody (Jusqu’à la garde),written and directed byXavier Legrand.
33 Music reviews
Your Queen Is a Reptile by Sons of Kemet; Radyo Siwèl
by Mélissa Laveaux.
34 Book reviews
A Line in the River by Jamal Mahjoub; Political Tribes
by Amy Chua; Building and Dwelling by Richard Sennett;
Deport, Deprive, Extradite by Nisha Kapoor.
Plus: Also out there…

4 Letters
PLUS : Open Window, with guest cartoonist Rice Araujo
from Brazil.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth bids farewell to Cochabamba
and shares what the ‘big village’ has
revealed to her.
26 Country Profile: Paraguay
37 Making Waves
Nick Dowson speaks to Anabela
Carlón Flores, an indigenous lawyer
and campaigner who, in the face of
pipeline companies, is a force to be
reckoned with.
38 And Finally
Despite a traumatic beginning, US
singer-songwriter Nahko shares with
Graeme Green how he’s turned his pain into positivity.
Stories making the news this month

6 Gone with the wind in Dominica
6 Game over for trophy hunters in Tanzania
7 The Chinese ‘cure’ for homosexuality
7 Mozambican men tackle domestic violence
7 Introducing New Zealand /Aotearoa Jacinda Ardern
8 War on Colombian coca-farmers threatens fragile peace
8 No room for dissidents in Georgia/Azerbaijan
9 Burundian radio in exile
9 Saving our underwater meadows
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and
Reasons to be Cheerful

[The Big Story]
The Millennial Generation

10 Arrested development
Young people are stuck in a never-ending adolescence.
Yohann Koshy looks at how they are charting a way forward.
15 Fear of a young planet
Wangui Kimari dissects the suspicious discourse around
Africa’s ‘youth bulge’.
16 Kids at work
Three profiles of millennials engaged in different types of
work across the world.
20 Over the rainbow
A new generation of post-apartheid radicals has come of age
in South Africa. Chris Webb examines why they don’t have
the ‘patience’ of their parents.
22 Seize the memes of production
A look at the role internet memes play in young people’s
political conversations.
24 A group of one’s own
Hussein Kesvani reports on how social media has become a
therapeutic medium for young girls in Malaysia.
25 Laughing and crying
A story of cause and effect doesn’t tell us everything about
social media and mental health, argues Marcus Gilroy-Ware.


36 Making Waves
Fiery Filipino environmentalist Gina Lopez talks to Veronique Mistiaen.


27 Mark Engler Reflecting on the vulgar reality of
extreme wealth.
30 Steve Parry The rebranding of a rotter.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

[Mixed media]

31 Best of 2017
32 Film reviews
Mountains May Depart, directed by Jia Zhangke;
Makala, directed by Emmanuel Gras.
33 Music reviews
Plunge by Fever Ray; Bondeko by Toto Bona Lokua.
34 Book reviews
The Growth Delusion by David Pilling; The Unmapped
Country by Ann Quin; The White City by Roma Tearne;
Old Demons, New Deities – 21 short stories from Tibet
edited by Tenzin Dickie.
PLUS Also out there…


4 Letters
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Steve Bonelli from Malta.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth visits San Sebastian women’s prison in Bolivia, where being on the wrong side of the formal
justice system can have grave consequences.
28 Country Profile: Fiji
37 Puzzle page
PLUS: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet cartoon.
38 And Finally
The founding editor of New
Internationalist talks about
the magazine – then vs now – and his latest novel
Stories making the news this month
6 Highway threatens Bolivian reserve
6 The alternative world cup
7 Docs not cops in Britain
7 Divided over driving in Saudi Arabia
7 Introducing Joao Laurenco
8 Rohingya crisis not new
8 Arms trade loophole
9 Whiteness is not rightness in Germany
9 Mexico’s anti-gentrification saint
.Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and
Reasons to be Cheerful

[The Big Story- Clampdown!]
10 Whose streets?
Across the world political space is shrinking. Richard Swift
explains how and why.
13 From lectern to prison
Istar Gozaydin was a professor of law and politics in Turkey.
Until her government decided she was a terrorist. She tells
her story.
14 How Turkey’s citizens lost their rights
The low-down from Hakki Mahfuz
16 You will agree
Mandeep Tiwana on how repression becomes the rule.
18 Colonizing Civil Society - political strategists up
to their tricks. Illustrated by Jonathan Williams.
20 Are we all terrorists?
Yes, pretty much, argues Scott Weinstein.
22 Defame, criminalize, murder
That’s how to stop environment defenders in their tracks.
Leny Olivera Rojas and Sian Cowman report from Latin
24 Homage to Catalonia
Writing from Barcelona,Kevin Buckland takes the long
view of fearless resistance.

