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THE BIG STORY: The World of Work

The squeeze on workers
Work and Covid-19 THE FACTS
Green jobs - puffery and promise
The democratic workplace: Cooperatives
Holding out for the harvest: Indian farmers
The fight for lives and labour: Black women in the US
Living well: what really matters

Will COP26 deliver?
Digital activism in Western Sahara
Amnesty for Ireland’s undocumented
A bad taste: gangster takeaways in Brazil

Letter from Manila
Country Profile: Tunisia
Cartoon History: Hono Heke II, Maori warrior
The Debate: Do zoos cause more harm than good?
The Interview: Global Assembly organizer, Susan Nakyung Lee
Southern Exposure: Filipina photographer Hannah Reyes Morales
Agony Uncle: arguing with a Covid-sceptic

’Our truth will come out’: Mayan Q’eqchi women holding a Canadian mining company to account
Paradise lost? oil and gas exploration threatens Namibia and Botswana
THE BIG STORY: Why hunger persists

The disappearing Senegalese sardine
10 steps to end world hunger
Where does all the food go?
No more Green Revolution
’This land is beautiful to us’: Sahel community
Food is love: Urban growers across continents
Digital dinners: Big data meets Big Agriculture

Putin piles on the political pressure in Russia
Sex worker activists under attack in Kyrgyzstan
Honduras: long-awaited Berta Caceres verdict
Canada forced to face its heavy truth
Calls for Germany to stump up Namibia reparations
Colombia’s ’cosmetic’ police reform

Letter from Manila
Country Profile: Chile
The Debate: Is criminalization the right response to domestic violence?
Temperature check: Round-up of climate news
The Interview: Luiz Inacio Lula so Silva, former Brazilian President
Southern Exposure: Nigerian photographer Etinosa Yvonne
Hall of Infamy: Marjorie Taylor Greene
Agony Uncle: ’Voluntourism’
What if...Armed forces were abolished?

Cuba’s crosswords
The vise tightens: Indian government shutting down dissent
The Long Read - Could money be the ultimate decolonizer?

Courage and Terror in Myanmar: Lives are being laid down for democracy, while the military pushes the country to the brink. The world must do more to side with the people.

Myanmar after the coup: THE FACTS

No place for children: Not even young lives have been spared

The cost of inaction: Former UN human rights envoy to Myanmar offers a warning and practical steps the international community should take

A chance to rebuild? Could the current military brutality be a catalyst to overcoming divisions?

’Life is at a turning point’ Voices from the frontline of resistance

Fighting the cartel: Myanmar’s generals have amassed fortunes but there are movements to stop the profiteering

Action & Info: Ways to offer your support

Australia: Stolen Generations’ fight for justice
The Native American tribe undermining colonial borders
Platforms censor Palestinian voices
Eritrea: a foiled peace deal
Chile’s rainbow coalition
A Kurdish solution to ISIS prisoners

Letter from Manila
Country Profile: Bangladesh
Cartoon History - Hone Heke: A Maori chieftain who struck against British control of his community’s income
Temperature Check:Is there more to carbon offsetting that greenwash?
The Interview: Sayragul Sauytbay on being forced to teach Chinese government propaganda at a Uyghur concentration camp
What was guaranteed

Views from Africa, Brazil, India

Not toeing the Kremlin’s line: Regional media in Russia is holding its own against the ’official version’ put out by nationals
A taste of hope: Herders in Somaliland to be moved to the coast because of global heating
The Long Read - Shadow courts: International agreement on energy could be very bad news for the Global South
THE BIG STORY: Vaccine Equality
Who gets it? How to roll out Covid-19 vaccines for all
Vaccine Equality: THE FACTS
The nuts and bolts: How the vaccine works
Dreams of magic bullets: The current pandemic has rebooted belief in technological fixes
A history of vaccines: A long and at times disgusting story
The Gates factor: The oversized influence of Bill Gates on the global response
Scientific Internationalism: In the race for a vaccine, members of the scientific community put sharing and humanity first
A silver lining: Will the Covid-19 vaccines produce other health benefits?

Letter from Manila
Country Profile: Kyrgyzstan
Temperature check: Protect the world’s forest by upholding the rights of the people who live there
The Interview: Iranian gender activist Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini
Southern Exposure: (Photo) carrying a tower of candy in Bangladesh
Hall of Infamy: Ugandan autocrat Yoweri Museveni

Views from Brazil, Africa, India

New Internationalist: the first 50 years and the next
Beaten back: Hounding out asylum seekers in Europe
Fighting dispossession: Housing injustice in Cape Town
Cresting the wave: Mexican indigenous women artists who are defying convention
The long read: When KFC came to Kenya
THE BIG STORY: Democracy
Democracy on the edge: Democracy seems to be in peril. Should it be saved or helped to change?
Democracy - THE FACTS
Love and other conspiracies: ’Love Jihad’ in India
How to talk with conspiracy theorists
The space invaders: Psychoanalyst talks about our need for privacy in a digital age
Dark money: How thinktanks and billionaire backers corrupt democracy
How we are guiled: How to tackle disinformation and the power of digital platforms
Reviving democracy: The case for citizens’ assemblies
Action on democracy