28 While the world’s largest coalmine gets the go ahead...
Fighting against Australia’s Adani coalmine is an international
struggle. Tom Anderson and Eliza Egret explain why.
30 …Port Augusta gives coal the boot
South Australia ’s coal-fired powerhouse is going solar,
reports Dan Spencer .
36 ’Every signature represented an act of courage’
In the teeth of government repression, West Papuan
campaigners build a game-changing 1.8 million-strong
petition. Danny Chivers found out how.

31 Mark Engler confronts a culture of sexual violence

[Mixed media]
32 Film reviews
‘Dolores’ directed by Peter Bratt; ‘Felicite’ directed and co-
written by Alain Gomis.
33 Music reviews
‘Economic Partnership Agreement’ by Sven Kacirek and
Daniel Mburu Muhuni; ‘Syrian Dreams’ by Maya Youssef.
34 Book reviews
‘1947’ by Elisabeth Asbrink; ‘The Death of Homo
Economicus’ by Peter Fleming; ‘Of Women’ by Shami
Chakrabarti; ‘With Ash on Their Faces’ by Cathy Otten.
PLUS Also out there…

4 Letters
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Doaa Eladl from Egypt.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth on how Bolivians
manage to do without their post.
26 Country Profile: Bahrain
38 And Finally
Acclaimed British-Indian musician
Nitin Sawhney talks to Subi Shah
about colonialism, music as a
passport to possibility and
why he wants to be known as
’someone who gives a shit’ .

Humans vs robots (ロボットは人類に何をもたらすのか)

Stories making the news this month
6 Who is Palau’s marine sanctuary for?
6 Happy feet for penguin campaigners in Chile
7 Not another bleeding veggie burger
7 Sanctuary scholarships for migrant students
7 Introducing Leo Varadkar
8 Dark side of the desert Louvre
8 Grief and guilt after Freetown mudslide
9 Brexit threatens African exporters
9 Cash averts famine in Somalia
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful

[The Big Story - Human vs robots
10 The age of disruption
We are being presented with a techno-fix vision of the future that will leave many of us reeling. Dinyar Godrej on the need to change it.
14 Killer robots
Noel Sharkey’s stark warning against the latest arms race.
17 Building the future, living in the past?
How Japanese society and robots match up, by Christopher Simons.
20 When the Foxbots muscle in
‘Replacing humans with robots’ is official policy in China. Jenny Chan reports on what it means for workers.
22 Automating the farm
Precision agriculture is where it’s at – according to the corporate giants. Jim Thomas inspects their plans.
24 Plutocrats and paupers
If automation will decimate job prospects, we need better proposals than those currently available, says Nick Dowson.

27 Kate Smurthwaite Why some punchlines are beyond a joke PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.
37 Mark Engler The dangerous dignity of war
30 Sponsored abuse
Prejudice and a lack of legal protection hamper migrant workers in Lebanon. Fiona Broom on the struggle for rights.

[Mixed media]
32 Music reviews
Laissez Passer by TootArd; Live at Ronnie Scott’s by Nitin Sawhney.
33 Film reviews
I Am Not a Witch directed and written by Rungano Nyoni; Menashe directed and co-written by Joshua Z Weinstein.
34 Book reviews
The White Book by Han Kang, translated by Deborah Smith; Red Famine by Anne Applebaum; The Rage by Julia Ebner; The City Always Wins by Omar Robert Hamilton.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Payam Boromand from Iran.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth reports from on an overlong dry season.
28 Country Profile: Uzbekistan
36 Southern Exposure
Ethiopia-based photographer Maheder Haileselassie snapped a collective effort to rid Lake Tana of an
invasive weed.
38 And Finally
Mexican author and political scientist Yuri Herrera talks drugs, racism and masculinity with Graeme Green.

Brazil’s soft coup(ブラジルのソフトなクーデターとは)

6 Polish women counter Nazis on the streets
6 Deadliest year for eco-defenders
7 Whistleblowers un-gagged in Australia
7 Heads of state, stateless
7 Introducing Emmanuel Macron
8 Indonesian flight-path farmers pushed out
8 Balfour Declaration - an overdue apology?
9 Nigerian community takes oil giant to court
9 Oregon trumps the Fed
Plus: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful

【The Big Story - Brazil’s soft coup】
10 Brazil’s soft coup hardens
Vanessa Baird sets out to see how dictatorship is being rebranded in Latin America’s most populous nation.
16 Grand land theft
Open season for Brazil’s oligarchs as they plunder, riding roughshod over the rights of indigenous people, peasants and small family farmers.
19 What’s sex got to do with it?
A lot, if you listen to Brazil’s women and minorities, as they face an emboldened culture of rape, violence and sexism.
21 Marcela’s Recipe of the month
The domestic goddess imparts the secret of how to make a soft coup. Not to everyone’s taste, perhaps...
22 ‘We have a lot to teach the city’
Squatters and favela dwellers speak out about police violence, life on the edge and creative resistance.

30 The persistence of patriarchy
Renowned US feminist Cynthia Enloe on the roots of patriarchy, how it is adapted and sustained - and how to go about challenging it.

29 Mark Engler
‘It’s time to take down America’s racist monuments.’
37 Steve Parry
The robots are coming!
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

【Mixed media】
32 Film reviews
Tramontane directed and written by Vatche Boulghourjian; Kills on Wheels directed and written by Attila till.
33 Music reviews
At Least Wave your Handkerchief At me by Saz’iso; Frost on Fiddles by Frigg.
34 Book reviews
The Red-Haired Woman by Orhan Pamuk; The Gurugu Pledge by Juan Tomas Avila Laurel; Walking on Lava by the Dark Mountain Project; out of the Wreckage by George Monbiot.
PLUS Also out there...

4 Letters
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Vasco Gargalo from Portugal.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
Amy Booth travels deep into rural Bolivia and hears of a surprising migration.
26 Country Profile: Somaliland
28 Making Waves
Afghan women’s rights campaigner Jamila Afghani talks to Beena Nadeem.
36 Southern Exposure
Jean Paul Saint Fleur photographs two boys getting ready for carnival in southern Haiti.
38 And Finally
British singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore talks to Danny Chivers about music, politics and the importance of ‘shining light in the darkness’.

Bad education(学校教育と企業)

6 Slum residents trampled in Lagos
6 No more arms for Saudis?
7 The dirty truth about viscose
7 Introducing Moon Jae-in
7 Growers fear impact of RCEP trade deal
8 A ‘fresh lens’ on climate change
8 Community action for affordable London homes
9 From Argentina’s fracking frontline
9 A week of LGBT+ equality gains
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.

【The Big Story - Bad education】
10 Back to the drawing board
The Right has captured education. Hazel Healy looks at the political implications.
14 Leave no one behind?
An update on the movement for universal education
16 Education for all - THE FACTS
18 Will Google take over the classroom?
Tamasin Cave reports on the powerful tech players pushing for radical changes in schools.
20 Between a shark and the deep sea
Patience Akumu considers the impact of low-cost private Bridge schools in Uganda.
22 Fatal attraction
Why the West must stop copying China’s flawed education system, by Yong Zhao.
25 How do you keep schools open in a war zone?
Sawsan Al-Refaei reports on the courageous efforts of teachers in Yemen.
26 Back on track
How second-chance schooling turned things around for Nyanrror Teresa Marial.
27 Revolution in the classroom
Monica del Pilar Uribe Marin praises Colombia’s best-known pedagogical export, Escuela Nueva.

30 When the police are paid by the mine
Stephanie Boyd reports on Peru’s growing trend of private corporations hiring public law enforcers to protect their interests.

36 Mark Engler
Revisiting ACT UP ? America’s bold fight against AIDS.
37 Chris Coltrane
Er... what is neoliberalism, exactly?
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.

【Mixed media】
32 Film reviews
In Between (Bar Bahar) directed and written by Maysaloun Hamoud; Quest directed by Jonathan Olshefski.
33 Music reviews
Donde estas Maria by Meridian Brothers; Strangers by The Young’uns.
34 Book reviews
Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean; Kingdom Cons by Yuri Herrera, translated by Lisa Dillman; Art Sex Music by Cosey Fanni Tutti; Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic edited by Lynn Gaspard.

4 Letters
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Rodrigo de Matos from Macau.
5 Letter from Cochabamba
For many Bolivians, life in the wealthy West is an irresistible dream as Amy Booth discovers.
28 Country Profile: Mongolia
38 And Finally
Tunisian singer Emel talks to Graeme Green about hope, helplessness and the Arab Spring.

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