India’s farmers stand up for their livelihood
Western Sahara: ceasefire broken
Athletes call out body policing
DRC: landmark protection for indigenous people
Hard-won feminist victory in Argentina
Norway presses ahead with Arctic oil

Country Profile: Nigeria
Temperature Check: carbon capture technologies
The debate: Is homeschooling socially harmful?
Southern Exposure: Clubbing in Lima, pandemic style
The interview: Micheal Fakhri, UN Special Rapporteur on the Fight to Food
Agony Uncle: Trans women
What if...we banned intensive animal agriculture?

View from Africa: Art is essential to build a better future
View from Brazil: Abortion rights far behind Argentina
View from India: Natural disaster plus Covid-19 endangers vulnerable ecosystem

Freedom food: African chefs champion indigenous ingrediants
Spirited away: Photo-essay on Nepal’s human trafficking crisis
The Long Read: Barefoot surgeons
The case for nature: How to avert the sixth mass extinction
Biodiversity: THE FACTS
Why I matter:A tiny but fierce hunter explains why humans need it
Beyond the tourist trail: Conservationists in the Global South seeking sustainable pathways
The limits of Eden: Indigenous people living in Peru’s Manu National Park have been locked out of its management. Could change be on the horizon?
’Indigenous people respect all species’: Interview with environmental activist Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
What it takes: Four case histories of extraordinary efforts to save endangered species.
Planet Farm: The connection between industrialized farming and he emergence of deadly pathogens
The sheltering forest: Ancient agroforestry methods in Ethiopia

Letter from Manila
Country Profile: Argentina
Cartoon history: Guatemalan revolutionary poet Otto Rene Castillo
The debate: Reparations for transatlantic slavery
The interview: Betty Bigombe talks about negotiation peace with the Lord’s Resistance Army
Southern Exposure: Ghana
Hall of Infamy: Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam
Agony Uncle: alcohol

The search for Syria’s missing
The Long Read: Finntopia Lessons from Finland
THE BIG STORY: A caring economy
The hidden debt of care: essential work but undervalued across the world
Keeping the world cared for: care workers from the Philippines, Trinidad and Zimbabwe tell their stories
Embedding the economy - with care: the deep costs of the failure of the market economy
Passing it on: 3 women and their caring responsibilities
5 reasons why care and the climate crisis are inseparable
My ass and the oceans: activism vs personal needs
Care not cops:why defunding police departments could be the most caring thing to do

Views from Africa, Brazil and India

How food banks went global
”People just aren’t paid enough” : food poverty in the UK
War and Peace: snapshot of world trends in 2020
”You’ve done nothing” :: report on healthcare that respects indigenous tradition in Peruvian Amazon
Explosive mix: conflict over Mozambique’s natural gas reserves
The Long Read: Why Black matters
Lessons from the pandemic: What good can come from the tragedy?
Beyond borders: A global pandemic demands we think in terms of global health
Green and Just: Reparations in a Global Green New Deal
5 polluters making the pandemic pay: Companies that have ramped their ruinous activities during Covid-19
Death by Covid-19 or by hunger?
Hunger: THE FACTS Our food system was in a poor state even before Covid-19
A human story: Economies in a tailspin need a different vision
Can workers resent the system? example of garment workers
Safeguarding without snooping: Options for monitoring people in the interests of public health while respecting their privacy

Letter from Johannesburg
Country Profile: Palestine
Cartoon History: Minik Wallace, an Inuit boy brought to New York City in 1897
Temperature Check: climate activists challenging corporate bailouts
The Interview: Flavia Mutamutega, Rwanda’s sole agony aunt for adolescent girls
Southern Exposure: Colombian photographer Liliana Merizaide Gonzalez
Agony Uncle: fast-fashion

Views from Africa, Brazil and India

On the pink corridor: Trans women in Honduras
’The people want independence!’: Algeria’s revolutionary uprising
The Long Road-Mothers of the Revolution: The women who helped bring down Sudanese dictator

Book, Film and Music Reviews
The Big Story: The Kurds
Betrayed again: The international community is looking the other way as the Kurds are once more the targets of violence.
The Facts
A shot at statehood: Iraqi Kurdistan
100 years of hope, struggle and betrayal
Dreaming of Sur: Turkish Kurdistan’s shattered city centre
Shoot first: Iran’s mountain smugglers
Mandela of the Middle east?
Why I joined: Western volunteers

Country profile: Guatemala
Cartoon History: Jewish community in Iraq
The debate: Could the UN Sustainable Development Goals deliver on their promises?
The interview: Sarojini Nadimpally on the inequalities exacerbated by COVID-19
Southern Exposure:Iranian photographer Halal Sepehr
Temperature Check
Hall of Infamy: Aung San Suu Kyi
Agony Uncle
What if...?

View from India
View from Africa
View from Brazil

First Ebola, then COVID-19 (Sierra Leone)
Out of Sight, out of mind (pandemic stories from around the world)
Long read: The trouble with normal
To protect life
COVID-19 has shown us that radical action on global health is possible. Now we need an urgent response to another killer.

What’s your poison?
The filthy cocktail we inhale

Toxic air: THE FACTS

How to stop progress
How the car industry has continually blocked change

Fed up with the fumes
Civil society in Nigeria fights dirty air

Top of the class
Some areas cleaning up their air

’I don’t want to live like this’
Community journalist in UK on air pollution in their community

Unfit for habitation
Mumbai’s toxic perimeter

The hidden polluters
Agricultural air pollution

Letter from Johannesburg

Country Profile: Ukraine

The Debate: Celebrity activism

Temperature Check: Indigenous groups’ victories against climate change

The Interview: Lazinho and Lucas di Fiori of Brazil

Southern Exposure: Karachi-based photographer Bilal Hassan

Hall of Infamy: Amrit Shah, Indian home minister

View from India, Brazil, Africa
Shut out: What would it take to shift the odds stacked against poor people? Dinyar Godrej investigates
Argentina’s big squeeze
A brief history of impoverishment
Who’s the thief? The big steal of wealth from the Global South via tax havens in the Global North
Can cash hand-outs cure poverty?
For a few cents more: the fight for living wages for garment workers
We can’t grow our way out of poverty

Democracy in peril in Bolivia
Nigeria’s Abuja courts rule sex work is ’not a crime’
Holding Israel to account
Ravaged Australia
Exploration-free tomatoes in Italy
Brutal blasphemy verdict in Pakistan

Letter from Johannesburg
Country Profile: Pakistan
Cartoon History
The Debate: Should prisons be abolished?
Southern Exposure: Egyptian photographer Ibrahim Elmoly
Hal of Infamy: Luis Almagro
The Interview: Virginia Pinares on Big Mining
Temperature Check: Danny Chivers on climate change
The Puzzler
Agony Uncle

Views from Brazil, India and Africa

Saving rivers, saving lives
To ride The Beast: photo essay from the migrant route through Mexico
Found climate heroes
The Big Story: Freedom to move-For everyone
The right to move
Speak out
Free entry
Open borders, 2020
Ireland’s invisible frontier
Who do you save?
How fear infected the border
Deported by Silicon Valley

Country profile: Thailand
The debate: Has Extinction Rebellion got the right tactics?
The interview: Kate Raworth
Southern Exposure: Bangladeshi photographer Md Tanker Hassan Rohan
Temperature Check
Hall of Infamy: Togo’s Faure Gnassingbe
Agony Uncle
What if...?

View from India
View from Africa
View from Brazil

After ISIS
Barbadians resist disaster capitalists
Long read: The age of development:an obituary
The Big Story: CHINA

China in Charge
How green is China?
Belt and Road: THE FACTS
Living in a ghost world
The Beijing Connection
(Don’t) fight the power

Letter from Dhaka
Country Profile: TONGA
Cartoon history: Sri LankanCivil War
The debate: Is concern about population growth exaggerated?
Temperature Check: 6 things you can do to protect the Amazon
The Interview: Syrian architects and urban planners Hani Makhani and Saws Abou Zainedin
Southern Exposure: Ghanian photographer Derrick Ofosu Boateng
Hall of Infamy: Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

View from Africa
View from Brazil
View from India

Globalization and extremism - join the dots
Dhallywood dreams
No room for dissent
Long Read- ’I didn’t want to be a mother’
The Big Story

Who owns the sea? by Vanessa Baird (NI Editor)
Climate regulator
Deep-sea dilemma by Diva Amon (biologist)
The sea - THE FACTS
How to fight illegal fishing by Aida Grovestins in West Africa
Marine gene rush by Robert Blasiak (marine scientist)
Oceania by Karyo Milk (poet)
Who is militarizing the South China Sea? by Mark J Valencia
High seas, low deeds


Letter from Dhaka
The Debate: Can the European Union be reformed?
The interview: Shahidul Alam (Bangladeshi photojournalist) interviews Subi Shah
Hall of Infamy: John Bolton


What we cannot avoid
Jeremy Seabrook on why it’s essential, in our current political climate, to put the needs of the planet before profit.

No place to hide
Exploitation of migrant workers is rife in Lebanon but a volunteer-run organization is naming and shaming guilty employers. Rohan De Stone and David Suber investigate.

Long Read: Call yourself English?
Author Blake Morrison writes about growing up in a small, conservative English town and how since the Brexit referendum he has often felt like a stranger in his own country.


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